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Calendar of Events


April 15th-17th
Abilities Expo
LA Convention Center
Visit us in our booth and watch for our presentation in the schedule of events.

May 1st
Parents' Place Information Fair and Festival
West Covina, CA

June 13-25

Team Training

Grants Pass, OR

Saturday, June 25th

CAST Graduation 2011

Join us for graduation at
Schmidt Family Vineyards
Grants Pass, Oregon
Save the Date!

Saturday, August 13th

Canine Angels Dog Walk

and Family Fun Day

Huntington Beach

November 4-6
Mobilities Expo
Anaheim Convention Center
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Team Training
March 2011

Congratulations to the attendees of last month's Team Training.

Sophia Halsey
Social Dog Sally

Caleb Hauer
PAL placement pending

Sierra Kouri
Service Dog placement pending

Also, Ambassador Dog Snoopy
was placed with Chris Gates.
Their story was featured in our January newsletter.

Help Matt Support CAST

On May 1st, Matt Gunderson will participate in the Eugene Half Marathon. Matt has chosen to make his hard work and training efforts even more valuable by turning his run into a fundraiser for Canine Angels. Thank you SO much for your support, Matt, and good luck on your run.

You can help support Matt on his run by making a donation at
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In Memoriam

In loving memory of Sofia Carpenter's service dog Handy who is now happily chasing tennis balls under the Rainbow Bridge.

We join Dennis and Liz Yard in remembering their beloved Omega.

He will be remembered for his wonderful personality, affection and companionship.

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Sandy IshiDear Friends,

Our March team training has just come to a close, leaving memories of the families fresh in my mind. The determination of each child and their family is amazing to see each time we hold a team training class. Families rearrange work schedules, travel long distances, stay in hotels and work hard all day learning dog behavior, training and leadership, all for the chance of having their child matched with a Canine Angel. It has been a long, hard journey, but one filled with happiness. It brings so much joy to my heart seeing the evidence that what we all work so hard to do can make such a difference for someone else.

The satisfaction of a dog working by a child's side and the joy this brings to a parent who has watched their child struggle is the icing on my cake. We watched 9 year old Sierra snuggle on the floor next to Golden Doodle Joe Cool (Sierra is pictured here with Chocolate Lab Domino). Reaching for his harness she slowly began to pull on him, creating the rocking motion that mom or daSierrad usually must be present for, which helps her relax and fall asleep. Days earlier Sierra's mom excitedly shared that with a dog laying quietly in the back seat next to Sierra, mom does not have to sit beside Sierra or reach her arm back to hold her hand. Sierra is autistic, deaf and has C.H.A.R.G.E. syndrome. To learn more about this syndrome, click here.

Caleb's mom shares with me over and over "Can you see the difference in him, he is so happy!" Caleb is Jacob Twistera 10 year old boy with muscular dystrophy. With a dog next to him he's excited to get out of his wheelchair and walk his own dog. He stumbles some, and getting up can be difficult, but when he's focused on his dog, he's determined to keep moving.

The stories that inspire me continue to come in even after class is over. Several days after heading home I received an email from Sophia's dad, who is amazed at the differences Sally is already making in their lives. Read on for Sophia's story.

These may be small things to you and I, but to a parent who must watch their disabled child struggle through life's hurdles, each positive accomplishment that leads to independence is a milestone. Thank you to EVERYONE who gives to make a difference for these children. Without the support of each of you, these dreams could not become a reality. Join us in making a difference by sending your donations to Canine Angels Service Teams at You are all amazing !!

Sandy Mays
President/Head Trainer
Meet Canine Angels' Newest Graduate
Congratulations to our newest graduate team, Sophia and social dog Sally. Sophia is an 18 year old who has cerebral palsy and was recently diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. Here's some of what her dad Bob had to say about their trip home from Canine Angels.

The trip home was heart warming. We've never seen Sophia ever play "mother" to a doll, child or other animal and on the way home Sally would lay on the seat, put her head on Sophia's lap and Sophia would cover her ever so gently with her favorite blanket, speaking softly and then stroke her head.... telling her what a good girl she was. Then, both would take a nap! Heidi and I just looked at each other and couldn't believe it.

We are all correcting each other on the right commands. Heidi typed them up so we have the reference handy everywhere.... (don't laugh). Sophia gave Sally an UP command to get on the couch, and she put her front paws on it. I told Sophia to give her praise and then try JUMP next time. Sophia had a very mini meltdown trying to find her cell phone charger she forgot to bring, and Sally was quite calm through it. Hopefully a good sign.

One last story. Sophia hadn't danced her style for nearly a week and she just needed to let it loose. So, she went upstairs with Sally, turned on her computer, put Sally UNDER the desk, turned up the volume and did the whole body dance. Sally started to get excited, but stayed until Sophia clapped her hands (part of the dancing). Sally came out fast and excited and did an UP on Sophia. Sophia took Sally's paws and they both just jumped in circles. It was cute.

Thanks for everything. Life is Good!

A Pawsitively Wonderful Reunion
Nicki BelleNicki Lucas, veteran puppy raiser of many dogs, including Belle and Space Litter puppy Titan, was reunited for a day with Belle, who was placed as a Canine Angels Pal last year. She sent us this touching story.

After a little over a year, I got to see "my" Belle again. I didn't even recognize her, as she has filled out, gotten taller and looks like a different dog. She is still drop dead gorgeous, however.

When I first arrived at the Canine Angels get together, she heard me before I saw her, and she just bounced on me and was so expressive and obviously very happy to see me, and I her!!! What a fabulous feeling for one's heart to know that our lovely little pups never forget us. Well, she will always be my puppy, but now, she is someone else's dog.

NickiJoining me in the picture is Sasha, Belle's little girl and Sasha's mom, Shanna. Shanna tells me of the HUGE difference Belle has made in their lives, and also the great sense of comfort she is to her, and not just to Sasha. What a win win all around. It was a most fabulous day to be able to spend it with Belle and her family. This is what it's all about.


PS - Nicki wrote again recently: I am still high from seeing Belle 2 months ago. The way she greeted me when she saw me will remain in my heart for the rest of my life. I know now that out of all of the 19 pups I have raised, she is my most beloved one --- and I love ALL of them to bits. I feel lucky to have been able to have such a darling, sweet and loving poochee in my life.
Canine Angels in the Community

Ozzy, a career changed golden retriever who was adopted by Susie Glover, the volunteer coordinator for A Touch of Understanding (ATOU), has helped connect CAST to an amazing organization. A Touch of Understanding (ATOU) provides disability awareness programs designed to educate a new generation to understand the challenges associated with disabilities and to accept and respect all individuals.  

It was Canine Angels' pleasure to be a vendor at ATOU's 6th annual Access to Care Fair that served individuals in the greater Sacramento area. The event provides people with disabilities an opportunity to find local programs, products, services and resources that serve their unique needs.

Sandy and Sheila were on hand to meet with those attending the event. Graduate team Hope and Ali also hung out at the booth to share their experience with attendees. Hope is also a volunteer and regular public speaker with ATOU.

Thanks to CAST supporters Pat and Catherine for coming out to the event as well. We all had a great time!
March Team Training Thank You
Thank you to all who donated breakfasts, lunches and housing during the March training.

Class members playing Musical Dog Beds