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  March 2010
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In 2003 I was searching for a life and career change; looking to leave behind my 23-year career on Wall Street.  I desired a life that I believed in, that would bring about healthy lifestyle changes for me, my family, friends, the people in my world and the bigger world.  I enrolled in IIN and never looked back.

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Happy to have a conversation with you about my experience and the schools' long distance learning program.  Irma
Welcome to my monthly newsletter on bone health and ways to improve bone health through organic whole foods.

8-tips for Healthy Bones:  Please consider incorporating them into your day ~ each and every day.

Your Skelly (skeleton) will thank you!

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8-Daily Bone Health Tips

1) Lemon Juice~ Begin each day with the juice of one whole lemon in 8 ounces of warm water (alkalizing).

2) Veggies~ Drink or slowly eat 7+ servings of a variety of veggies (especially calcium rich kale and collards) see green drink below.

3) Sugar~ Reduce your refined, white sugar intake (acid); fresh fruit and veggies supply all the sugar you need. Sugar leaches calcium. When our diets are high in sugar and/or simple carbohydrates our body leaches calcium from our bones and teeth.

4) Bread~ Pass on the bread basket (acid forming) my personal challenge! Bread is a simple carbohydrate, quickly turns to sugar and leaches calcium.

5) Animal Protein~ When eating grass-fed animal protein use it as a condiment (smaller portion) and veggies as the main portion. Animal protein is acidic.  Acid leaches calcium.  Low animal protein diets create a positive calcium balance, meaning bones are not losing calcium; and high animal protein diets create a negative calcium balance, meaning osteoporosis is developing. Mark J. Occhipinti, M.S. , Ph.D, NDc.  The loss of bone mineral probably results from a combination of genetics and dietary and lifestyle factors, particularly the intake of animal protein, salt, and possibly caffeine, along with tobacco use, physical inactivity, and lack of sun exposure. source

6) Digestion Prep~ Slow down...(ahh, that felt good!) and take 3 deep healing breathes into your belly, bringing the blood to your digestive center, before you begin to eat allowing the body to take in the nourishment.  When we rush through our meal or multi-task during our meal, we bi-pass the bodies digestion of our food but us in a fight-or-flight response (stress response). The blood rushes to our limbs getting ready to RUN and the cortisol and insulin production is elevated causing the body to hold onto our food as weight. Quoting Marc David, Founder and Director of The Institute for the Psychology of Eating and the author of The Slow Down Diet: Eating for Pleasure, Energy, and Weight Loss: "Sympathetic nervous system turns on stress - para-sympathetic system turns on relaxation to help with digestion and weight loss".

7) Chewing~ chew, chew your food. Use the tools you were given at birth; your teeth.  Carbohydrates need to be broken down in the mouth. Try building up to chewing 10 times before swallowing. Awe come on..just try it.  Notice the difference in taste!

8) Balancing/weight bearing exercise~  Right now, stand up, raise your left leg 10 inches off the ground, bringing your weight to your right leg.  Balance for 1-2 minutes.  Change legs. For those challenged by this exercise, stand next to a wall.  More advanced use 3-5 lb weights; do 10 arm curls, 10 arm extensions and then press the weights overhead 10 times as you are balancing.  Change legs.

Is this helpful?  Next month I will be discussing milk and Vitamin D.  Any thoughts or topics you'd like me to cover? Please email Irma

Pearls from Skelly   ~  Artichokes!


I grew up loving artichokes with memories of my mother stuffing artichokes with bread crumbs and baking them.  My mom was not the kind of cook that passed on secret recipes, or tricks in making the family sauce special with a pinch of that or a teaspoon of this, or allow me to put it another way, her baked spaghetti was probably on the endangered list (that's good news!).  However, she did her best.

There is something mysterious about working my way into the heart of this most magical veggie.  With each peeled leaf comes a different taste until you get to the heart of it all which is just beyond the grassy rug; the artichoke heart.   Yummy!!!

I simply cut off the tree trunk stem so the choke can sit in a pot, snip away the thorns with a scissor and the old leaves as seen in the video below and steam it whole, (water filling about 1/4 of the pot..., bring to a boil, lower heat to a simmer, cover and check the water level from time to time).  Cook for about 30-45 minutes or until the leaves can be easily removed and them dip the leaves and the heart in my easy to prepare vinaigrette:

2 T of heavily organic unrefined extra virgin olive oil
1T Lemon
1/2 t Dijon Mustard (not necessary to add mustard)
Whisk the above ingredients until fully blended.

