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August 2011Volume 2 | Issue 4
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The Mentors Guide 2nd Edition

The Mentors Guide

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Summertime! What a good opportunity to dig into the books and blogs that you've had on your to-do list this year. 

In this issue of Mentoring Matters, we are including two reading lists. The first is list of books and, the second, a list of our 2010 and 2111 blogs. The topics covered in our lists should give you plenty of grist for some great conversations with your mentoring partner. Enjoy the remainder of the summer and your reading!

Synchronicity copySynchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership by Joseph Jaworski, Peter M Senge. The riveting story of one leader's four decade journey of personal and organizational transformation and the lessons he learned about the power of synchronicity along the way.  

Leading from within copyLeading from Within: Poetry That Sustains the Courage to Lead  by Sam Intrator and Megan Scribner. If you were as inspired as we are by Parker Palmer's work you will find real this book of poetry and inspiration especially meaningful. It instantly commands your attention and invites reflection.


Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman, Greg Mckeown. Being a multiplier requires a mindset that supports the power, potential and possibility of others. 



What If Copy

What If?: Short Stories to Spark Diversity Dialogue by Steve L. Robbins. In a mentoring relationship difference is always at play, in subtle and overt ways. We need to be curious about difference and understand it in order to be more effective. This thought provoking and interactive book will stimulate your thinking and enrich your mentoring dialogue.  



Switch Book 2

Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard 

by Chip Heath, Dan Heath. Dan and Chris Heath share compelling stories of powerful changes and what it took to make them happen.  They are not examples of complex, organizational restructures.  Instead, successful change agents identified simple, easy steps to follow.  They gave compelling reasons that capture hearts and minds.  

Blogs and More Blogs


A Little Self Awareness Goes a Long Way . . .


Are you asking the right questions?


Begin with the Building Blocks


Bridging the Gap with Challenging Assignments


Can Mentoring Help My Organization?


Celebrate Mentoring!


Coming to Closure


Creating a Path to the Future


Deepening the Conversation


Eight Strategies for Working with Boomers


Eight Strategies for Working with Gen X Mentees


Eight Strategies for Working with GenY Mentees


Engaging in Critical Conversations


Establishing Agreements


Getting Your Relationship Started on The Right Foot


High Leverage Activities for Senior Leaders


Hitches, Glitches and Stumbling Blocks


How Adept Are You?


Increasing Cross-Cultural Competency


Increasing Mentoring Competency in your Organization


Initial Conversation: Getting Started on The Right Foot


Keys to Facilitation


Leaders can be lonely at the top!


Learning Opportunities: Bridging the Gap with Challenging Assignments


Looking for a Mentor? Try Networking.


Mentoring at Work


Mentoring Success: What Leaders Say and Do


Mentoring now? In this economy?


Never Assume!


Overcoming Resistance to Mentoring


Popping the Question


Retaining Top Talent


Seeing Difference as a Learning Opportunity


Selecting a Mentor


Ten Strategies for Supporting Mentee Learning and Development


The Art of Facilitation


The Closure Conversation: It's a Process!


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