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Canine Angels had a rare opportunity to meet the McPhail family and Temple Grandin as they filmed in Medford, Oregon for an episode that aired 10/28/11. Unfortunately CAST didn't make the 'final cut' onto the show, but you can see some of the segments by clicking on the links below. It's likely that the McPhail family will be placed with a dog in the future.
McPhail Family meets CAST
James & Rummy meet Ed

Global Pet Food Outlet
5% of sales will be donated to
Canine Angels

Saturday, November 12th
Culver City Store
4449 S. Sepulveda Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230

Global has a wide variety of pet food and supplies for all your dog and cat needs with the lowest overall prices in the nation.

Our first event on November 5th at the Torrance location was great. Please show your appreciation to Global Pet Food Outlet and support Canine Angels at the same time. Mark your calendar.

Thank you to Global Pet Food Outlet for their support and the donation of dog food for our dogs in advanced training.

Calendar of Events

November 4-6
Pal & Facility Dog Team Training
Grants Pass, Oregon
November 18-20
Abilities Expo
San Jose McEnery
Convention Center

November Presentations
Southern Oregon
  • Western Welcome Newcomers
  • Allendale Elementary
  • S.O.A.S.T.C./Three Bridges
'Dance' Litter PUPdate
Calypso is being raised by Jennifer & Tom Killinger in Van Nuys, California. They recently visited two classrooms, read "My Buddy" to the classes and showed them some of the commands they are working on.


Salsa, a golden retriever, is one of the "Dance" litter puppies that are now 5 months old. Salsa is being raised by Sharon Illions and Kent Rasmussen of
Santa Ana, California.


Zumba is the "perfect puppy" according to his puppy raisers, the Adrian family of Northern California.  


Puppy Raisers - Please send pictures and Pupdates to  

Pickles & Pumpkins?

Pickles is one of our Advanced Training dogs. He represented Canine Angels at the Rouge Valley Humane Society community event last month.
Thank you, Ginger, for stepping up to co-editor of the newsletter! Your great photography is an extra bonus. I am very grateful for your help.

 - Editor
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Hello Canine Angels Fans,

We have some special announcements to share in this issue.

In graduate team news: Hope Adrian has joined our Graduate Mentor team, ready to help applicants prepare for getting a service dog. Hope is pictured here with her Service Dog Denali and Denali's puppy raisers Beth and Harry.

In dog news: Rollins and Sunshine, both Labrador Retrievers, have passed all the required tests to become our new breeders. Rollins' breeder-caretaker is Lianne Rogers in Santa Rosa, CA. Sunshine's breeder-caretaker is Mary Delaney in Belmont, CA.

Skylar, raised by Sandy Mays, has become our second Ambassador Dog, joining Snoopy in the field to show folks the work done by a service dog at the many events we attend and presentations we do.
In general Canine Angels news: We were very excited recently to be included in filming of an episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Please read the article on the left, follow the link to watch the Deleted Scenes, and share this story with your friends. These 2 short back to back episodes are very special.

Coming to your mailbox soon . . . our Fall Mailer. Watch for it and choose the sponsorship opportunity that best fits your budget. Canine Angels is 100% donor funded, and as the economy continues to limp along, we are in the same boat with all other non-profits, getting more creative about our fundraising as traditional foundations tighten their giving. Consider these support opportunities for 2012:
  • Join the Canine Angels family at a fundraiser dinner in your area, or even better consider volunteering to host one at a local participating restaurant that shares the evening's receipts. Ask us for a list of participating restaurants and ask us how to get a nearby Canine Angels' dog to join you and your friends for a special night to benefit Canine Angels.
  • Sign up for a monthly recurring donation for 2012 with our new no-fee online donation page at A recurring donation is a very special gift that we can count on to pay for dog food for the dogs in advanced training and other monthly expenses.
  • Participate in our Brick Fundraiser, helping us beautify our dog training center. Order bricks on-line at or contact Kelly for order forms at

Thank you very much for your continued support,

Kara Karsten
Newsletter Co-Editor

Graduate's Corner

Rosana Domino June 2011

I'm Rosana Favre and I have cerebral palsy. I received my first service dog, Boo, a female yellow lab, when I was 17. I was happy when I got Boo because it meant I didn't have to depend on my mom so much. I have trouble walking and going up and down stairs and curbs. Boo gave me the stability I needed to be more independent.  


Shortly after bringing Boo home I started public speaking, which I have been doing for eight years now. I talk to different schools and organizations about what it's like living with a disability and also about service dogs. Boo was by my side when I graduated from high school and college and got her own cap and gown. She was there when I moved to my first apartment and later when I bought my first house. She came with me to work everyday and everyone just fell in love with her.


Now, bringing you up to date. Boo helped me live independently, but now she's 10 years old and it is time for her to retire. I received my successor dog, Domino, a male chocolate lab, in June 2011 from

Rosana Bracing 6.11
Bracing with Domino 

Canine Angels. I always wanted a dog to match my skin color and now I have one! Domino will now be the one to give me the stability and support I need to continue being independent. He has already come to one speaking engagement with me and everyone loved him. Domino is a mellow dog and also loves to work.  


Domino is very different from Boo. He loves to be loved and to put his head on my lap or get as close to me as he can. He is more cautious about new things. It takes time for him to get used to things. For example, I got an agility jump and he was afraid of it at first, but got better with time and encouragement. Another difference is he barks a lot less. He doesn't bark when people come to the door or outside at the birds.

Domino goes to work with me and sleeps under my desk or on his bed all day. He helps me when I have to go to another office. Everyone is happy when they see him walk by.


My favorite part of the day is playing with both dogs when I get home. Domino is really good at Frisbee, and likes the agility tunnel and chute. I think having Domino in my life is also great for Boo. They have a great time together. They run around the backyard, play Frisbee, and play tug together.


I'm so grateful to Canine Angels for my awesome dog! I'd like to thank the puppy raisers for raising such a wonderful dog, Sandy and her team for training him so well, and all the CAST supporters and donors who make it possible.

Canine Angels 2011 Hope Floats Recipient

Canine Angels was proud to be chosen as a 2011 recipient of Southern Oregon's Hope Floats fund raising event. The event benefits the Women's Crisis Center and the Southern Oregon Adolescent Study and Treatment Center (SOASTC). In addition, they also choose a third recipient annually from the local community.   


The evening of 'Water, Wine and Wishes', hosted by Hellgate Jetboat Excursions, consisted of a thrilling jet boat ride on the Rouge River, delicious dinner at Hellgate's OK Corral, wine pairings from local wineries, silent and live auctions, and live music. Each of the non-profits had the opportunity to share briefly about their program. Hope Adrian, a 2010 graduate and her dog Ali spoke about what having Ali in her life means to her. The attendees showered Hope with praise of her public speaking ability. Sandy also wowed the crowd with a brief demonstration.