Helping special needs children have a better quality of life!                                             April/May 2012

Canine Angels

A Day for Dogs

at The Bear Hotel 


April 14th, 2012


This event was a huge success!  See the article written by Cindy Colman, below.   


A huge thank you to The Bear Hotel, Evergreen Bank and  Brady Adams for sponsoring this event. 

Calendar of Events


We've got lots of events going on this spring!


May 18
SDA School Presentation

June 9
Rotary Dog Care Faire

June 11-22
Canine Angels
Service Dog Team Training

June 22
Canine Angels
Puppy Raiser/Graduate Day

June 23
Canine Angels Graduation
Schmidt Family Vineyards

July 27
Girl Scouts Rock the
Orange County Fair
CAST Booth and Demos
Orange County, CA

If you would like to volunteer to help CAST at any of these events, please email us at
"Countdown to Graduation"
Lotto Fun Raffle
$10 per ticket
10 chances to win!
Drawings held 6/14/12 to 6/23/12
for more information go to the Lotto page on our website:

click here 

Engraved Bricks

Canine Angels is selling engraved bricks that will be incorporated into the walkways surrounding the advanced training facility. This is a wonderful way to celebrate a graduate team, honor a puppy you've raised or been touched by, remember a beloved pet, or advertise your business and its support of CAST, all while helping raise funds to continue our mission. 

Our online ordering system at is very easy, fast and FUN. If you would prefer to pay by check, contact Kelly at to have a form emailed to you.

Canine Angels

in the News


Canine Angels Service Teams is featured in two articles in
The Mobility Project.


General details about CAST are found in this article, along with quotes from Sandy Mays:

2011 CAST graduate Rosana Favre is featured in this article:
Puppy Raiser News
  This is Zylie, a Labradoodle, being raised in Montana by Peggy Spencer.  Check out her wonderful blog flatheadpuppyraiser.
Recurring Donation Information

Recurring Donations - With your investment of a recurring donation, you are helping Canine Angels count on secured, regular support to further our mission of Helping Kids Achieve Independence.  


It's quick and easy to set up recurring donations on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. You can do so by using this online form: click here   




Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) - Are you a federal employee or member of the military? Do you know someone who is? If so, you can help Canine Angels! We are a member of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) program, an annual fundraising drive in which donations are made through payroll deductions of employees who designate CAST as their charity of choice.   

If you have any questions about the above programs, or if you have new ideas for ways to help support Canine Angels that you'd like to share, please contact Executive Director Kelly Stack at  


Of course, you can still just make a simple donation right here on our web page today: 

click here  



Canine Angels very thankfully received the following donations in memory of special people and pets. We offer our sympathy to those who have lost a loved one, and our gratitude to those who have contributed to ensuring a positive impact on the future of our program and the children we will be able to help. 

In Memory of Liz Henderson

Johnny and Maria Avila
Robert and Barbara Finley
Andrew and Barbara Gamble
Nancy Murray
Becky Reimers 

In Memory of Ruby

Robert and Barbara Finley

In Memory of Denise Gish

Mr. & Mrs. Elden Gish
Arno Reifenberg

In Memory of Lucky, Cooper, and 

The Stack Family

Memorial Donations are gladly accepted at any time, just click here:  click here 
Honor Donations

Our breeder Bella and Dance Litter pup Tango recently attended an amazing birthday party, held in honor of Dru, a golden retriever, who turned 6 years old. Dru and his "mom", Amy Thomas, are fans of Canine Angels and Amy graciously dedicated his birthday celebration to our program. Party guests and their pups generously filled a donation box with contributions for Canine Angels in lieu of birthday presents for Dru.


The beautiful party area had lots of toys and treats, agility tunnels to run through, goodie bags, a buffet for the humans and a meal provided by Just Food For Dogs (, which was served to our pups on china plates! Over 20 dogs attended the party and they all had an incredible day. Thank you Amy and Dru, for raising over $1400 for Canine Angels!

In Honor of Dru

Just Food For Dogs
Christi Everroad
Debbie Everroad
Kathryn Thomas
Linda Thomas
Melanie Roberts
Suzette Kontra
Emily Hayes
E-Motion Portrait Studios
Cheryl McBride
Ross and Linda Ault
Larry and Linda Adkison
Wayne and Diana Maberry
John Iacono
Steve and Toni Thomas
Amy Thomas

In Honor of Allison Heber
and Evan Crites
Robert and Gail Stagman

Kennel Supply Donations 

This time of year at Canine Angels' Advanced Training Center, the dogs that will be placed in the upcoming months are hard at work. These are some items that the dogs need that would make great donations (hint, hint):

Costco Natures Domain dog food
Large Nylabones
Xtra Large Kongs for heavy chewers
Interceptor monthly heart worm preventive and general wormer

Live too far away to drop off a bag of food? Gift cards are always appreciated. Some of our favorites are: Costco, Petsmart, Grange Co-Op, Mini Petmart and Petco.

