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Salisbury Daily Times 12/22/11
Seasons Greetings from DPSCS 


All around the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services employees were moved by the spirit of the holidays and gave back to the community through food drives, family adoptions and by volunteering at local shelters.


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Happy New Year! 

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Governor Martin O'Malley
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 DPSCS Secretary Gary D. Maynard  
Sandy Point Roof
A pavilion roof at Sandy Point State Park gets a face-lift from a
Public Safety Works Crew this December

This Month's Featured Stories:


MD Correctional Enterprises Donates Laundry Services to Local Fundraiser


Gavel  keeping communities safe 

KCStopCatching Maryland's Most Wanted Violators - You Can Help     


As the calendar year draws to an end Maryland's crime rate, following national trends, is on track to decrease. Contributing to these results are a myriad of community supervision initiatives under the O'Malley Administration such as the Violence Prevention Initiative and WatchCenters. Opening lines of communication between parole/probation agents and local police has improved supervision of some of the state's most violent criminals in the community.

As we move into 2012 there is something our stakeholders can do to enhance DPSCS' community supervision efforts - visit the Parole & Probation Most Wanted website and spread the word! 

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Human Capital  believing in human capital
topbhcstoryMaryland Correctional Enterprises Launders 13,000 Bras for the Cause



This month, approximately 100 inmates at the Central Maryland Correctional Facility (CMCF) donated laundry services to wash, dry, and fold over 13,000 bras, one of Maryland Correctional Enterprises' (MCE) largest community projects. The bras were collected by 99.9 WFRE for their "Bras for a Cause" charity drive, to be distributed to local women's shelters.

Run by MCE, the Central Laundry Unit is the prison laundry operation at CMCF. The offenders' donated time saved $1,000 had it been done commercially.

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PSW  public safety works
PSWtopSandy Point State Park Roofing Project  


The DPSCS Public Safety Works initiative continues to steam ahead, employing around 400 inmates daily on meaningful restorative justice projects in communities all across Maryland.


The most recent large-scale effort involves Sandy Point State Park, where inmates several months ago helped out the Department of Natural Resources in a big way, cleaning up after two severe storms left the beach littered with tons of branches and debris. This time, inmates are re-roofing and refurbishing picnic pavilions.


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KCScontCatching Maryland's Most Wanted Violators - You Can Help continued


The Most Wanted website, designed in 2010 to assist the DPSCS Warrant Apprehension Unit in clearing outstanding warrants, features 25 individuals who have violated the terms of their state parole/probation supervision.  Profiles include photos, physical descriptions and last known addresses.  As individuals are captured or warrants cleared, new violators are routinely added.

Tips from citizens - which can be phoned in anonymously, e-mailed or texted - can be key in locating these violators and making arrests. Sharing the link on other websites and social media outlets can also increase the potential of getting tips. 

A selection of the more violent violators' profiles are also featured on the MD State Police's Fugitive Files program on Comcast On Demand. 

Thank you for sharing a stake in making Maryland safer in 2012!

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bhccontMaryland Correctional Enterprises Launders 13,000 Bras for the Cause continued


"Going into this project the inmates were upbeat, knowing breast cancer affects them in some way maybe involving a mother, sister, or grandmother. They can all be touched by this. They felt that it was a unique opportunity to be able to help out in some way," said Capt. Blake Haulsee, laundry plant manager at MCE. "Some were anxious when coming into the project. They wanted to see what they would be doing or how they would be helping out. During the project though, it was a light and lively atmosphere." MCE bra washing 2011

Shockley Honda gave $1 to the Women's Center at FMH Crestwood for each bra donated to WFRE. MCE staff contributed 160 bras and raised breast cancer awareness by attending the radio station's counting party held in October.

Community outreach projects are essential workforce development opportunities for offenders. MCE inmates also participate in giving back through processing turkeys for the Bea Gaddy Thanksgiving Dinner to feed the homeless, and DPSCS Public Safety Works by planting bay grasses, building oyster cages, and restoring the Antietam Battlefield.

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PSWcontSandy Point State Park Roofing Project continued


A 12-man crew including roofers and carpenters has been working hard for several weeks now on a dozen pavilions at theSandy Point roof 2 popular beach, which is located at the foot of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Anne Arundel County. The project is another DPSCS effort to give inmates who've learned trades while incarcerated the chance to apply those skills as they get close to release - when they'll be looking for work.


The inmates - low-security pre-release men from Baltimore City Correctional Center on Greenmount Avenue - learned carpentry and roofing at the Occupational Skills Training Center, which DPSCS operates in partnership with the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation.


Giving inmates the chance to pay society back while simultaneously learning trades and skills is the best possible use of resources in a Department committed to reducing recidivism.


Stay tuned for more exciting Public Safety Works projects.   


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