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 "Industry Standards" - What are They?

November 2, 2010

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"Industry Standards" - What are They? 

Educational and regulatory bodies such as the IICRC and CRI apply solid scientific research to the quality of the indoor "built" environment. These standards include safe operation of approved, environmentally-friendly equipment, acceptable cleaning procedures, etc. Although these standards are well developed, they are relatively easy to achieve and do not address other variables-of which there are many-that directly influence the total service outcome for the client.

For example, some companies (often large, non-specialized companies) provide what is known in the industry as "blended" monthly services. Package deals are always suspect! It is important for you to know what your cleaners are accomplishing in your building with each visit. While the client feels some comfort in seeing service personnel on their premises more frequently, this model often provides more benefit to the service provider than to the client. Don't allow your carpet cleaning expectations to be eroded!


Trusting your service people comes with knowing who they are and what they are actually doing in your facility. This trust is earned, not accepted on the face value of marketing material or sheer girth.


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 Customer Testimonial

Service more than excellent!  Office staff followed up, very important as my schedule is heavy!  Technicians were pleasant, professional and met the needs of the building.  Good job!  

M.W., Property Manager, YorkWest Asset Management



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