The dogs thank you for your donations!
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Canine Angels Website

13475 N. Applegate Road
Grants Pass, OR 97527
(888) K9-ANGLS
(541) 846-6400
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Dear Friends,


I am continually amazed at how much our team can accomplish. Since our last newsletter, Canine Angels has been extremely active with events, fundraisers, booths and demonstrations. Be sure to check out the story below about "A Day for Dogs", our most recent big event. A heartfelt thank you to the staff, board members, graduate families, puppy raisers and many other friends, family members and supporters who help us in so very many ways to make activities like these happen.


Our 2012 Graduation is just 5 short weeks away. Sandy and the most recent group of canine trainees have been working hard on polishing up skills and preparing to meet the new class of kids and their families at our Team Training, starting on June 11th. It will be an intense 12 days of demonstrations, lectures, exams, outings and homework, paired with new friendships, bonding, laughter and the discovery of many new opportunities for our graduates.


The graduates from this upcoming class will join those from our November and March classes on graduation day, and Canine Angels will be honoring 17 teams at this year's ceremony on June 23rd.  We absolutely could not do what we do without the help of so many who dedicate their time and energy toward helping us succeed. We hope you will join us this year so you can witness first-hand how our organization helps kids achieve's a life-changing event!


We hope you enjoyed your recent "No Show Camping Trip" cards. It was a fun project for us and we very much appreciate the positive responses and many donations from our supporters.


Take good care,
Graduate's Corner 

The "Dream Team" Starring Evan and Vida

By Allison Heber   

When Evan aEvan Vita 1nd Vida were matched up last November, it was a dream come true! Sending her back to Grants Pass in January for advanced training was hard for Evan (and the rest of our family too). During the six or so weeks that Vida spent back at Canine Angels, we gained a whole new appreciation for the impact she had on daily life in our household.  


Without Vida, Evan went back to his old pattern of 2-3 hours of sleep. Evan deeply missed her calming presence and having Vida there to curl up with him on challenging days and regressed back to an old pattern of wanting to be at home (not wanting to go places) most of the time.


Reuniting with Vida at the March Team Training was a much anticipated event. Evan had been counting the days, hours, and minutes. 


Over the weeks that Vida was away for training, Evan's anxiety level increased and the consequences of his lack of sleep really started to show. Team training is challenging to begin with (there is so much to learn!). Training with a physically and emotionally exhausted kid was, at times, downright frustrating! Sandy and Sheila were sooooo amazingly supportive, patient, kind, and appropriately firm with Evan. Evan worked hard. Vida worked hard. Sandy and Sheila worked REALLY hard... and we left Grants Pass as an Assisted Service Dog Team!


Back at home, I was quickly reminded of the amazing role Vida plays in Evan's life. She went right back to sleeping under the covers with him, and he went back to sleeping 6-8 hours per night! Now, not only did he have the responsibility of walking Vida every day to get him to venture out, but as an Assisted Service Team we had public access and a new goal of introducing Vida to as many new places as possible.

 Evan Vita 2

At the beginning of April, Evan did something very brave and new (for him). I had a meeting in downtown Redmond and Evan wanted to go to the library. We printed out a map of Redmond and after the three of us visited the library together, I left Evan and Vida at the library and went to my meeting at Starbucks. When they were done at the library, Evan took the map and walked with Vida to meet me at Starbucks. Vida did her job perfectly, curling up under the table while Evan enjoyed his steamed milk and worked on homework and I finished my meeting. It's probably one of the most independent things he has EVER done. Oh, and it was drizzling lightly which would normally really bother Evan and deter him from wanting to be outside, but he didn't even mention the rain! A real live example of the Canine Angels "Helping Kids Achieve Independence" motto!

Aquarium Outing and Festival of Human Abilities

Salsa meets fishA local group of 23 people and 6 dogs recently visited the Aquarium of the Pacific's 9th annual Festival of Human Abilities in Long Beach, CA. The event included art demonstrations, wheelchair dancing, live music, signing choirs, storytelling, accessible SCUBA diving demonstrations, and other performances featuring the creative talents of people who have disabilities.  

