Helping special needs children have a better quality of life!                                                  October/November 2010

Happy Birthday
Canine Angels

November 23rd marks the 3rd anniversary of Canine Angels receiving non-profit status. Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers and supporters for "Helping Kids Achieve Independence" for our first three years!

Canine Angels
2011 Calendars
Are Here

This is one calendar that you for sure want on your wall next year. Order your Canine Angels calendar now from the giftberry web site at this link or by mailing a check to the Grants Pass address at the bottom of this page.

The calendar features our 2009 graduate teams, as well as lots of amazing dog pictures, of course. Available while supplies last.

Thank you for supporting Canine Angels!
Team Training Photos

Puppy Report

It sure has been a busy year at Canine Angels as we have introduced you to new dogs every month, and we aren't done yet. Here are four more potential 2012 graduates.

The "V" puppies are 3 black Goldendoodles donated by Jesse and Misha Woodard

Velvet is being raised by Sue Mitchell, Gilroy, CA

Violet is being raised by Flo Clayton, Los Gatos, CA

Vida is being raised by Dale Balme, Grants Pass, OR

Labradoodle Wyatt,
donated by Barbara Schwab, Bear River Doodles,
is being raised by Sheila Kolby.
Recent PR Events

Four Space Litter pups
(Astro, Star, Luna and Titan) and their puppy raisers attended the Nellie Gail Equestrian Center
Horse-O-Ween Event and met Titan's puppy raiser Nicki's horse Tango (picture at right). While the puppies paraded around the arena, the crowd learned all about Canine Angels.

Also, Canine Angels had a booth at the 2010 Fall Pet Days at the Orange County Marketplace, an event to raise awareness for responsible pet ownership and to find forever homes for homeless dogs. Canine Angels sends out a big thank you to Kathy Thorsell, sole organizer of this great event, for including us for the third year in a row.
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Director's Letter
September and October were busy months at Canine Angels. Many of our staff, graduates, puppy raisers and supporters made their way to San Jose, California, for the 1st Annual Dorothy L. Griest Charitable Foundation Fundraiser, a wonderful event filled with good food, great music and an opportunity to share with others more about our organization. Thank you to past graduate team Michael and Bailey for providing a glimpse into their lives and a demonstration of their work together. It was a real treat for those attending to visit with some of our graduates and see the work their dogs can do. We were told by many that one of the evenings highlights was seeing the 8+ Canine Angels dogs and their handlers dancing on the dance floor to the live music of The Magic Makers (an all special needs band). It was truly a memorable evening. Thank you to the DLGC-Foundation for including us in their efforts to help special kids achieve more independence.
Our big reward came in October as families arrived to attend Team Training and Graduation, the pinnacle of our year as we matched trained dogs with their future partners. A very busy time but also incredibly rewarding as we saw the changes unfold right before our eyes as kids and dogs were brought together. Daily lectures, field trips and training sessions brought new adventures as the Canine Angels dogs and their new partners learned the skills necessary to help them move forward as a team.

Our Canine Angels community really pulled together to make our graduating teams feels at home. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who played a part in making Team Training and Graduation a real success. This year's graduating class included five new Canine Angels teams including one Service Dog Team, two Facility Dog Teams and two Pal Teams. Congratulations to the class of 2010 - may you enjoy a wonderful journey together.

Graduate Introductions
Canine Angels congratulates the following new teams:

Hope Adrian & Service Dog Denali 
Denali was raised by
Harry Richter & Beth Kemp

Cathy Bones & Facility Dog Pumpkin
working together at Shriners Hospital in Sacramento, CA
Pumpkin is a Goldendoodle from our Peanuts litter
was raised by Sheila Kolby

Judy Koeppen & Facility Dog Izabelle

working together at Sage Therapy in Redwood City, CA
Izabelle was raised by Carolyn Roger

Tucker Taylor & Pal Lincoln
Lincoln was raised by Hilary Swanson 

Sasha Sabet & Pal Belle
Belle is a Goldendoodle from our Peanuts litter
She was raised by Tom and Nicki Lucas

Best wishes for many wonderful times with your new partner and welcome to the Canine Angels family!

Special thanks to Dr. Joy Gyorgyfalvy of Bend, OR, generous donor of Lincoln and Izabelle.
Space Litter Puppy Raiser Introductions
The Space Litter puppies turned five months old last week, and they are growing up fast. They have been with their puppy raisers now for about three months, so we are overdue introducing this widely disbursed group of puppy raisers.

Tycho - Cathy and Joey Davalos, Fremont, CA
Titan - Nicki Lucas, Coto de Caza, CA
Luna - Crystal Kendrick, Mission Viejo, CA
Buzz - Katie Pellett, Choteau, MT
Cosmonaut (Cosmo) - Cat and Mark Stadler, Sacramento, CA
Orion - Sinead Hickey, Lake Forest, CA
Astronaut (Astro) - John and Michelle Arndt, Buena Park, CA
co-raisers: Kerri and Henry Van Pelt, Lakewood, CA
Cassiopeia (Cassie) - Pam Sulger and Family, Sahuarita, AZ
Galaxy - Tabatha Brown, Roseburg, OR
Star - Kent Rasmussen and Sharon Illions, Santa Ana, CA

Astro, Star, Luna and Titan
at the
Nellie Gail Horse-O-Ween Event

Fun Fact: You may remember that our Golden Retriever Bella is the mother of this big Space litter, but did you know that these pups don't all have the same dad? Astro, Orion and Star are pure Golden Retrievers by our Golden breeder Lewis. The rest are Golden Retriever/Lab crosses, from our Labrador breeder Flint.
Advanced Training Report
The time of year has come for advanced training dogs to make their way to "college". Canine Angels welcomes five new dogs into the kennel to start their journey towards becoming Service Dogs.

Our current advanced training dogs (Snoopy, Sally, Pepper and Joe Cool from the Peanuts Gang) are having great fun with the arrival of American Indian Dog Skylar and Labrador Retrievers Domino, Twister, Jenga and Gin Rummy from the Games Litter. All the dogs are settling in fast and making great friends as they enjoy their time in the play yards romping and playing together. We now have a full house as we start our evaluations and training on future graduates for June 2011.

A big thank you to all of the puppy raisers of these fantastic dogs. The love you give and the heartache you go through when turning in your pups does not go unnoticed. Because of you, we are able to help others gain their independence through a special relationship with a Service Dog. Thanks also to Kim LaFlamme of Song Dog Kennels for donating Skylar.