Helping special needs children have a better quality of life!                                                                       May 2010

Calendar of Events

June 10, 2010
Grants Pass Rotary Presentation and Demo
Grants Pass, OR

June 12, 2010
Dog Care Fair
Sponsored by Rogue
Gateway Rotary
Grants Pass, OR

July 17, 2010
Walk with the Angels
Dog Walk & Family Fun Day
Huntington Beach, CA

August, 2010
Fantastic Flea Market
Grants Pass Courier
Parking Lot

September 25, 2010
Griest Foundation
Fundraising Dinner
Santa Clara, CA

October 4-16, 2010
Team Training
Grants Pass, OR

October 16, 2010
Schmidt Family Vineyard
Grants Pass, OR

How You Can Help

We're having PUPPIES!!!!

Canine Angels has a small breeding stock consisting of females Bella and Zia and males Flint and Lewis. Golden Retriever Bella was recently bred with Labrador Flint and the Golden/Lab cross puppies are expected in the first week of June! Kerri Van Pelt, Bella's Breeder Caretaker, reports that she needs the following items for the litter:

Bag of Puppy Food - $25/bag
Exercise Pen - $60

Petco or Petsmart Gift Cards work well, but donations via PayPal or check work too!

Ultrasound shows another big litter for our prolific Bella, proud Mom of the Peanuts litter, so we might need a few more puppy raisers.
Puppy Report

Canine Angels welcomes two new puppies to the family.

Three month old Yellow Lab Rollins is being raised by Peggy Spencer in Rollins, MT. Rollins was donated by Christine and Ken Kegel of Fallbrook, CA.

Piper joined us a few months ago, a Golden Retriever puppy we rescued from a shelter. She is being raised by Kent Rasmussen and Sharon Illions in southern California.

Thank you Christine and Ken, Peggy, Kent and Sharon!
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Facility Dog Team Training
We had an amazing time at our first Facility Dog Team Training. We welcomed Cathy Bones from Shriners Children's Hospital in Sacramento, CA. Cathy, along with 5 of her friends and fellow dog instructors from The San Bruno Dog Obedience School, joined us for our training time together. (Two had already left before we got this group photo.)

This unique opportunity allowed us to share our Facility Dog information along with an accelerated Behavior Awareness Class. It was a fun time as we got acquainted with lots of new people and worked with a wide variety of dogs and personalities. Several of the trainers who joined us have offered to help with our Advanced Training dogs, so it was wonderful to meet all of them and share our vision of working with dogs that will go on to help special kids.

Bones was attached to one doodle or another throughout our team training in hopes of going home with her future Facility Dog. She did a terrific job absorbing some new methods and even practiced how to work a dog without words, focusing on body language and leadership - not an easy task for this talkative, fun-loving Italian who carries on regular conversations with every dog she meets, but a fine job she did.

We are happy to announce that Pumpkin, a female Golden Doodle, raised by Sheila Kolby, will be joining Cathy Bones as a Facility Dog for Shriners Children's Hospital. They will make a wonderful team, bringing joy, love and many smiles to the children who need a bright spot in the midst of their ongoing treatments and hospital time.

Congratulations Cathy and Pumpkin! We look forward to seeing you again soon for our October graduation.

Read about the different types of dogs we provide at Canine Angels Teams.
Walk with the Angels - Dog Walk and Family Fun Day
Our 3rd annual Dog Walk fundraiser is just 8 weeks away! This year's event will be held in Huntington Beach, CA, on July 17th, from 9am to 1pm.

We have some great vendors booked for our vendor fair, and we're collecting nice raffle prizes including a professional photo session and portrait package worth $500!

If you are unable to attend this year's walk, but would like to help support the event, you can sign up as a supporter and choose a donation amount you'd like to give. We also have sponsorship opportunities for individuals and businesses.

You can find more information at or email
Event Report - America's Family Pet Expo
In April, Canine Angels had a booth at the Pet Expo, held at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Southern California. The Pet Expo attracted over 40,000 visitors, so CAST got LOTS of great exposure.

We met many families interested in becoming puppy raisers, some interested in getting assistance dogs for their children, and we passed out almost 1,000 flyers about different aspects of Canine Angels. We also promoted our upcoming Dog Walk fundraiser, which will take place in the same area.

Thank you to all the CAST volunteers and staff members who helped man our booth!

Puppy Raiser Andrea with Uno from the Games litter
in the CAST booth at the Pet Expo.
Puppy Profile - Ozzy
I'm so happy to be part of the Adrian family - Rick, Ginger, and 12 year old sisters Hope and Sierra. I hear them tell people that having me around helps to ease the pain of losing Hope's service dog York. I never met the dude, but he must have been one lucky dog to have lived with this family for 6 years ... they rock!

I'm 7 months old now and am lovin' being a crazy teenager. They take me almost everywhere they go. I've been to the snow, church, the park, shopping and I recently traveled with Mom and Hope to the Abilities Expo and had a great time playing with Zoe (Elina's service dog) in their backyard (picture below).

I've also been to clicker training puppy classes. I was wild and crazy at the first class and they pretty much just shook their heads at me. But I'll tell you what - 6 weeks later I turned on the charm at graduation and impressed the heck out of them. Mom was amazed! I was pretty proud of myself.

One of my favorite times of day is bedtime, when I get to snuggle with Hope for a few minutes on her bed before she goes to sleep. She just laughs at me as I roll onto my back with all fours up in the air and wiggle. Hey, what can I say, it's what I do!