Elina and shark 2012In attendance were current and future graduates, puppy raisers, staff and board members, and family members, along with 6 dogs. Everyone had a great experience and we will surely be back next year!
A Pup's Eye View of CAST - a portrait of Buster

buster2012At the end of December, my two sisters and I arrived at Canine Angels. One of my sisters, Bessy, is living with Marie in Williams, Oregon.  My other sister, Bridget, is being raised by Sue in Gilroy, CA.
My name is Buster (I'm named after Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants) and I'm currently being raised by Sheila in San Mateo,
CA and Grants Pass, OR. I go to puppy classes right now so I can learn how to walk on a leash and lots of other things too.

So far, I have been on two outings. Mom took me to a pet store where I got to walk around and meet lots of people and do some shopping of my very own. Picked out a couple of new toys and a bone. Last week, we went to a shopping mall. We did a lot of walking and looking at fountains and funny statues that at first I wasn't too sure about but then decided they were ok. Met lots of people again and kids. I had a really good time and mom said I did really well for my first big outing.

I'm only 4 months old so my life as a Canine Angels puppy is just starting. So far, its a lot of fun and I'm sure I will have a lot more adventures to share with you.

Puppy raisers - we'd love to hear from more of you. Drop us a line at and let us know what month we can feature your puppy.

Day For The Dogs - April 14, 2012

The "Day for the Dogs" Event at the Bear Hotel in Grants Pass was a huge success! Attendance exceeded our expectations, with 460 people and 316 dogs, an amazing turn-out for a first time event!


The photo opportunity was a crowd favorite. Check out our Canine Angels Ambassador Dogs, Skylar (pictures #167, 557, 470-472) and Snoopy, (pictures #88-98 and #381-399). You can see all of the portrait pictures from a link on our website at or you can go directly to:


There were other activities including "Ask the Trainer", "Ask the Vet", a doggie fortune teller, and getting a caricature sketch of you and your dog. There were unusual dog-related gift items featured in the dog mall and artwork in the museum room.


CAST did brief presentations and live demonstrations throughout the day to inform people of our mission. Many attendees were grateful and surprised to learn about such a wonderful non-profit organization based in Grants Pass.


Volunteers from multiple Grants Pass organizations lent a hand. Special thanks go to the local 4H club for doing the "Dog Doody Patrol", and the Rogue Valley Kennel Club for "Doggie Crowd Control" (there were no incidents reported all day).


You can see the unique Bear Hotel collection (it houses large Bear sculptures & other artwork that is placed downtown in the spring, plus much more) and a few of the activities in the candid shots we collected. They are available for viewing at:


We are very grateful to Brady Adams and Evergreen Bank for their sponsorship of this wonderful opportunity and to all of you for your support and generosity.  



Thank You,

Cindy Colman

Windermere/Grants Pass Broker

Canine Angels Board Chair 


From a letter Cindy Colman wrote to volunteers and supporters of "The Day for Dogs" event at the Bear Hotel.    

 CAST co-founder and trainer Sheila Kolby lost a special friend recently.  This is her tribute to her dog, Lucky.

When Lucky arrived at our house in August 1997, he was primarily my oldest son's dog. I really didn't have a lot to do with him other than the basics as I had my black Lab, Manute. When Manute became sick with cancer at 9 yrs. old, I started taking Lucky places with me and discovered that he loved to work. When I lost Manute, Lucky became my companion. He became my pet therapy dog (and if you knew Lucky, that was quite the accomplishment), my obedience competition dog and then my agility partner.


When he was 5 years old, he was diagnosed with autoimmune problems that resulted in fluid on his joints and eventually arthritis in his front left leg and a constant limp. Through treatments, his limp disappeared and did not come back until the last year of his life. 


Lucky had a true joy for life and he brought that attitude to everything he did, especially agility. We did agility for 5 years and he gave me everything I asked him to do and more. There was nothing more fun to Lucky than to do his jumpers courses and the more tunnels the better. Running agility with Lucky was sheer joy.


March 1 was a bad day for me as I had to make the final decision to have Lucky put down. He was two months away from being 15 years old - which is a very good life for a Labrador. (May 12, 1997 - March 1, 2012) My friend Lyn went with me on Lucky's final ride. I am grateful to her for that.


When I lost Manute and my friends saw me bringing Lucky around and starting him in the things that Manute used to do, one of my instructors said "Oh, Lucky is going to follow in Manute's footprints." A dear friend of mine, responded, "No, Lucky is going to make his own." And he did.