Helping special needs children have a better quality of life!                                             May/June 2011

Calendar of Events


Saturday, June 11

Rogue Valley Rotary

Dog Care Fair 

Visit our booth! 

Riverside Park
Grants Pass, OR

Saturday, June 18
Gates Furniture

Garage Sale to benefit

Canine Angels 

Grants Pass, OR

June 18-25

Team Training

Grants Pass, OR

Saturday, June 25th

CAST Graduation 2011

Join us for graduation at
Schmidt Family Vineyards
This is a joint event with the
Summer Artisans Faire
which is 11am-6pm
at the same location.
Grants Pass, Oregon

Saturday, August 13th
Canine Angels Dog Walk
and Family Fun Day
Huntington Beach

November 4-6
Mobilities Expo
Anaheim Convention Center

November 18-20
Abilities Expo
San Jose McEnery
Convention Center
Puppy Report!

While we never forget that the mission of Canine Angels is the children that are served by our dogs, we just can't help getting excited about a new litter of puppies and the promise that they hold for the children they will be placed with in the Canine Angels' Class of 2013.

Our Golden Retriever Bella was recently bred to a couple of very handsome gentlemen - a yellow Lab and another Golden Retriever. If they made a love connection, we might have puppies on hand at graduation, and puppy raisers will be needed before the end of the summer. Sign up here for the special honor of being a Canine Angels puppy raiser.

To ensure future generations of Canine Angels puppies, we need to keep our breeding stock strong. We still need a few more donations to finish paying for potential breeder Yazmin Joy. Click here to help us finish up this fundraiser.

Thank you!
Canine Angels
on the Radio

On May 8th, Canine Angels was featured on the Community Council program on 102.7 KIIS FM and 98.7 KYSR FM, two Los Angeles radio stations. The recording will be up on the KIIS web page at this link. Scroll down and click on the May 8th show. If we aren't the first interview, keep listening or try to fast forward.

A big thank you to graduate team Karla, Elina and Zoe for joining Kelly, Kerri, Sheila and Cath in the studio for the interview.

Art money
As a not for profit organization matures, they need to develop a support network that provides a regular income stream. That time has arrived for Canine Angels, and we have made it easy for you to help by registering for recurring monthly donations through Giftberry.

All you need to do is sign up once and decide on a monthly donation you'd like to make. Giftberry will automatically process a donation each month and will send you a donation receipt via email. No amount is too small.

You can sign up for this program at
Be sure to check the "Donate Every Month" box.

We just need 8 more generous supporters to sign up for monthly recurring donations to meet our New Recurring Donors goal!  

Canine Angels
Caps are here!!!

Order Yours Today!
Beautifully embroidered
with Canine Angels' logo.

Send e-mail to Kelly
to place your order.
Caps are $15
(plus shipping if needed).

Thank you for supporting
Canine Angels!
Dear Puppy Raiser

Dear Canine Angels Puppy Raiser, If you currently have a puppy at home, we need stories and photos of your pups for the newsletter Puppy Report article. In the past year, we met Wyatt and Tycho. So that leaves 15-20 puppies out there that our readers would like to get to know better!

It's fun for all to follow
their progress through the program. I need volunteers for the next 6 newsletters, so please email Kara today at to let me know in which issue you would like your puppy to be featured. Thanks!
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Dear Friends,

April was a busy month for Canine Angels! Sandy continued to work hard with our dogs in Advanced Training in preparation for our upcoming Team Training. We have just five weeks to go until class begins, and we're all so very excited to celebrate the new bonds that will form.
Last month, Canine Angels participated in the Abilities Expo in Los Angeles. We were invited to conduct a 40-minute presentation in the event arena during the Expo, which included an overview of our program, speakers who discussed the perspectives of being volunteers and beneficiaries, a demo of some of the tasks our dogs can perform, and a nice meet-and-greet with the crowd afterward. Some members of our group were also included in a local news story. You can watch it here:

Our three-day booth was manned by members of our staff and board, as well as many puppy raisers and family members. The event brought in 7,500 attendees and our booth was one of the busiest. We met many families interested in applying for assistance dogs for their children, had inquiries about our facility dogs, and collected some nice donations. We already have next year's Abilities Expo on our calendars!
Thank you to all who attend and support our many events throughout the year.

