Helping special needs children have a better quality of life!                                              February/March 2012

Join Canine Angels for 

A Day for Dogs

at The Bear Hotel 


April 14th, 2012

 Grants Pass, OR


$5 Admission Per Dog




Hot Dogs and Soda
Cookies and Pupcakes

Canine Angels Demonstrations

And MORE...
Photo taken with your pet
(perfect for Christmas cards)

Tour of the unique Bear Hotel
A Dog Whisperer
A Doggy Fortune Teller
Dog nail trims for a small additional donation

Unique dog items, fine artwork and high quality gifts for sale in the museum with proceeds going to Canine Angels.

Save the date and invite a friend who doesn't know Canine Angels yet! Tickets go on sale on March 19th at Evergreen Bank and Gates Furniture.
To donate artwork or other special gifts, even from out of the area, contact Canine Angels at

Thank you to
Applegate River Lodge, a dog friendly hotel, for kicking off the donations.

Calendar of Events


We've got lots of events going on this spring!





March 9-13
Social Dog Team Training

April 14
A Day for Dogs
at The Bear Hotel

April 19
Rotary Club Presentation

April 24
Yogurt Hut Fundraiser
162 NE Beacon Dr, GP, OR
Join us to support CAST

May 18
SDA School Presentation

June 9
Rotary Dog Care Faire

June 11-22
Canine Angels
Service Dog Team Training

June 22
Canine Angels
Puppy Raiser/Graduate Day

June 23
Canine Angels Graduation
Schmidt Family Vineyards


March 30, 31 April 1
Abilities Expo
Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles

April 21
Access to Care Fair
Bayside Church
Roseville, CA

April 29
Parents Place Resource and Empowerment CenterFair and Festival
West Covina, CA

July 27
Girl Scouts Rock the Orange County Fair
CAST Booth and Demos
Orange County, CA

If you would like to volunteer to help CAST at any of these events, please email us at

Canine Angels

in the News


Canine Angels Service Teams is featured in two articles in the latest issue of The Mobility Project.


General details about CAST are found in this article, along with quotes from Sandy Mays:

2011 CAST graduate Rosana Favre is featured in this article:
Newest Members
Class of 2014

Charlotteand laurel2012

New Lab pup Charlotte and raiser Laurel of Rohnert Park, CA. Charlotte was donated by Georgia Baba, Arlon Labs, Portola Valley, CA. 



New poodle pup Bessie and raiser Marie of Williams, OR.


Bridget, new puppy being raised by Sue in Gilroy, CA.



Buster, new puppy being raised by Sheila Kolby, San Mateo, CA and Grants Pass, OR.


Buster, Bridget and Bessie were donated by Mrs. O'Poodles, Grants Pass, OR. 


Puppy Raisers - Please send pictures and Pupdates to  



Canine Angels very thankfully received the following donations in memory of special people and pets. We offer our sympathy to those who have lost a loved one, and our gratitude to those who have contributed to ensuring a positive impact on the future of our program and the children we will be able to help. 

In Memory of Donna Weaver
Terri Schraft
Wendy Legekis
Harold McMillan
Dennis Banish
Kim & Dawn Chase
David Todd
Deborah Todd
Margaret Bourget
Mark & Alicia Temme

In Memory of Riley
Kathey Micallef

In Memory of Tring and Tarka
The Stack Family

In Memory of Liz Henderson
Robert and Barbara Finley
Andrew and Barbara Gamble
Becky Reimers
Johnnie and Mary Avila
Nancy Murray

In Memory of Ruby
Barbara Finley

Memorial Donations are gladly accepted at any time, just click here: 

Kennel Supply Donations 

This time of year at Canine Angels' Advanced Training Center, the dogs that will be placed in the upcoming months are hard at work. These are some items that the dogs need that would make great donations (hint, hint):

Costco Natures Domain dog food
Large Nylabones
Xtra Large Kongs for heavy chewers
Interceptor monthly heart worm preventive and general wormer

Live too far away to drop off a bag of food? Gift cards are always appreciated. Some of our favorites are: Costco, Petsmart, Grange Co-Op, Mini Petmart and Petco.

In addition to the supplies above, we always welcome donations towards routine vet care.
The dogs thank you for your donations!
Canine Angels Service Teams
13475 N. Applegate Road
Grants Pass, OR 97527
(888) K9-ANGLS
(541) 846-6400
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Dear Friends,


Going through our annual budgeting exercise gives us a great opportunity to look both forward and back as we think about where we are going and where we have come from. Canine Angels has had great success since our inception in 2007, which is quite an accomplishment considering the current economic times. Still, as each new year comes, we strive to add important and strategic features to our program, and those bring a larger budget.


There are numerous ways you can help Canine Angels ensure a prosperous future that will change the lives of many children and their families. Below the touching story we received recently from our graduate Jacob's mother, we have provided a list of ways that you can help Canine Angels in 2012. 


Thank you so much for your continued support of our important work. Your generous response to our special end of the year mailing touched our hearts. If you didn't receive that mailing with the full color centerfold featuring beautiful pictures of 16 of the 30 teams we placed in our first 4 years, please send me your snail mail address so we can send you a copy. This will also ensure that you receive our special (and very fun) spring and fall mailings.

 st pattys day dog


Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 



Kelly Stack

Executive Director 
Graduate's Corner

The Magic of a Service Dog

By Christina Wiebe  


In August of 2009 Jacob was given Ishi, an American Indian service dog. Team training was amazing. The CAST team was patient, encouraging and gave Jacob a feeling of family. They all truly cared about Jacob and wanted him to succeed.


