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Seeing Spots!?

May 2010

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Seeing Spots!?

Carpet stains and spots are a reality, and everyone's approach to removing them varies considerably. Often television commercials and infomercials suggest incorrect techniques.
The most important source of information is often overlooked:
Carpet Cleaning Professionals.
Trusting spot removal to workers that are not professionals in the textile cleaning industry is not beneficial! Successful spot removal involves knowledge and training! Inspection, evaluation, information and experience will lead to the correct physics, chemistry and procedure.
Do it right the first time!
Do it right every time!

Customer Testimonial

Montgomery Ross & Associates has been using Nu-Life Carpet Care for the past few years in both our office and our high end client condominiums.  We find the work excellent and the company dependable and easy to work with.  The good service we receive is not only from the technicians but the management and office staff also.  I have no hesitation to recommend Nu-Life Carpet Care. 

V.O., Vice President, Operations, Montgomery Ross & Associates
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"Nu-life Carpet Care has removed over 20,000 lbs of soil from Calgary Businesses!"
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You've Never Heard This Before

Have your cleaners ever given you a report on the success of their program?
scaleNu-Life Carpet Care will report your soil removal by weight!  
  • Total ounces recovered
  • Total ounces per 1000 square feet
  • Acceptable soil load per 1000 square feet
 You can monitor your cleaning at a glance 

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