Helping special needs children have a better quality of life!                                                  August/September 2010

Thank You For

Canine Angels sends a huge Thank You to everyone who chose NOT to attend our recent Luau. It was very well unattended, and a great time was had by all.

A Special Event

The Dorothy L. Griest Charitable Foundation (DLGCF) has been a long time supporter of the Canine Angels mission, and we are excited to share the following information about their first annual "There is Joy in Giving" Gala.

The event will be held on September 25th, at Mariani's Inn and Restaurant in Santa Clara, CA, and will include a buffet dinner, and live and silent auction. The master of ceremonies will be Larry Gerston, PhD., Political Analyst NBC 11 News.

Sign up today to be part of this first annual event! The team from Canine Angels will be there, with some dogs in training. We would love to have others from the Canine Angels family join us.

The Dorothy L. Griest Charitable Foundation creates and supports programs which help people with disabilities achieve greater independence and a better quality of life.

Click the blue text in the article above to visit the DLGCF and event web pages.
More Dog Walk Photos

Puppy Report

All those little puppies that were just little fluff balls in our last issue are now on to their next phase in the life of a future service dog - growing up in a home with their puppy raiser(s) and being exposed to all the wonders of the big wide world.

This month we introduce the 4 red/apricot Standard Poodle pups donated by Mrs. O'Poodles.

Our new puppy raisers are:

Marie and Gary Gilbreath of Williams, OR, raising Terra.

Linda and Michelle Magginetti of Pleasanton, CA,
raising Taylor.

Repeat puppy raisers are:

Evelyn Paz, of Denver, CO, raising Tasha.

Sandy Mays, with kidlets Garret and Jamie, raising Tundra.

Calendar of Events

September 25, 2010
Griest Foundation
Fundraising Dinner
Santa Clara, CA

October 12-16, 2010
Team Training
Grants Pass, OR

October 16, 2010
Schmidt Family Vineyard
Grants Pass, OR

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(888) K9-ANGLS
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Director's Letter
Summer is flying by leaving us with only two short months before Team Training and Graduation are here. It's a race to see which will be ready first - the dogs as they learn their skills or our new dog building as it nears completion. Both are happening side by side, with all the building action taking place right next to the advanced dogs' play yard. The sound of saws, nail guns and workers are now only background noise as the dogs have grown accustomed to daily visitors and loud equipment.

Despite the distractions, the dogs have continued to work hard on their training and skills. Daily training sessions at the kennel and field trips into town fill their days. They are a fun group of dogs and I'm looking forward to matching them soon with their future partners.

The new dog building is going to be amazing. I can already envision the dog runs, additional play yards, indoor bath and grooming station, and our accessible sidewalk and training space. Everyone is working hard to reach our goal of a grand opening in time for Team Training so that we can spread out and enjoy our new space.

Team Training is always an exciting and busy time for all of us at Canine Angels. For anyone wishing to help, either by volunteering or providing funding to help with lunches and supplies, we thank you in advance.

I hope you are able to join us in Grants Pass this year for graduation. This is a fun event where you can learn more about our program, meet our newest Service Teams, and arrange for a tour of our dog training camp.

Please mark your calendars to come and join us on October 16th. I look forward to seeing you there!

Visit our web page to donate or volunteer to be part of the very special time at Team Training or Graduation.
Graduate Story
We received this nice letter from Andrew's Mom Melissa earlier this year. Thanks Melissa!

It has been a year and 4 months since Candy came into Andrew's life. What an amazing difference we have seen in Andrew due to Candy's companionship!

Before Candy, Andrew was isolated and lonely. Candy has given Andrew someone else to focus his attention on. The two of them are quite a pair! Before Candy, Andrew was the odd guy that no one at his apartment complex spoke to. But with Candy at his side Andrew has become well acquainted with his neighbors. People see Andrew in a whole different way when they see him with Candy.

About 2 months ago we lost our 13 year old dog Jake to kidney failure. Andrew was terribly upset. He is unable to accept that death is part of life. Unable to reach his older sister Liz on the phone to tell her about Jake, he and Candy went to her apartment and waited for her to get home. When she got there, they talked and cried together. Liz described how Candy reacted to Andrew's distress, plastering herself against Andrew to comfort him. Liz said it was a remarkable thing to see.

At least once a week either Tony or Liz will say to me, "What did Andrew do before he had Candy?" or "What is Andrew going to do when Candy dies?" Hopefully Candy will be around many, many years. She is such a blessing for our whole family. We cannot thank you enough for this special dog. She really is an angel.

We are always looking for stories from graduates to share - short stories or even just tidbits that we call Little Moments. Send to
Walk with the Angels 2010
Last month, CAST held its 3rd annual Dog Walk and Family Fun Day event at Central Park in Huntington Beach, CA. There were over 250 human and 100 canine attendees, and a great time was had by all.

This year's event, sponsored by Pet Nutrition Center Carlsbad, included food from Jerry's Dogs, 23 vendor booths, a kids' activity center with face painting and dog bandana decorating, a CAST demonstration, and some very special guest performers. Todd Muman and his disc dog, Big Air Bella, along with Kirby McIlveen and her dog Sketch, wowed the crowd with their incredible tricks.

CAST's first graduate team, Elina and Zoe, lead the group dog walk, a nice 1-mile route through the scenic park, past a dog park and around part of Huntington Lake. It was a perfect day and the weather could not have been better.

A special thank you to VCA Animal Hospitals, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles Troops 2153 and 4113, event photographer David Damon, and the many CAST supporters who helped make this our biggest fundraiser to date!

See more pictures on line in this great article in the Huntington Beach Community News and on our web page at
Puppy Profile - Tycho
The puppies in the Space Litter have now been placed with their puppy raisers. The Space Litter puppy raisers will be introduced in the next issue. In the meantime, meet Tycho!

I would like to introduce myself:
My name is Tycho.

I'm being raised by Cathy and Joey Davalos for Canine Angels Service Teams. When I grow up I hope to be a service dog for a child with special needs. I'm from the "Space" litter. Tycho is the name of the biggest crater on the moon. My siblings names are Titan, Luna, Buzz, Cosmonaut (Cosmo), Orion, Astronaut (Astro), Cassiopeia (Cassie), Galaxy and Star.

When Momma Cath came to take me home, some of my brothers and sisters came with me so the transition went really well. My siblings only stayed a couple days and then I was on my own.

Well, not really. Molly from the Peanuts Goldendoodle litter and 11 year old black Lab Hickory are my housemates and they are fun to play with, so I'm good.

I got my first set of vaccinations and didn't even make a peep. Mom keeps trying to get me to do these puppy push ups. Well, I have a really good "sit" - it's the going up and down that takes a while. It's like slow motion. But I'm getting it.

How are all of my siblings doing out there? I'd love to keep in touch!

The newsletter editor would like to introduce all of the Space Siblings, so send your stories to