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Clean Carpets Can Always Be A Challenge!

June 2010

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Cost: Is it worth it?
Trying to keep your carpets clean can always be a challenge.
Prevention is always the best and easiest way to save money
  • Limit the amount of open food and beverages in areas of concern.
  • Use "walk off" matting in high traffic areas such as vestibules and parkade entrances.
    • These mats do what they are designed for - keeping dirt from tracking into the building.
    • They also have a very short life span, about 2-3 years, so make sure they are replaced at the point when they no longer perform their function.
Use true professional carpet cleaners
  • Often cheap prices yield little or no value & some even create problems.
  • A good cleaning program will cost little or nothing when factoring in the extended carpet life and the additional benefits can be significant.
  • A beautiful yet clean and healthy work space has been proven to reduce sick time, and even contribute to positive productive attitudes!

Understand your carpet with our Soil Load Analysis

Educate yourself today on what your carpet needs to look it's best!
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Customer Testimonial

 I have been using Nu-Life Carpet Care for about 3 years now on a number of properties that I manage. Firstly, they give quotes with a quick response time, something very important to property managers. Their work is exemplary - they arrive when they say they will and do a great job. I'm happy to recommend them to anyone who wants terrific service and results at a reasonable price.    
N.B., Community Manager, Condominium First Management Services
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"Nu-life Carpet Care has removed over 20,000 lbs of soil from Calgary Businesses!"
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You've Never Heard This Before

Have your cleaners ever given you a report on the success of their program?
scaleNu-Life Carpet Care will report your soil removal by weight!  
  • Total ounces recovered
  • Total ounces per 1000 square feet
  • Acceptable soil load per 1000 square feet
 You can monitor your cleaning at a glance 

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