Helping special needs children have a better quality of life!                                                   July/August 2012

Calendar of Events


August 11

Albany Dog Fair


August 11

Volunteer Fair

Grants Pass, OR


August 24

7 pm 

Dressage Goes to the Dogs

Los Angeles Equestrian Center

Burbank, CA 


September 29

1-4 pm

Ashmenster Dog Show/Wine Tasting Event

Ashland, OR  


October 6

Fifth Annual

Walk With the Angels

Dog Walk and Family Fun Day

Mason Regional Park

Irvine, CA 

Team Training
Step by Step
  CAST Graduate and Junior Ambassador Hope Adrian attended Team Training and Graduation 2012.  Read her day by day blog at:

A ton of thanks goes out to California Natural Dog Food Company! They recently donated 2200 pounds of dog food to Canine Angels.  This is an unprecedented gift, and we are extremely grateful for their generosity.

For information on California
 Natural Foods click here:


Order bricks on-line at or contact Kelly for order forms at

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Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) - Are you a federal employee or member of the military? Do you know someone who is? If so, you can help Canine Angels! We are a member of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) program, an annual fundraising drive in which donations are made through payroll deductions of employees who designate CAST as their charity of choice. Our CFC number is 43661.   

Country Litter Photos

Now live "on stage"-  The Country Music Litter, born May 23, 2012!  They are on their way to their new homes.  Five star reviews will follow, we're sure, in our future newsletters!

Reba - Nicki and Tom Lucas,
Coto de Caza, CA

Travis - Cathy and Joey Davalos, Fremont, CA

Cash - the Sulger Family, Sauharita, AZ

Shania - Jonathan Kolby, San Mateo, CA

Dolly - Co-raisers Kent Rasmussen & Sharon Illions of Santa Ana, CA, and Kerri and Henry Van Pelt of Lakewood, CA

Dixie - Emily Booth, Glendale, OR

Chesney - Jennifer and Tom Killinger, Sherman Oaks, CA

This was breeder Bella's  fourth and last last litter.  Thank you, Bella, and Breeder-Caretaker/CAST Co-Founder Kerri Van Pelt, for all your hard work!

Bella and her pups

Bella's ready to relax!
All she needs is a tall cool drink and a good book! 
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June was a big month with CAST's Team Training, which took place prior to our largest Graduation Day yet! Team Training is the class our graduates and their families participate in to learn leadership and dog training skills, canine health care and behavior psychology, public etiquette and safety. It's here that our kids and dogs meet for the first time and we always love the way many of them seem to choose each other as their perfect partners. 
After lots of studying and hard work,the families who were about to venture out into the world as teams with their new canine best friends were ready.
On Graduation Day, we had the honor of celebrating the placements of 14 teams over the last year, which included two breeders placed with caretakers, two Ambassador teams, four Pal teams, one Facility team, three Assisted Social teams, one Social team, and one Assisted Service team. Congratulations to the class of 2012! We wish you many years of growth and success.

Team Training and Graduation Day were both successful thanks to the very many Canine Angels supporters who gave their gifts of time, energy and funding. Among these gifts were donated meals, housing, support during field trips, assistance with set-up and tear-down, and so much more. Canine Angels offers a special thank you to Parkway Christian Center for providing this year's Team Training space, and to Schmidt Family Vineyards for hosting our Graduation ceremony.

Kelly Stack
Executive Director
Congratulations To Our New Teams!

Natalie and Pal Dog Galaxy

Natalie is from Oregon. Galaxy is a Lab/Golden Cross from the Space litter, raised by Jon Kolby.

Isaac and
Assisted Social Dog Qismat

Isaac is from Southern California. Qismat is a Golden Retriever Donated by Bear Paw Golden Retrievers. He was raised by Kris Brewer.

This placement was sponsored by the John Gogian Family Foundation.

Michelle and Assisted Service Dog Pickles.

Michelle is from California. Pickles is a Labradoodle donated by Labradoodledoo in Oregon. She was raised by The Nallan Family and Elizabeth Novotny.

This placement was sponsored by the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Greg and Social Dog Star.

Greg is from Oregon. Star is a Lab/Golden Cross from the Space litter, raised by Kent Rasmussen and Sharon Illions.

