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Specializing in Large Commercial Space:
Property Mgmt / Churches / Golf Clubs / Bowling Alleys / Offices / Hotels / Arenas / Houses 
Truck Mounts and Commercial Carpet Cleaning
February, 2010
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Did You Know?
There are 2 types of soil in carpet:
Dry Soil (dirt/sand) and Residue Soil (spills)
Commercial carpets have high quantities of embedded dry soil.
Steam cleaning is not the best method to clean commercial carpet. 
  • Steam cleaning turns dry soil into mud.
  • Steam cleaning results in loss of suction, water pressure and heat on large sites.                                         (There are hundreds of feet of hose separating the truck mounted unit and the wand).
 For a superior method to clean your commercial carpet call Nu-Life Carpet Care Inc.
We adhere to standards set by the IICRC.
IICRC Standard S001 states
"Overall dry vacuuming of high traffic and open areas is essential."

Customer Testimonial

"We have received great service from Nu-Life Carpet Care and we were carefully walked through the process from the beginning. We have always received top notch professional service from both the management staff and the service personnel. Their work is thorough and complete. I would surely recommend their service to anyone."  Joe Coffin, CHS
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"Nu-life Carpet Care has removed over 20,000 lbs of soil from Calgary Businesses!"
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You've Never Heard This Before

Have your cleaners ever given you a report on the success of their program?
scaleNu-Life Carpet Care will report your soil removal by weight!  
  • Total ounces recovered
  • Total ounces per 1000 square feet
  • Acceptable soil load per 1000 square feet
 You can monitor your cleaning at a glance 

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