Helping special needs children have a better quality of life!                                                                       April 2010

Calendar of Events

April 16-18, 2010
America's Family Pet Expo
Orange County, CA
Fair and Event Center

May 3-7, 2010
Facility Dog Team Training
Grants Pass, OR

June 12, 2010
Dog Care Fair
Sponsored by Rogue
Gateway Rotary
Grants Pass, OR

July 17, 2010
Walk with the Angels
Dog Walk & Family Fun Day
Huntington Beach, CA

September 25, 2010
Griest Foundation
Fundraising Dinner
Santa Clara, CA

October 4-16, 2010
Team Training
Grants Pass, OR

October 16, 2010
Schmidt Family Vineyard
Grants Pass, OR

How You Can Help

The month of May brings with it our first Facility Dog Team Training class. Donations for Team Training classes help cover the costs of a facility for holding class, food for all trainers and participants, and supplies for the students.

Volunteers can also help out with various tasks during the week.

Call or e-mail to find out how you can help.

Puppy Report

Canine Angels welcomes another new puppy to the family this month.

Golden Retriever Q (short for Qismat, the Arabic word for "fate") is being raised in Montana by Kris Brewer. This is the first puppy that Kris has raised for CAST.

Qismat was donated by Dr. Micki LaGue from Great Falls, MT.

Thank you Dr. LaGue and Kris.
Canine Angels
in the News
Hope, Sierra and Ginger Adrian, raising our puppy Ozzy, are featured in the Spring issue of the Special Living Magazine.

Sandy was interviewed recently on Better Life TV in a report called Dogs That Serve. To watch the video, go to Journeys and Journals article J662.

Our web page now has a page for news articles too.
From the Editor
Our new electronic newsletter has been very well received. Thanks so much to all who contribute content and who have written to say how much they enjoy the Courier Express.

We continue to send our paper newsletter, the Canine Angels Courier, twice a year. You can read the latest version, which includes our special Donor Thank You Page, on-line at March Courier.

All of our newsletters are archived and can be viewed on our newsletter web page.

- Kara 
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Doodle Puppies
Puppy raisers are the heart and soul and real heroes that make this program successful. Click here to learn more about becoming a puppy raiser for Canine Angels.
Little Moments - Sasha and Belle
Belle was placed as a Pal with 6-year old Sasha last month and she is already making special moments happen. Belle was raised by Tom and Nicki Lucas. Thank you, Tom and Nicki, for all your hard work and dedication, and thank you, Shanna, for sharing this great story.

Every morning at 6am, Sasha and Belle begin their day. From my room, I hear the creaking of Sasha's bed as she makes her way out of it. This creaking is accompanied by the jingling of Belle's collar followed shortly by the pitter-patter of Sasha's feet and Belle's paws as they make it down the stairs.

The next sounds I hear are of Sasha calling Belle back indoors after a quick bathroom trip outside, followed by the sound of cartoons emanating from the TV. This is Sasha and Belle time.

Their special bond began in a most innocent and unexpected way. I used to discourage the before-school TV time, until I discovered the two of them sitting together comfortably one morning. What I saw changed my mind about the a.m. ritual that these two kids had started together. Sasha was sitting on the couch, her feet dangling over the front, with Belle positions as Sasha's footrest, enjoying the "petting" that Sasha was giving with her foot. There was immense peacefulness in that little scene I had stolen a glimpse of, and I'd be hard pressed to ever put an end to something that brought so much simple joy to a young child and her best friend.

We are so thankful for our new family member, Belle. Every day she gives us a new reason to love and appreciate her presence in our home. We have truly been blessed.

Parents and graduates, please send your Little Moments stories to us at
Advanced Training Report
We are now through the first phase of advanced training, where each dog has been evaluated for their working potential. Denali has been placed as a Service Dog, Belle as a Pal, and Molly, Spike, Lucy, Violet and Mango have changed careers into wonderful family pets.

We have several dogs who are excellent candidates to be facility dogs and we are excited to be hosting our first Facility Dog Team Training in just a few weeks. Several facilitators will be joining us for this week long class. We will introduce you to our Facility Dog Teams in future editions of the Courier Express.

Facility Dog Teams are different than other types of service dogs in that they get to work with many different students or clients in school or health care settings. They are used by their handlers to motivate and reward clients or students, and they provide emotional support and unconditional acceptance.

Read about the different types of dogs we provide at Canine Angels Teams.
Walk with the Angels - Dog Walk and Family Fun Day
This summer, Canine Angels will be hosting our 3rd annual "Walk with the Angels" Dog Walk and Family Fun Day. This year the walk has moved to Southern California, and will take place at Central Park in Huntington Beach, on Saturday, July 17th, from 9am to 1pm.

We'll have booths, activities, raffles and more! The walk starts at 10am. You can pre-register at to save time and reserve your free Walk with the Angels t-shirt.

Bring your four-legged friend, or come meet some of ours!
Event Report - Abilities Expo
Canine Angels had a booth at the Abilities Expo in Los Angeles from April 9-11. It was a very busy event, and CAST was the only assistance dog organization in attendance.

Many guests and Expo employees commented that we had the best and most popular booth, and we met many families that have already started the application process for their children to receive Canine Angels! It was a total success!

Attendees were Larry, Karla and Elina Hughes with Zoe, Ginger and Hope Adrian with Ozzy, Sheila Kolby with Sally, Joey and Cathy Davalos, Henry and Kerri Van Pelt, Richard and Judy Johnstone, and Kelly, Andy and Syndey Stack.

Puppy Profile - Yahtzee
Hello Canine Angels Buddies! My name is Yahtzee and I'm from the "Games" litter. I'm a Black Labrador, and I'm 10 months old. I spent 6 months with my puppy raiser, Sue, in Oceanside, CA. Sue works with Golden Retrievers, so I got lots of exposure to lots of dogs! I've even been told that I act more like a Golden than a Lab.

Recently I stayed with one of the Canine Angels co-founders, Kelly, and her family. I got lots of "kid time" with Andy (3 years) and Sydney (9 months). I learned to be extra gentle with the kids and not to be afraid when they jump around, scream and play with their loud toys. Kelly tethered me to her waist and I stuck by her side when she cleaned the house, cooked meals and sat at her computer. She told me I was a good, calm boy, and she rewarded me by letting me play in the yard with her three pet Labradors. We had so much fun and got along really well.

I have lots more to learn and I am working hard to become a special dog for a child or young adult who needs me. I can't wait to meet my new best friend!
Puppy Raiser Story - Kerri and Lucy
It was a very emotional turn-in for some of the puppy raisers of the Peanuts litter - those Doodles really stole some hearts. Kerri shared some of her thoughts with other puppy raisers after dropping Lucy off at college. Warning - tissues may be needed.

 I know it's hard giving up your first pup for Advanced Training. I've done this six times now. It does get a little easier with #6 (Lucy), but when getting on the highway for the drive home from Oregon it hit me that Lucy isn't coming home and on top of it, she isn't going to make it as a service dog, and I admit I started crying.

If we don't cry, we haven't done our job to the best of our ability. If we don't cry, we didn't get attached, and how could you not get attached to those Doodles - they are like Velcro! If we don't cry, then we can't let go and let them be who they were meant to be.

So, it's ok to be sad. But, please think of all the positive things your puppy is going to be doing. Unfortunately, they don't miss us ... they are having a blast with their siblings at doggie college!