Joseph and Pal Dog Orion.

Joseph is from Oregon.  Orion is a Golden Retriever from the Space litter, raised by Sinead Hickey. 

Evan and Assisted Social Dog Vida

Evan is from Washington. Vida is a Goldendoodle bred by Canine Angels with Jesse and Misha Woodward.

She was raised by Dale, Elliott and Grant Balme.

Seth and Assisted Social Dog Cassie

Seth is from Oregon. Cassie is from the Space litter. She was raised by the Sulger Family.

Rebecca and Pal Dog Terra

Rebecca is from Colorado.  Terra is a poodle donated by Marsha O'Shannan. She was raised by Gary and Marie Gilbreth.

Maureen and Facility Dog Taylor

Maureen is from California. Taylor is a facility dog at Woodside High School.
Taylor is a poodle raised by Linda and Michelle Magginetti.
Special Team Training Story

This speech was given at Graduation 2012 by Evan's mom, Allison


Because I'll forget if I don't take care of this at the beginning, I need to start by thanking everyone who has contributed time, money, or time and money (because it takes both) to Canine Angels and the miracle that this organization has been in my family. I especially have to thank Sandy and Sheila who have opened their homes to us, been patient, supportive, and understanding (even through some rather challenging moments). And, I really want to recognize Dale and her family for being Vida's puppy raisers. Thank you!!! This is one amazing organization.

This afternoon, I want to talk to you about labels. I think we're all familiar with them... diagnoses, given by professionals, to describe a particular set of characteristics. And they're helpful... when we need something covered by medical insurance, or are trying to convey a general sense of what our child's needs are.

What a label-a diagnosis-doesn't do is really truly describe who a person is, their specific strengths and challenges. Because for every challenge there is at least one corresponding strength, skill, or talent. And the wonderful thing about a dog is that THEY DON'T SEE LABELS. They see people, the whole person, the whole child. A dog doesn't care if you're in a wheelchair or on the spectrum. As Henry Wheeler Shaw said, "A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself."

Now as a mom, I might take issue with that statement applying to only dogs, but still...

We've had a different path through Canine Angels. Vida was originally matched up with Evan as a Pal back in November 2011. I know Evan is going to get me later for telling this story, but I need to tell you all that Evan is not a huge sleeper. Actually, Evan wasn't much of a sleeper at all. He would sometimes go for 2-3 nights without sleeping. On a good night, he might get 3-4 hours of sleep. And that meant I didn't sleep and we all know that if the mom doesn't get sleep, then the mom's not happy and if mom's not happy, NOBODY'S HAPPY.

But I digress... Vida came back to the hotel with us on the last night of training. She and Evan were curled up in bed and asleep by 10:00 and EVAN SLEPT FOR 9 HOURS!

This trend has continued.

Vida also helps Evan with anxiety and calms him after often difficult days at school. Kids can be mean-especially middle school kids-and Vida is always there at the end of the day to greet Evan with love and a wagging tail. When Evan is upset it's a common sight to see him curled up with Vida on the living room floor.

This morning, I asked Evan how Vida helps him. Direct quotes: "I am not as angry all the time. I am able to sleep better. I always really wanted to have a dog who was just mine, and Vida really understands me."

Vida is a furry cognitive behavioral reminder for Evan. My dad has struggled with the fact that Evan rarely greeted him. We spend a fair amount of time at my parent's house and a common scene would be for Evan to be engrossed in an activity when my dad would arrive home. Evan almost never acknowledged my dad in these situations. These days, Evan might be curled up on the family room sofa with Vida reading a Rick Riordan book, or playing Legos on the family room floor. My dad (or anyone really) enters the room and Vida notices immediately. Evan is so tuned in to Vida that he notices too and now greets the person. It sounds like a small thing, but the difference it has made in several relationships is significant.


To read the rest of Allison's speech, click here:




Evan and Vida 

Graduate Speech - Short and Sweet

Isaac was selected to give this year's Graduate Speech  


I love going to class because I love working dogs. My dog is Qismat. I like him because he does everything I tell him to do. Qismat helps me by walking next to me. When he is next to me I do not fall as much as I use to. I feel safe.  


Thank you Canine Angels for Qismat.