Battleship NORTH CAROLINA Announces Starboard Bow Repair Complete; Mast Repair Begins


WILMINGTON, NC - In the middle of May, 2011, the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA, began work on hull repairs to the Starboard Bow.


Friday, November 29, 2011, the State of North Carolina and Battleship accepted completion of the bow repair project.  Taylor Brothers Marine Construction, a NC based company, completed the project within the contract time frame and under budget. 


Taylor Brothers constructed a custom-made steel cofferdam to US Navy specifications, tailored for use on the Battleship. The cofferdam or enclosure provided a dry work area against the hull for replacement of steel plate at the "wind-water" line on the starboard bow. 


Deterioration at the waterline on the port bow is now being observed during the ships annual Navy inspection with Navy engineers, similar to what was experienced approximately 10 years ago which led to repairs to the starboard bow.   


As completion of one project comes to closure, a new project is being undertaken by Taylor Brothers to repair the main and  forward mast. 


Forward mast repairs will consist of rebuilding the SK2 radar, repairing and adding hand rails for safety, repairing ladders and some structural supports of the mast.  Similar repair, excluding the SK2 radar rebuild, will be made to the main mast.


The mast repair project is expected to wrap up in 30-60 days and paid for using the Ship's general operations fund.


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