Nutritionally Worth the Effort

According to the USDA, the edible portion of a boiled, medium-sized globe artichoke (which is only about 40% of its total weight) has 64 calories, 14g of carbohydrate-of which an enormous 10g (!!) is fiber (so, a net of 4g of carbohydrate) and 3.5g of protein. It also contains about 25% of the daily value for folate, an important B-vitamin needed for heart health and new cell growth (especially iron-transporting red blood cells), and an especially key nutrient for pregnant women.  Considering that the average American only gets about 12-13g of fiber per day (one third to one half of the recommended intake), snacking on a single artichoke before dinner could make a significant contribution to your fiber tally with adding negligible calories to the meal. As a reward for your perseverance, Artichokes contain a natural compound called "cynarin" that will make foods eaten after it taste sweet, rendering artichokes the perfect appetizer to serve before a meal you accidentally screwed up.

For that nutty artichokey taste, the blessing of sweetification it bestows on other foods, 10g of fiber and all of that folate, snipping away a few thorns and digging out a fuzzy choke doesn't seem like such an effort, now does it?

In the video you will find another approach.  Sorry about the commercial.  I guess there's no such things as a free lunch!! By the way, the women in the video is NOT me.
Spring Artichoke



Calcium Rich Green Drink II
by Annemarie Colbin, Phd

Organic Ingredients:

1 clove garlic, peeled
2 cups washed salad greens
1/2 cup packed cilantro
1 T freshly squeezed lemon juice or 1/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
2T extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
1 1/2 cups water
1 tablespoon ground flax seeds

With a blender:
1. Remove the measuring cup from the lid of the blender, start the machine and then drop in garlice and process until minced
2. Add the remaining ingredients, cover the blender, and process for about 2 minutes, until well blended.  Drink immediately.  If you let it set, it separates, just stir to re-blend.

Makes 1 serving.
Or With a Vita-Mix (my new best friend):       VitaMix
Add all ingredients, blend, drink.                


This simple green drink is quick and easy to prepare and a great way to start the day.  Randolph Ballentine, MD author of Radical Healing, says that cilantro is a natural chelator which means it removes toxic minerals from the body.  He recommends consuming about 1/2 cup per day.  As with the other green drink (February newsletter) many variations are possible.  Try adding some avocado, celery, arugula or other greens.

Source: The Whole Food Guide to Strong Bones by Annemarie Colbin, PhD

VitaMix Mixer

I've been considering purchasing a Vita-Mix for about 10 years now.  I've watched my friends make piping hot soups in minutes, nut butters, hummus in minutes and the best part; with effortless clean-up.  What sold me is the following: 
  • VitaMix is a US company and has been around since 1937
  • The entire machine is made in the US and offers a 7 year warranty. 
  • I've never heard of a user (and I know plenty) not loving this product and with so many of my customers too busy to cook, this product is ideal!  When I use my blender or Cuisinart it's so much about the clean-up.  With Vita-Mix clean-up is a dream.
  • The fast blending pulverizing action ruptures the cell walls of the food increasing flavor and allowing more nutrients such as the skin, stems, seeds, leaves of the veggies and fruits get into your bloodstream. 
  • It is worth the investment!
  • Please use my affiliate code 06-004962, when prompted, to get FREE SHIPPING (a $25.00 saving).
 Questions???: Happy to answer any questions~Phone: 917-405-5410 or Email Irma
Skelly doing Tai Chi
Bone Health ~ Your Health
        Private Session

Did you know:

  • People in countries that consume the most pasteurized dairy products suffer from the most bone fractures?
  • Osteopenia and osteoporosis effect men and women
  • Bone mass naturally declines around the ages of 30-35
  • You can avoid being one of the increasing number of baby boomers who will develop osteoporosis
  • Bones are living tissue and can grow back over time with proper nutrition and a stress reduced lifestyle
Black Salsify

Let me show you how to eat for your bones

The following topics will be covered:

1. Whole organic foods and the acid/alkaline bone health balance
2. Sugar: The evils of processed sugar and the nutrient rich natural sugars
3. Fats: The importance of good fats
4. Protein: Surprising sources of protein
5. Food labeling:  Understanding ingredients
6. Veggies: The health benefits of eating in the seasons
7. Grains: Ancient and nutritionally beneficial
8. Sea Vegetables and their impact on bone health
9. Bone healthy infusions and teas

Private 1 1/2 hour session includes hand-outs and recipes.
Sessions held on the telephone or in my downtown NYC office

Cost:  $125.00
Questions?  917-405-5410  email:

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