January 2010

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2009 Graduates
Sponsorship Opportunity
Puppy Report
Michael and Bailey
Peanuts Litter
Introducing our
2009 Graduates

Congratulations to our newest teams. Jacob and Michael attended Team Training in August and proudly graduated with their new partners. Elina, our first graduate in 2008, returned for a refresher course.

Jacob and Ishi (left)
Assisted Service Dog Team

Michael and Bailey
Assisted Social Dog Team

Elina and Zoe
Assisted Service Dog Team

Click here to read more about the types of teams and what the different dogs are trained to do.
Sponsorship Opportunity

Sponsor a Dog in
Advanced Training

Joe Cool

Every month in the Canine Angels Courier Express we will highlight a timely sponsorship opportunity. With 14 dogs starting advanced training this month, we offer you the opportunity to Sponsor a Dog in Advanced Training.

Major expenses for advanced training are vet expenses and dog food. Nylabones are also a popular item.

If you live close to the kennel in Oregon, Sandy could use 3 or 4 new metal trash cans for storing dog food. Designated donations will work if you aren't close enough to deliver.

With all that doodle hair to manage, Sandy is hoping someone will donate or target a donation for a commercial dog grooming blow dryer. Do you like to browse e-bay or craigslist? Poke around and see if someone is selling a slightly used one. We could also save money on grooming if we had our own grooming clippers.

Click here to see what else the advanced dogs need or here to donate online now.

Thank you!
In Memoriam

The CAST family mourns the recent loss of two special friends.


Brittany Wilkinson, pictured with Service Dog Freedom

Hope Adrian's Service Dog

Puppy Report
The Games litter was born in May, 2009, and went to live with their puppy raisers at about 8 weeks of age. Puppies in the Games litter and their puppy raisers are:

Yahtzee - Sue Calvert
Domino - April Smith
Jenga - Toni Killpatrick
Rummy - Hilary Swanson
Twister - Sheila Kolby
Uno - Andrea Baca

We also have a few donated puppies out with puppy raisers. The dogs and their puppy raisers are:
Mango - Flo Clayton
Skylar - Sandy Mays
Nikko - Serena Fuchs

Mango is a Standard Poodle, Nikko is a Golden Retriever, and Skylar is an American Indian Dog (pictured below).

How to Contribute
to our Newsletter

We'd like to feature a different puppy from each litter in the Courier Express. Puppy Raisers - contact the editor at newsletter@canine-angels.org to sign up for your month! You can write the report, or your dog can write it, as Twister did in this issue.
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We hope you enjoy the new Canine Angels Courier Express, where you can meet the hard-working human members of the Canine Angels family, follow the progress of our litters through their two year training journey, and enjoy updates from our graduate teams as they set out in the world in their new partnerships.

Happy New Year!

Sandy Mays
Executive Director
Meet Michael and Bailey
A 2009 Canine Angels graduate, Michael is a sparkling 7 year old boy who was diagnosed with a brain tumor which, despite 3 chemotherapies and 2 craniotomies, took all of his vision from one eye and half from the other. Thank you to Michael's mother Dorith for sending us this update on how life has changed for Michael with Bailey by his side.

August 19th was the magic day Bailey entered Michael's life. Since then, every day is brightened with her smile and fantastic positive energy.

We were still in Oregon when MichaŽl had to have his weekly blood test. For four years, he always had been very courageous and never moved during a blood draw procedure under one condition - he had to be on Mom's lap. As usual, I asked him if he wanted to be on my lap and the answer was: "It is ok, Mom. Bailey is here". Wow, that was unexpected but so great.

Since then, every week, we go to the clinic for the blood draw and they have their ritual: open the two access buttons doors, say hi to the receptionist with an "up" on the counter, go under the chair to wait, both of them, go to the procedure after opening an access button, have the procedure, get a lollipop and ... run out! Oh wait the access button again!

For his chemotherapy treatment, he usually spends seven long hours in the hospital. This is how the long wait is done with Bailey...

To access his mediport, he always wanted to lie down on my belly and wanted me to stay close to him. As usual, I asked him how he wanted to proceed and the answer was: "Mom I do not need you. I just want Bailey on my bed."

Michael is also much more stable and confident walking. This improved a lot by walking to school proudly with his dog. He also sleeps a lot better with Bailey. He used to wake up very early in the morning, especially before procedures.

All those little points might look insignificant but they are unpleasant moments turned into better experiences, with confidence and independence gained little by little.

We will never be able to express our gratitude enough to everybody who is contributing to raise great angels like Bailey. Thank you to all again.

Click here for more pictures of Bailey working with Michael, and for more Canine Angels Success Stories.

Advanced Training Report

The Peanuts litter celebrated their first birthday in December, and started reporting in to advanced training. Snoopy, Joe Cool and Spike were turned in first, and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their sisters, Lucy, Pumpkin, Molly, Violet, Sally, Belle and Peppermint Patty, this month. This photo is from August when six of the gang were reunited with their mom, Bella, in the center.

Also In Advanced Training

Other potential members of the class of 2010 include donated pup Mango (L), Denali from the National Parks litter (R) and donated dogs Lincoln (below left) and Izabelle (below right).

Puppy Profile - Twister
My name is Twister and I am being raised by Sheila. I recently celebrated my 7th month birthday. I am one of the Games Litter pups and all of my siblings are named after games. 

I was born in Grants Pass, Oregon and I live in San Mateo, CA. My raiser is one of the co-founders of Canine Angels. Consequently, I do a lot of commuting between San Mateo and Los Angeles and Grants Pass.

Since I'm being raised for a service program, I get to go lots of places with my raiser. We have been grocery shopping, to Starbuck's and to the mall. I've also gone with her on some therapy visits at a nursing home and hospital.

When I was 5 months old, I spent a weekend with my mom and her friends at a cabin and I learned how to swim. I loved the water and retrieving. Last week, I had my first trip to the beach. It was a lot of fun and I even saw a group of horseback riders. Even though I like the water, I didn't try to swim in the ocean.

Yesterday I went to my first dog show and met lots of dogs and people. We were in LA a couple of weeks ago. My mom took one of the other service pups to Disneyland. I didn't get to go -- she said I was too young for all day at Disneyland but promised me a trip of my very own in the spring.

I am the 8th pup that my mom has raised for a service program. She says now that I know how to walk nicely on a leash and have that potty thing under control, that we will go lots of places. I met Santa Claus and had my picture taken. I've attached some below.

Woof Woof!

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