When we got home with Ishi, Jacob continued to bond with him. They trained together, watched TV together and even played Wii together. Ishi was Jake's companion at soccer games. There, he did exactly what he was supposed to do. Ishi gave Jake a sense that he was not alone and Ishi attracted other kids over to play with the two of them.


Unfortunately, Jacob began to decline clinically. He began to get weaker and swallowing was getting increasingly difficult. Jacob was suffering from the effects of radiation he had had earlier in the year. In mid September of 2009, Jacob was admitted to Lucile Packard Children's Hospital and was not discharged until December 22nd. Jacob's hope and inspiration to pull through four surgeries and endless days and nights in ICU was to get home to Ishi. He talked non-stop about Ishi and showed all of his nurses and doctors the pictures of he and Ishi together. 


During Jacob's four month stay, Ishi missed him terribly. He would often drag Jacob's feeding pump to the ground and curl up around it. When we could not find Ishi, he was always sleeping in Jacob's bed - Ishi would pull back the comforter and sheets to sleep inside the bedding.


In fact, we all missed Jacob and Ishi was so important to all of us in getting through that difficult time. To Jacob's two older brothers, Ishi was a pillow to read on, and a constant soccer companion. Ishi was something warm and fuzzy to hold when they were sad. To my husband, Ishi was someone to talk to and keep company on the couch. For me, Ishi was an excuse to get out of the house and run. He was the perfect companion to get outside and get rid of some of the stress from the hospital.


With Jacob home now, Ishi has taken it upon himself to keep Jacob healthy. When Jacob gets sick, Ishi will get stressed and run on the golf course behind our house. By now, we can simply walk into the pediatrician's office and say, "Ishi is running away, Jake is sick." Every time the doctor will find an ear or sinus infection and Ishi has even caught an early pneumonia!


In looking back, over the last two and a half years, I don't believe that Jacob was given Ishi, I believe that Ishi was given Jacob.

How You Can Help Canine Angels in 2012


Engraved Bricks - Canine Angels is selling engraved bricks that will be incorporated into the walkways surrounding the advanced training facility. This is a wonderful way to celebrate a graduate team, honor a puppy you've raised or been touched by, remember a beloved pet, or advertise your business and its support of CAST, all while helping raise funds to continue our mission. Our online ordering system at is very easy, fast and FUN. We only need 9 more bricks ordered to place our next order and have them in place in time for Team Training in June. If you would prefer to pay by check, contact Kelly at to have a form emailed to you.


Matching Gifts - These are an easy way for you to double or even triple your gift to Canine Angels when your company matches the amount you give. There are thousands of companies that have matching programs, and many even allow retired employees to also participate. Inquire with your company's Human Resources department to find out specific guidelines.


Recurring Donations - With your investment of a recurring donation, you are helping Canine Angels count on secured, regular support to further our mission of Helping Kids Achieve Independence. It's quick and easy to set up recurring donations on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. You can do so by using this online form:  


Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) - Are you a federal employee or member of the military? Do you know someone who is? If so, you can help Canine Angels! We are a member of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) program, an annual fundraising drive in which donations are made through payroll deductions of employees who designate CAST as their charity of choice. Our CFC number is 43661.   

Of course, you can still just make a simple donation right here on our web page today


If you have any questions about the above programs, or if you have new ideas for ways to help support Canine Angels that you'd like to share, please contact Executive Director Kelly Stack at   

Generous Donation from Pennsylvania Teen


Canine Angels Service Teams,
We hope this letter finds you well. Our family lives in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia. Each of our children receives allowance on a weekly basis commensurate with their age ($1 dollar for each year). They each allocate one third of their weekly allowance into a charitable giving account. In addition, as they receive birthday and holiday gifts, they allocate one third of these funds into their charitable account as well. At the end of each year each child decides where they would like to donate the charitable funds they have saved over the past year. Attached is a letter from our 16 year old daughter, Alexandra Miller, to your organization as she has elected to give her charitable funds this year in the amount of $724 to Canine Angels.
Our daughter has a kind and generous soul and is very protective of both children and animals. When she saw what your organization does to help children with special needs through the work of your incredible dogs; she wanted to help!  We have enclosed a money order payable to your organization in lieu of sending in the stack of $5 dollar bills that Alexandra has collected over the past year. We hope that this contribution assists your efforts. We also wanted you to know that in an array of many deserving choices, our 16 year old daughter chose your organization as the one she hoped to make a difference with. We hope this Holiday Season brings Canine Angels Service Teams good fortune and all of God's Blessings.
Warm regards,
Dawn and Norm

Canine Angels Service Teams, 
Hi my name is Alexandra and I am giving my charity funds ($724) to your wonderful organization. It warms my heart to know that you are helping so many children with your amazing dogs. I think its really cool and nice of you to work with the Extreme Home Makeover. Because of this organization, I know children and dogs will both be helped. Thank you for making me smile and helping so many lives. Happy Holidays!! 

Dear Alexandra, Thanks so much for choosing to help Canine Angels. Dawn and Norm, thank you for teaching your children the importance of charitable giving. We are so grateful (and hopeful that other families might follow your example!)
In Memoriam

CAST lost a special friend recently. Liz Henderson, neighbor and friend of founder Sandy Mays, passed away in February. Thank you, Sandy, for these thoughtful words in her memory:

Thank you Liz

For introducing me to American Indian Dogs.

Like you, their spirits are so free.


Thank you Liz

For the grand wedding memories.

Driving your team on my wedding day

will always be a highlight for me.


Thank you Liz

For your generous support of Canine Angels,

your love for giving and sharing shines through you.


You will be missed.

~Your kind nature~

~Your free spirit~

~Your love of life~

May those who love you find peace.

May your memories live on.


Walk with understanding.

~ Sandy Mays ~