Kelly Stack
Executive Director
Schools Recycle for Canine Angels
Canine Angels loves to share stories about our graduate teams and how our dogs are helping change the lives of their partners. The truth is that they change lives far before they graduate. We love to take our pups on outings to schools. It's wonderful for them to get to hang out with lots of kids, and the kids love to learn about our dogs and the things they can do.
CAST pups Terra, Galaxy, Tycho, Astro and Yazmin visited Gonsalves Elementary School in southern California this year and spent time with the students in the Special Education classes. Our dogs were amazing and stayed so calm, which helped the children who were a little hesitant to pet them at first. It was a very positive experience for all.
Gonsalves is one of two schools that runs a recycling program and donates the proceeds to Canine Angels every year. Another program is run by the first grade class at Allen Dale Elementary in Grants Pass, OR. Next fall we'd like to have more schools involved in this great program. You can email to express your interest right now, or watch for details in a future newsletter. It doesn't matter where your school is - anyone can participate.

A very special thank you to Gonsalves School and Allen Dale School for your support of Canine Angels with your recycling programs! Your efforts really help make an impact on our program and our kids.

Puppy Profile - Space Litter Reunion

Recently, three of the Space Litter pups, Galaxy, Cosmo and Tycho, were reunited for a trip to Grants Pass, Oregon. They all hitched a ride with Sheila and made the trip north for a two week visit.

The purpose of the trip was for Sandy, our head trainer, to get a look at three siblings from the large Space Litter. We have found that it's beneficial for the pups to get a taste of "kennel life" prior to their turn-in as it can make for an easier transition. Personally, I think it gives them a chance to pick out their dorm rooms prior to starting college (advanced training). 

Upon arrival at the kennels, the pups all got settled in and met up with Terra and Taylor (two of the poodle pups) and Vida and Violet (two of the doodle pups) who were also at the kennels for a visit.

For the first week, their schedule consisted of morning breakfast and training session with Sandy and then play time in the yard for the rest of the day. During their stay in Oregon, they woke up to snow a couple of mornings and they all had a great time playing in it.

At the end of the first week, we started taking them on some outings in Grants Pass and Medford to see how they would do in public. For the last few days of their trip, they moved to Sheila's house in Oregon where they continued with their training sessions and lots of play time. Too soon, their grand adventure was over and it was time to head back to California and their puppy raisers.
And The Boy Loves The Dog


He may be small now,
But he'll grow like a weed,
Not as big as Rummy, who is as big as a horse,
The Dog loves The Boy.

He is training to help kids,
In his vest he is all business,
Suited up for work,
The Dog loves The Boy.

Sees things that other dogs won't,
Restaurants, airplanes, and Disney too,
But his favorite zip is 93013,
The Dog loves The Boy.

He won't let me sleep,
Runs with me on the beach,
That fish he just ate, we will see that again,
But neither of us care,
The Dog loves The Boy.

And The Boy loves The Dog.

For Xerox
by Filiberto Hernandez

Filiberto is the 8 year old son of a friend of Xerox's puppy raiser Hilary Swanson. Hilary also raised Gin Rummy, Lincoln and Zion for Canine Angels. Click here to view the original on our web page.

Happy First Birthday to the Space Litter
We welcome all of our southern California fans to join Canine Angels at Farrell's Restaurant in Mission Viejo on June 1st to celebrate the first birthday of the Space Litter. Present the flier below (or click here to download the full size version) and Farrell's will donate 15% of your food, ice cream and beverage purchase to CAST. The offer is good from 11am to 9pm on June 1st. Bring your friends! If you love Canine Angels and your friends love you, we know they'll love Canine Angels too.