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...because everything you eat becomes your blood, bones, organs, muscles, tissues, thoughts and feelings.
Joshua Rosenthal, Founder and Director -Institute for Integrative Nutrition

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  January 2010
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Welcome to my monthly newsletter on bone health!  Skelly has unfolded some interesting news about bone health that I am so excited to share with you.



From My Bones To Yours,

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Pearls From Skelly

Skelly doing her form of weight bearing exercise - Tai Chi (notice her form, focus and grace). Skelly amazes me!


Afterward Skelly and I were chatting it up about the milk, dairy, calcium myth questioning the standard recipe for strong bones. I've attended several lectures by Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D. who has claimed for years  "WE DON'T NEED MILK FOR STRONG BONES". Really??? Yep, milk is for calves. Cows (ya know those big boned creatures) eat grass they don't drink milk. Bones need whole foods to maintain health and strength.

Only 24 of 86 studies (28%) show that milk, dairy foods, and calcium pills by themselves or in combination prevent fractures according to Building Bone Vitality by Amy Joy Lanou, Ph.D. and Michael Castleman. Interestingly 62 studies (72%) show they do not. The authors share Annemarie's opinion that low acid foods are the answer. Annemarie's emphasis is on whole organic foods which supplies ALL THE NUTRIENTS AND VITAMINS!


Here's a quick, tart and tangy midday alternative to coffee and soda that supports body alkalinity: Organic Raw Kombucha. What is it? Kombucha is a living culture of beneficial microorganisms and is delicately cultured - some liken it to fermentation - for 30 days. I prefer the Multi-Green Kombucha with klamath mountain blue-green algae, spirulina and chlorella. Due to the fermentation, product may contains a trace amount of alcohol (less than 0.5%). The Synergy product adds 5% fruit juice.

Let's go back to the headline of this newsletter...everything you eat becomes your blood, bones, organs, tissues, joints, thoughts and feelings. 

Healthy Bones - it's what you eat not what you take!

Glossary of Farm Market Terms:

In an effort to educate the consumer, I've listed  Farming Practices supplied by the Greenmarket.

Organic/Organically Grown:  Organic farmers relies on developing Fruits and Veggiebiologica
diversity in the field to create a balanced ecosystem where pests do not create a problem.  Crop rotation and composting are techinques used to create a fertile soil more

Biodynamic: Farming that is based on the work of Austrian scientist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner.  Meeting the requirements of organic farming, biodynamics goes further by working consciously with the life forces inherent in more

Here's a ph
Ben from Hawthorne Valley Farmoto of myself with Ben Borko from the Demeter-certified biodynamic farm located in mid-upstate New York ~Hawthorne Valley Farm



Raw Sauerkraut
I love their biodynamic/organic produce, dense rye breads, sauerkraut (raw and unpasteurized lacto-fermented vegetables that are made traditionally).  My weekly visit to their stand each Saturday at the Union Square Market in NYC makes me and Skelly very happy.

Community Supported Agriculture - known as CSAs, whereby
consumers commit to buying a particular producer's foods for a season or ongoing. Once popular mainly for vegetables, CSAs now exist for meat and even for fish. Please support your local farmers through joining a CSA.  You can learn more and do a state search at to find a CSA in your area. 

 Signature Tele-class Series:

Food for Healthy BonesSkelton
Love dem bones!

A 4-week Renewable Group Coaching Tele-Class

Is this you?

  • Concerned about bone health?
  • Find yourself returning to unhealthy eating habits?
  • A chronic snacker - often eating on the run?
  • Confused about carbs?  Good carbs/bad carbs/no carbs?
  • Can't stop the sugar craving?
  • Suffer from the 3:00pm energy dip?
You will:
  • Learn the impact of acid forming foods on your bones
  • Understand the chronic snacking cycle and moods
  • Easily incorporate broader healthier food choices with each meal
  • Learn which exercise build bones
  • Receive weekly healthy bones and whole foods recipes
  • Find tremendous support!

Girl on PhoneThis 4-week group coaching tele-class series begins:
 Mondays: February 1, 8, 15, 22, 2010
Time: 8:15-9:15PM EST
Location:  Your telephone
Investment:  $100.00

 Limited to 6 participants
Only 3 slots left

Guarantee your reservation!
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Irma's client learn simple but profound ways to do a much better job of feeding themselves and caring for themselves in an overarching way.  She approaches each client with flexibility, kindness, concerns and a deep knowledge of alternative methods to foster optimum health.  When I faced diagnosis of arthritis and osteopenia and felt unsure in how to proceed, I found Irma's guidance to be of enormous help.


Milly Dawson

Journalist and Author

Maitland, Fl

Questions??? Irma  917-405-5410

 Basic Nutrition Lecture Tele-Class
 Maximize Your Bone Health and Your Overall Health

Delivered Over 4 Weeks

Did you know:

  • People in countries that consume the most pasteurized dairy products suffer from the most bone fractures?
  • Osteopenia and osteoporosis effect men and women
  • Bone mass naturally declines around the ages of 30-35
  • How can you avoid being one of the increasing number of baby boomers who will develope osteoporosis
  • Bones are living tissue and can grow back with proper nutrition and lifestyle
Let me show you how to eat for your bones.

We will cover the following topics:
  1. Bones: Building and maintaining healthy bones through whole foods
  2. Acid/Alkaline balance and bone health
  3. Sugars: The evils of processed sugarsvegetables
  4. Fats: The importance of good fats
  5. Protein: Surprising sources of protein
  6. Food Labels: How to read and understand labels
  7. Veggies: The health benefits of eating in the seasons
  8. Grains: Ancient and nutritionally beneficial
  9. Sea Vegetables and bone health
  10. Bone health teas

woman on phone
:  February 1, 8, 15, 22 2010

Time: 7:00-8:00PM EST
Location:  Your telephone - How convenient!

Investment: $100.00 



Guarantee your reservation:  Please pay here now!

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Hand-outs and recipes will be emailed within 24 hours.

Questions:  917-405-5410 or

I recently finished Irma's 4-week tele-class and learned so much simple and straight-forward helpful advice information.    I will definitely be taking more classes with Irma.

Susanne Karch
Corte Madera, CA

I recently participated in Irma's informative, inspiring and helpful nutritional tele-class am most pleased to recommend her. Irma is grounded in her knowledge of nutrition and people skills - presenting the information in understandable dialogue.

Diana Salter, NYC, NY
Griffin Asset Management

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