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Specializing in Large Commercial Space:
Property Mgmt / Churches / Golf Clubs / Bowling Alleys / Offices / Hotels / Arenas / Houses 
Commercial Carpet Facts

June 2010

  Super Numan May 2010
 This months Super Nu-Man Adventure was graciously supplied to us by
Clint, Building Operator in the Downtown Core.
Send us your adventure ideas for Super Nu-Man and you may even see it come to life!
Facts on Commercial Carpet Cleaning!
  • Determining cleaning needs cannot be done soley by visual evaluation
  • All commercial carpeting accumulates and hides volumes of damaging particle soil
  • Particle soil damages carpet
  • You cannot see this soil
  • Particulate soil impedes the spot removal process

Customer Testimonial

When I joined this company the carpet was badly stained where entire mugs of coffee had been spilt on the carpet during a meeting, and the stains had never been dealt with. We hold many meetings with clients throughout the day and the constant traffic brings in a lot of dirt, grit, etc. I anticipated that the carpet would look cleaner overall, but I did not assume that all of these old stains could be removed. I am extremely pleased with the results - the carpet looks like new.
B.B. Office Manager
nulife guy
"Nu-life Carpet Care has removed over 20,000 lbs of soil from Calgary Businesses!"
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You've Never Heard This Before

Have your cleaners ever given you a report on the success of their program?
scaleNu-Life Carpet Care will report your soil removal by weight!  
  • Total ounces recovered
  • Total ounces per 1000 square feet
  • Acceptable soil load per 1000 square feet
 You can monitor your cleaning at a glance 

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