February 2010

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Puppy Report

Canine Angels welcomes a new puppy-in-training to our pack! Meet Ozzy. a Golden Retriever, donated by Joy Gyorgyfalvy, DVM. Thank you, Dr. Joy.

Ozzy is being raised in Northern California by Ginger, Hope and Sierra Adrian. Congratulations on the adorable new addition to your family!
Sponsorship Opportunity

Sponsor a Dog in
Advanced Training

From the Canine Angels kennel in Oregon, we have received a request for the following:

Petco gift cards to help with food and supplies.

Financial support for monthly heartworm medication.

Click here to donate online now. To see what else is needed for the advanced dogs, click here.

To send gift cards, see our mailing list is at the bottom of this column.

Thank you!
Calendar of Events

It's not too soon to plan to join Canine Angels at our annual graduation. Come see the Doodles and other advanced dogs when they graduate with their new partners. Get your quota of warm fuzzies for the year.

Please also consider volunteering during Team Training. Observe first hand the amazing process of the children learning to work with their dogs.

Canine Angels Service Teams
Team Training
 October 4-16, 2010

October 16, 2010
Grants Pass, Oregon

Additional Team Training
classes in 2010:

February: Successor Service Dog Team Training and Placement

March/April: Facility Dog Team Training and Placement

Other opportunities to meet Canine Angels staff, volunteers
and dogs:

Orange County, CA, Fair & Event Center
April 16-18, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!
Canine Angels in the News

It's not exactly hot off the press, but now that we have an electronic format to share it, click here to see a video news article about Canine Angels from Grants Pass Oregon's The Daily Courier.
In Memoriam

Wheely Willy was a tiny paraplegic Chihuahua who became famous for his spirit, spending much of his life inspiring others. He passed away in December, 2009.

Wheely Willy youtube video
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We'd like to feature a different puppy from each litter in the Courier Express.

Puppy Raisers - contact the editor at newsletter@canine-angels.org to sign up for your month! You can write the report, or your dog can write it, as Jenga did in this issue.
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Dear Canine Angels Family,

It's an exciting time at Canine Angels as I get a chance to meet all of this year's advanced training pups. Canine Camp is once again filled with the bouncing energy of young dogs ready to start their adventure of the next level of training.

How much time each of these dogs will remain at camp will be determined by the results of their evaluation as they move through each of the training phases along the way. Some will show early on that a change of career path is what they prefer; being a wonderful pet in a home environment is what will make them the happiest. These pups will be offered back to their puppy raisers or made available for adoption into loving homes. (Click here to read more about our Career Change dogs and find how you can apply to adopt one.)

Those that continue on will have a chance at the many other types of placements within Canine Angels. Each of these phases of the journey brings them closer to becoming a companion, ready to help a child in need.

I want to thank all of the great volunteers that make what we do possible. It has been amazing to see the staff and their families pull together to help lighten the load for all of us. Many long road trips and time away from home do not go unnoticed. Thank you, hubbies, for holding down the forts and letting the girls be gone for such a long time - your support is incredible.

Sheila and Kerri, thank you for making Oregon your home for the entire month of January to help me with the dogs.

And puppy raisers, a big thank you for loving and now letting go of your pups so that they can continue on the path to help others. This would not be possible without the help of everyone pulling together to make a difference. You are all fantastic!!

Sandy Mays
Executive Director
Little Moments
In October 2008, Elina graduated with her assisted service dog Zoe. While team training and graduation may feel like the high point, it is only the beginning of the journey in which a team will be born.

One of the key parts of a service team is the bond that forms between the dog and its partner. In December of 2009, I had the pleasure of spending a day at Disneyland with Karla (Elina's mom), Elina, and Zoe. Then at the end of the month, I attended the Rose Parade with the family. One of the things that I enjoyed about both events was being able to see the relationship that has grown between Elina and Zoe.

Karla, Elina and Zoe graduated as an assisted service team which means that the three of them work together. At the time of Elina's graduation, it was clear that Zoe mainly worked for Karla and looked to her for commands and direction. After a year of working together, in addition to helping her with physical tasks, Zoe is now responding more to Elina's commands. Zoe is truly becoming Elina's service dog and equally important, she is also her true friend and companion.

Thank you to Canine Angels co-founder Sheila Kolby for contributing this story. Graduates or parents, do you have a Little Moment story to share with our readers? Please send to Kara at newsletter@canine-angels.org.

Advanced Training Report
January has been a busy month for the advanced dogs since the arrival of  Sheila and Kerri, who brought Lucy, Pepper, Belle, Violet, Pumpkin, and Mango, to join Izabelle, Lincoln, Snoopy, Joe Cool and Denali at the Canine Angels kennel in Grants Pass, OR. After a settling-in period, including a lot of playtime for all the dogs, the field trips, observations, and training exercises began.

The first outing was to the Grange, a local pet and feed store. It was quite a site when Sandy opened the canopy of her truck to expose a load of curly hair and bright eyes ready for the new adventure. Each dog was taken into the store and exposed to many different things, including rabbits, birds, stairs, and the exciting dog food aisle. They all looked stunning in their blue Canine Angels vests. People in the store were curious and very respectful of the work these dogs are learning to do.

A few days later five of the dogs attended special education class at Grants Pass High School. Each of the dogs had an opportunity to practice the "up" command by placing their two front feet in the lap of the students who asked for it. Kisses and hugs were shared between the dogs and the kids, tails wagged, and students and teachers smiled. There were many distractions in the classroom, including children and equipment moving around the room. The dogs practiced patience with "sit", "down", and "wait" commands, some being so patient they fell asleep at the end.

Trying to make the most of the time while Sheila and Kerri are in Oregon, the dogs were bathed and groomed and set off on a trip to the local mall. Each dog had a chance to ride the elevators, navigate steep stairways, and take in all of the sights and sounds that the mall can provide, while Sandy noted their reactions to the different situations.

Mango, Lincoln, Izabelle and Denali all
cleaned up and ready to go shopping.
Thank you to all the puppy raisers who did such a wonderful job raising these sweet puppies. Whatever the outcome is for each puppy, our deepest thanks go to you.

Doodles with Chief Distraction Garret
Puppy Profile - Jenga

Hello to all my Canine Angels friends.

My name is Jenga (Games Litter) and I am now 8 months old, living in the foothills of Yosemite National Park, in a little town called Mariposa. It is a true doggie paradise here. Pine trees, ponds to swim in and SNOW... I love SNOW.

My caretaker Toni raises Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, who are beautiful show dogs. I have been going to dog shows with Toni since I arrived at her home at the age of 7 weeks old. My first competition dog show was at 6 months old to the day, where I won my first blue ribbon beating other bitches in my class... I was so proud of myself and so was Toni.

Toni takes me everywhere - the mall, grocery stores, banks and I even went with her to her doctor's appointment. I was very good in the doctor's office too. Everyone wanted to pet me but my job was to lay and wait for Toni to say it was OK to be petted, and she did, and I got so many pets and loves.

I have been to Southern California a few times to visit Toni's grandkids and we got to go to the kiddyland together, that was a lot of fun. I got to ride a motorcycle and boat.

So as you can see in the last 6 months I have been really busy, but I am doing my homework and I have mastered all of my commands too.


Canine Angel's Jenga

Jenga at the pumpkin patch with Hero