Helping special needs children have a better quality of life!                                              August/September 2011

Calendar of Events


September 16th, 5pm
Hope Floats
Canine Angels is a 2011 recipient of this event, as noted on the Recipients page. We will be doing a presentation and demonstration at the event.

September 17th, 10am-3pm
Rogue Valley Kennel Club
Responsible Dog
Ownership Day
Riverside Park
We will have a booth and
be doing presentations.

September 20th
Horizon Village
Grants Pass, OR
Presentation and demonstration

September 24th, 11:30-3:30
Rogue Valley Humane Society
Visit our booth at the
Open House and
Charity Chili Challenge

September 25th
Rogue Valley Classic
Pigeon Race
 Benefitting Canine Angels!

November 18-20
Abilities Expo
San Jose McEnery
Convention Center

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Dog Update

The rest of the potential Class of 2012 has now joined the earlier turn-ins at the kennel in Oregon. They are:

Buzz, Cassiopeia, Cosmo, Galaxy, Luna and Titan
(from the Space litter)
Tasha, Taylor, Terra and Tundra
Wyatt, Xerox, and Skylar

Kelton and Pickles will also be turned in this month.

Cosmo with Mark and Cat

Taylor with Linda and Michelle
Dance Litter Puppies Travel Many Miles to Meet Their Puppy Raisers


Zumba and Ginger

Zumba appears to have settled into his new home with Ginger Adrian of Northern California. Hope (2010 Graduate with Denali) and her twin sister Sierra will assist in raising Zumba.


Jazzy with Puppy Raiser Brad



 Disco was the last puppy to get to her puppy raiser. She finally connected with Janet after a long drive from So Cal to Eastern Washington, with another long drive across ID and into MT still to go.


Thank you to these and all others who are raising our potential Class of 2013. I love to feature individual dogs in the newsletter, so please send stories and photos to Kara at
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13475 N. Applegate Road
Grants Pass, OR 97527
(888) K9-ANGLS
(541) 846-6400
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Hello Canine Angels Fans,
Grants Pass is the place to be right now! Advanced Training is underway. 26 of our puppy raiser families have recently given their pups back to Canine Angels after about a year together.

These volunteers give the gifts of time, money and love to their puppies. They give the gift of happy, healthy dogs with real world experience to CAST, and we are beyond grateful for their efforts. But, the greatest gift of all they've given is the chance for increased independence and a greater quality of life for someone they haven't even met yet, and that gift is honorable and immeasurable. Please accept our humble thanks for your most generous gifts.

With all those new dogs at the kennel this month, we have an urgent need for Nylabones (large), Kongs, Interceptor and Frontline, dog food and biscuits, and cots. If you don't live near the kennel, gift cards and PayPal donations are greatly appreciated. E-mail me if you have any questions about how you can help.

Kelly Stack
Executive Director

Taylor, Luna, Cassie, Xerox, Cosmo and Titan

shortly after arriving at the  

Canine Angels Advanced Training Center 

Team Introduction: Sophia and Assisted Social Dog Sally
Every year at graduation, a parent is chosen to speak about their experience at Team Training. Sophia's father, Bob, graciously offered to share some of his thoughts, and he gave us his notes to share with you. Enjoy!

How do you teach a young adult:
Leadership, responsibility, assertiveness, a positive self esteem, awareness of one's surroundings, appropriate social conversation, nurturing or caring for more than oneself, when they face the obstacles of Cerebral Palsy, Asperger's Syndrome and Developmental Disabilities.  

For 18 years my wife Heidi and I have been working on these goals with our daughter Sophia. Several years ago a friend suggested we look into a service dog to help us with these goals.

Fast forward to March 21st, 2011, and we landed in our first 1 week training program.

We worked hard. We learned ...

Dog training, dog leadership, the difference between the two. We worked dogs without knowing their names for two days. We had to get them to perform a task with only saying a command no more than two times.

In the end we got to go home with Sally, a pal dog for Sophia. In the three months we had her we continued dog training, for us more than for Sally because she already knew the commands. We would walk Sally in the community so Sophia could have interaction with other people.

Sophia responded positively to the attention. Appropriate conversations started. It went like this, "Is that a Labradoodle?" "No! It's a Goldendoodle." "You are so lucky, she is a beautiful dog." "I know. Thank you." It isn't long. It doesn't have to be because it is followed by a smile and her feeling good.

Approaching June, I talked to Sandy about the next class and what we could expect. I told her that the bonding was proceeding nicely. One thing we thought would help Sophia more is to have public access with Sally so she could have more interaction. She said Sally was capable - it was up to us.

We asked Sophia and she was up for the challenge. So here we are at graduation after another week of training and more working with the dogs. But what about Sophia?

Sophia's story is continued on our web page at
Walk with the Angels Report

Dog Walk 2On August 13th, we held our 4th annual "Walk with the Angels Dog Walk & Family Fun Day" in Huntington Beach, CA. It was such a fun day for all who attended. Spectators were able to meet many of our graduate teams and puppies-in-training, and Canine Angels had the pleasure of meeting many new supporters. 


In addition to the group walk through the park, this year's event included 23 vendors with items and services for pets and people, lunch by Jerry's Wood Fired Dogs, an incredible disc dog performance by Todd Murnan, Kirby McNab, and all of their amazing canines, and a raffle with over 50 prizes.

Dog Walk 3


And face painting! 


If you weren't able to join us this year, you can still get a very nice t-shirt with the artwork shown below for only $12 plus shipping.  

Email Kelly at to place your order. Indicate size M, L, XX or XXX. 


Lots of great photos from the Walk with the Angels are on our website at  

The Dance Litter and Their Puppy Raisers

During the 3rd week of August, after a photo session courtesy of Jessica Lake Photography (, the 9 week old Dance Litter puppies said goodbye to Momma Bella and each other and traveled many miles to meet their puppy raisers. They are now spread out from southern California to northern Oregon, plus one in Montana. Our Dance Litter puppies and puppy raisers are:


Tango raised by Nicki Lucas* (S California)

Calypso raised by Jennifer Killinger (S California)

Salsa co-raised by Kent Rasmussen and Sharon Illions*

and Kerri and Henry Van Pelt* (S California)

Lindy Hop raised by Bill Parry and Hilary Swanson* (N California)

Samba raised by April Smith* (N California)

Zumba raised by Ginger Adrian* (N California)

Bolero raised by Emily Booth (OR)

Jazz raised by Brad Coyne (OR)

Disco raised by Janet Wenger (MT) 


The asterisk denotes repeat puppy raisers. We welcome our 4 new puppy raisers and applaud our repeat puppy raisers for their dedication. 


PS - When we announced their arrival last month, we said that their daddy was a yellow Lab named Camden, but it seems more likely now that these are full Golden Retrievers and their daddy is CCI Golden Retriever Desi. He's probably the only one who got any sleep after the puppies were born.