Helping special needs children have a better quality of life!                                                                       June 2010

Calendar of Events

July 17, 2010
Walk with the Angels
Dog Walk & Family Fun Day
Huntington Beach, CA

August, 2010
Fantastic Flea Market
Grants Pass Courier
Parking Lot
Do you have any sale items to donate to our booth?

September 25, 2010
Griest Foundation
Fundraising Dinner
Santa Clara, CA

October 4-16, 2010
Team Training
Grants Pass, OR

October 16, 2010
Schmidt Family Vineyard
Grants Pass, OR

Light Pink Girl
How You Can Help

We have PUPPIES!!!!

And before we know it, they'll be weaned and chowing down on puppy food. We would love your help with the dog food bill next month.

Petco or Petsmart Gift Cards work well, but donations via PayPal or check work too!

Light Blue Girl
Puppy Report

Canine Angels welcomes new puppy Sunshine to the family.

Sunshine joins us from Tameric Labradors in Wales, Maine. She is almost 5 months old and is being raised by Clyde Wallace and Heeja Han near Santa Barbara, CA.

Piper was introduced last month without a picture. She is featured in the Gonsalves Day article this month.

Last month you also met Rollins, who was donated by Christine and Ken Kegel. You can read more about them and their dogs at
The Rest of the Puppies

Grey Girl

Orange Girl

Blue Boy

Hot Pink Girl

Red Boy

Green Boy
Videos to Watch

Last month we introduced new Facility Team Cathy Bones and Pumpkin. Earlier in the year, Pumpkin's brother, Snoopy, had been with Cathy for some additional training and exposure. You can see Snoopy at work with Cathy at Shriner's Hospital in this video.

Here's a PBS video that we recommend. It's about another organization, but it is an excellent portrayal of what we do and why we do it.
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The Space Litter Has Landed!
On June 2, 2010, breeder caretaker Kerri and her husband Henry, along with Sheila, Cathy and Kelly, spent the day attending to our Bella as she whelped her large litter of 11 puppies. Our Black Lab Flint is the sire, so these puppies are Lab/Golden crosses.

The Space litter consists of 4 black boys, 4 yellow girls, 1 black girl and 2 yellow boys. The puppies don't have names yet, so for now they are identified by the color of their collar. "Purple", "yellow" and "brown" boys are shown here. The rest are scattered elsewhere in the newsletter.

Bella is an excellent mother, with her second healthy litter of future service dogs. You can follow their progress on Bella's Blog,

Walk with the Angels - Dog Walk and Family Fun Day
Our 3rd annual Dog Walk fundraiser is just 4 weeks away! It is being held in Huntington Beach, CA, on July 17th, from 9am to 1pm.

We have collected over $2000 worth of donated prizes so far - thank you very much to our generous donors! There will be goody bags for walkers and lots of activities for all. Jerry's Dogs restaurant will be firing up their grill for lunch.

If you are unable to attend this year's walk, you can still participate in the 50/50 raffle on our registration web page. Why not do it right now?! Let's surprise Kelly and see how much we can get in the pool before the event starts.

One more note - be sure to register by June 25th to ensure your t-shirt will be waiting for you at the event. The rest of the info and a map with the location are on the on-line flier.
Gonsalves Day Celebration
Joe A. Gonsalves Elementary School is a special school, and not just because Kelly went to school there. The school has an annual recycling program and donates the proceeds, over $300 this year, to CAST.

Kelly and Sheila and Piper just attended the 2010 Gonsalves Day Celebration. Piper is shown here with Mrs. Jerry Gonsalves, wife of the school's namesake. Piper also went into a classroom with Sheila to do a demo.

Canine Angels sends a big thank you to Mrs. Gonsalves and to the students and staff at the school for their continued support.

Would your school be interested in starting a program to help Canine Angels? Let us help you get started.
Games Litter Birthday Reunion
Rummy, Uno and Domino
On May 21, the Games litter celebrated their first birthday, and they got together at the kennel in Oregon in late April for an early celebration.


This trip was an opportunity for the pups to check out the "dorm rooms" they'll be staying in when they enter advanced training later in the year. It also gave the trainers a chance to get to know them better and see how much they have learned in their first year.

They got lots of play time with their siblings and the dogs that are currently in advanced training, and they got to go out on some field trips in town. And, of course, they got their pictures taken!

Jenga and Yahtzee
Meet the Cast
We would like to start introducing the cast of CAST, in no particular order. Since it's all about the puppies this month, we'll start with Kerri Van Pelt, who is CAST's breeding coordinator, as well as breeder caretaker of proud new momma Bella.

Kerri is one of the five founders of Canine Angels, and she lives with her husband Henry and two Golden Retrievers, Bella and Zimmer, in Lakewood, CA. Henry also deserves an introduction, as he goes above and beyond the call of duty to support Canine Angels. We don't have room here to describe everything they do for CAST.

Kerri's lifelong interest in working with children is a result of first hand experience with pediatric diseases, obtained accompanying her younger sister on many hospital visits. This led to her first career working with patients and assisting doctors in surgery. Kerri went on to work at Disney, as an executive secretary, catering and wedding assistant, and even assisting with the opening of Disney's California Adventure. She loved that work, but due to her own recently diagnosed medical condition, was forced to give up her dream job.

She has always had a love for animals, so when learning that co-worker Kelly (CAST co-founder) was raising puppies for children with disabilities, Kerri decided this was something she could do that would tie in with her earlier interest in helping children. In the past 5 years, she has raised 6 puppies. She also visits children's hospitals and assisted living homes with certified therapy dogs Zimmer and Bella.

As breeding coordinator, Kerri is responsible for ensuring that we have healthy sound pups coming into the program by researching pedigrees and by making sure that our breeding stock have all of their medical clearances. She also facilitates the donations of puppies to the program, builds relationships to share breeding stock and coordinates CAST's breedings.
As breeder caretaker, she keeps one of our breeders in her home, whelps the litter and cares for the puppies until they are about 9 weeks old and ready to go to their puppy raisers. During this time, she starts to socialize the puppies, exposing them to children and a wide variety of new experiences. Kerri also cleans up lots of puppy poop, does tons of laundry and doesn't get much sleep!