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November  2010

Property Managers Benefit from NU-Life Advantages 


Direct liaison with building superintendent, board member(s) or janitorial workers

1.  Accurate communication of site specific information

2.  Unified efforts between service companies

3.  Short response time for critical services

4.  Requested service is scheduled, emails are sent to property managers, work is completed


Free spotting services for scheduled clients

1.  Spills and accidents often occur shortly after cleaning

  Clients should not wait for next full service or have to pay again

2.  Promotes building cleanliness throughout the year

3.  Encourages condo owners to view common areas as part of their property (pride of ownership)


Nu-Life Carpet Care keeps detailed records of:

1.  Free Spotting Services

2.  Soil recovery & reporting (Soil Recovery Report)

3.  Scheduling & reminders

4.  Site liaisons & their requests

5.  Site anomalies (helps to maximize quality & efficiency)


Notice Delivery

1.  Delivery of well designed notices to your properties

2.  Discretely posted (eliminates separate visit by property manager)

3.  Includes a value-added option for suite owners (if appropriate)


Exclusive Approach

1.  Water extraction is generally not effective and creates collateral damage

  Delamination, backing separation, fossilization of dry soil, yellowing, unhealthy vapours (pre-sprays), soil-attracting residue, etc.

2.  Granular soil (micro-grit or micro-sand) is unseen but degrades carpet quickly

  Nu-Life Carpet Care removes a MINIMUM of 5 TIMES more dry soil than any other dry system recovery method

  Client receives a Soil Recovery Report, useful for analyzing the effectiveness of their cleaning program and providing real data on which to make quality decisions regarding this budgeted expense

            3.  Nu-Life Carpet Care will advise on these reports and help the client to make quality, 

                 cost-effective choices.


 Customer Testimonial

I have been using Nu-Life Carpet Care for about 3 years now on a number of properties that I manage. Firstly, they give quotes with a quick response time, something very important to property managers. Their work is exemplary - they arrive when they say they will and do a great job. I'm happy to recommend them to anyone who wants terrific service and results at a reasonable price.


Nancy L. B. Bedore

Community Manager

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"Nu-life Carpet Care has removed over 20,000 lbs of soil from Calgary Businesses!"
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 You've Never Heard This Before
Have your cleaners ever given you a report on the success of their program?
scaleNu-Life Carpet Care will report your soil removal by weight!  
  • Total ounces recovered
  • Total ounces per 1000 square feet
  • Acceptable soil load per 1000 square feet
 You can monitor your cleaning at a glance 
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