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MD Correctional Enterprises Gives Record # of Offenders Job Skills Training
MCE work

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Gavel  keeping communities safe 

KCStop2National Criminal Justice Association Honors Maryland's Violence Prevention Initiative

On August 3rd the Maryland Division of Parole and Probation (DPP) was honored by the National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA) with the Outstanding Criminal Justice Program Award for the state's Violence Prevention Initiative (VPI).  Initiated in 2007 by Governor Martin O'Malley's office, VPI targets repeat offenders who have a high propensity for committing future violent crimes. 
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TopKCS1Information Sharing Nets Results In First Week

Within the first week of launching a new information sharing initiative with the state of New York, Maryland's Division of Parole and Probation had a hit on a supervisee who had been arrested nearly 200 miles away.  The cross-border partnership was announced in late July by Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley and New York Governor David A. Paterson. 
Both states now automatically receive daily arrest data on parolees and probationers who have committed new crimes in the other state.  While a first for New York, Maryland is already sharing similar information with Virginia and the District of Columbia in an effort to reduce crime by repeat offenders in our state.
Human Capital  believing in human capital
topbhcstoryMore Offenders Working In Correctional Enterprises 
PSW  public safety works
toppswInmates Hit The Trail At C&O Canal National Historical Park 
For the first time ever, inmates are helping to restore the treasure known as the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park. The 184.5-mile linear trail along the Potomac from Georgetown to Cumberland had major flood damage decades ago that has left a short section unusable ever since. Inmates are doing site work that will allow the National Park Service to finally begin repairing that breach. 
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KCScont.2National Criminal Justice Association Honors Maryland's Violence Prevention Initiative continued
Under the VPI, specially trained Parole and Probation agents focus on offenders identified by a data-driven risk assessment tool.  They proactively monitor these offenders for violations of their supervision, returning those who are causing more crime in our state to prison, faster.  Since starting the effort, DPP is getting more violation warrants issued by MD courts and the Maryland Parole Commission, resulting in 1,363 of Maryland's most violent offenders having their supervision revoked over the past two fiscal years.
The VPI is a collaborative effort to reduce crime in Maryland that includes improved relationships with law enforcement, intelligence gathering and data sharing.  WatchCenters in Baltimore City, County and Prince George's County allow DPP agents and police to work side by side to ensure faster results when removing these offenders from our communities.  Cross-border information sharing with states that surround Maryland also gives agents a better picture of the illegal activities of those under supervision.
NCJA Award for VPIBy targeting this sub-set of violent offenders, DPP has been able to more effectively allocate their resources to areas that have an impact on Maryland's crime rate.   In 2009 Maryland's violent crime rate was at it's lowest level since 1975, according to year-end crime data compiled by the Maryland State Police.  Total crime has also dropped to it's lowest level, as have homicides, dropping 12 percent since 2008.
The NCJA, who presented DPP Director Pat McGee with the award at their annual conference in Fort Myers FL, is a national voice in shaping and implementing criminal justice policy, working to promote a balanced approach to communities' complex public safety and criminal and juveniles justice system problems.
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BHCcontinudMore Offenders Working In Correctional Industries continued
As the industry arm of the Maryland Division of Correction, MCE operates 33 plants that range from meat processing to graphics to furniture construction.  During FY10 their average monthly employment reached 2,038, a 9% increase over last year.  But their major push for increasing employment first came three years ago under Secretary Gary D. Maynard, who at the time challenged them to triple their employment levels.  Since that time they have increased employment by 59%, well on their way to reaching that goal.  MCE Orchard
Employment is a key factor in the success of released offenders. Studies have shown that offenders with at least one year of MCE work experience are 50% less likely to re-offend after release then their general population counterparts. 
The business units that employ these offenders are self-supported by the sale of goods and services to tax supported entities such as government and non-profit agencies.  MCE also benefits Maryland through their economic impact from salaries and raw material purchases.  A win-win for everyone.
Record employment was not the only highlight for MCE during FY10.  In early July 2009 MCE launched an online shopping feature, allowing customers to order with the click of a mouse.  Their CEO, Stephen Shiloh, was honored with the National Correctional Industries Association prestigious Rodli award in March 2010 for promoting excellence in correctional industries.  And in late FY10 their innovative CARES program, featured in the June edition of Public Safety Stakeholder, graduated their 100th pre-release offender.  MCE was also involved in many community service projects such as preparation of 900 turkeys for Bea Gaddy's Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless in Baltimore City, washing 5,000 bras at their laundry plant for a "Bras for the Cause" fundraiser, planting and tending to trees at Antietam National Battlefield and helping Morgan State University set up a community computer lab. 
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PSWcontinuedInmates Hit The Trail At C&O Canal National Historical Park continued
This summer, DPSCS Public Safety Works coordinator John Rowley worked out a five-year Memorandum of Understanding with the Park Service, and days later,  two four-man inmate crews from Maryland Correctional Training Center in Hagerstown hit the trail.
The inmates are primarily doing weeding and overhang pruning. The latter task will allow dump trucks and other construction equipment to eventually get onto the trail to do the major repairs. Other projects are planned.
Secretary Gary D. Maynard and his executive staff at DPSCS have met with the C&O's park superintendent and both sides are excited about future opportunities to give inmates a chance to pay society back in a meaningful way while also learning skills.
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