Helping special needs children have a better quality of life!                                                                       July 2010

A Special Thank You

... to the following people and companies who have contributed to the building project so far.

Eagle Arc Building Services
Mark Stevenson

Stromme Concrete
Mike Stromme

Derrick Excavation
Bill and Chris Derrick

Riverside Readymix
in Grants Pass

Fields Home Center

We can't thank you enough!

Advanced Training Photos

Access Button

Light Switch

Holding an Item

Pushing and Tugging Doors

Many thanks to Beth and Harry for these photos.
More Thanks!

In the advanced training photos above, you can see the dogs working on cabinets and access buttons. Steve Weaver of EASE (Eagle Access Solutions and Equipment - donated and installed the access button. George Kolby and Harry Richter built the practice cabinets.

Thanks so much,
Steve, George and Harry!

Space Litter's Brown Boy
Calendar of Events

August 7, 2010
Fantastic Flea Market
Grants Pass Courier
Parking Lot
Do you have any sale items to donate to our booth?

August, 2010
Facility Dog Team Training
Grants Pass

September 25, 2010
Griest Foundation
Fundraising Dinner
Santa Clara, CA

October 4-16, 2010
Team Training
Grants Pass, OR

October 16, 2010
Schmidt Family Vineyard
Grants Pass, OR

Another Video for your Viewing Pleasure

Congratulations to Elina and Pal Zoe on finishing the Pasadena Marathon 5K with the Racing Wheelers Team. Be sure to watch all the way to the end of this short video to see Elina and Zoe cross the finish line!
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Space Litter Accelerates Need for More Space
Canine Angels is growing! With the possibility of 8 teams graduating this October, 14 puppies in puppy raiser homes and about 20 puppies soon to be placed with raisers, we have outgrown our current space and need more room.

To remedy this "good" problem, we are adding onto our current Canine Angels home. Moving lots of dirt, creating a building pad, erecting block walls and pouring lots of concrete all got under way in early June. It's an exciting process to watch as the new building and additional play yard takes shape.

Once again, I am touched by the great community of friends that surrounds Canine Angels and its cause. We have been blessed with so may wonderful builders, contractors, businesses and workers helping us at discounted rates. As the economy continues to struggle, it warms my heart to feel continued generosity pour in.

Our goal is to have the project completed and ready for use in time for our October team training and graduation. Thank you to everyone for the ongoing support you send our way!
Advanced Training Report
It's a busy time in the kennel for the advanced training dogs. Some of our team of dogs have moved on to become Pals and Facility dogs while the rest continue their training as Service Dogs.

The training schedule for the dogs has intensified as they work diligently to master the skills necessary to graduate. Lights are flicking on and off, dogs begin to tug open everything, the access button can be heard clicking as the dogs reach up to open doors, and loose items on the floor are being retrieved and carried proudly as the dogs find new ways to assist their future partners.

It's a fun time for the dogs as they have mastered many new commands. Practice and reward become the norm. It reminds me of a group of excited children at the ice cream shop when I walk in the dog building each day. I can just hear each dog jumping with joy saying "pick me, pick me first" as they line up for their turn to "play" with the trainer.

It's a fun time for me too as I watch the success of each dog. Their progress marks that special time when I'll be able to start inviting the kids and families that will make up this year's graduating class. Matching the right child and dog is such an important part in the making of a successful team.

Applicants have completed their applications and videos and now we begin narrowing down the pool of applicants and inviting those that best match the dogs.

We have several months still ahead of us, but as we move closer to graduation the excitement is in the air. I hope you can all join us for the very special day on October 16th.

See Advanced Training photos on left.
Graduate Story - Donna and Ruby
Sandy had warned me that Ruby was a "head turner". Everyone who sees Ruby HAS to know her breed, age, gender, etc. But mostly they just want to touch her, look closely at her extraordinary features and funny expressions, watch her graceful movements and playful antics, and bask in her mellow, sweet personality.

My cousin Page knew about Ruby and, when Ruby was career changed from Service Dog to Pal, Page decided that Ruby and I were meant to be together. I had just gotten a scary diagnosis, and Page was determined that with Ruby by my side, everything would be better for me. Page's enthusiasm about Ruby was contagious, and I quickly realized that Ruby would be the most extraordinary gift I would ever receive.

Ruby now lives with my husband and me on a small island off the coast of Maine. She is not only my Canine Angels Pal, keeping me safe and keeping me company, but she also plays 3 important roles at our one-room K-8 island school, where I teach. First, Ruby serves as a Reading Dog, snuggling with younger students while they read aloud to her. Second, she helps children when they are having a hard time with their behavior or emotions. Third, Ruby alerts us whenever she hears the school's front door open. In the end, her "alarm barking" liability which prevented her from becoming a service dog has become an asset in Ruby's new role!

Ruby is an integral part of our school community. Thank you, Sandy Mays and Canine Angels, for the gift you have given to me and to our whole island! We are so proud of Ruby for carrying the Canine Angels message all the way across America from Oregon to Maine.

Read the rest of Ruby's story and see how she keeps the kindergartners in line on our Success Stories web page.

Puppy Report
We have oodles of doodles and poodles. Last year's successful litter of Golden Doodles has us excited to announce that we have more cute and curly pups on the way.

Joining our team this year will be puppies from two separate donated litters. Our Golden Retriever stud Lewis is the proud papa of an all black doodle litter. Proud Mama Cleo is still doing her part as she raises these beauties. Cleo's generous family has offered to donate some of these pups to Canine Angels.

Our good fortune continued with a call from Mrs. O'Poodles. She has offered us not only a chance to pick our favorite pups from one of her litters but also the opportunity to raise and socialize the litter. This litter of apricot/red standard poodles joined us several weeks ago and will be raised at Canine Angels until they are ready to be placed.

The generosity of both of these families will allow us another opportunity to raise and train dogs that may go on to help many special kids. Not only do these breeds have incredible temperaments for service work, but they also can offer the quality of being hypoallergenic for those with allergies.

Our very own Space litter is also doing very well. All 11 pups are healthy and chubby and will be heading out to meet their puppy raisers by the end of the summer. Watch their progress on Bella's Blog.