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November 18, 2010 through November 25, 2010
WV Calendar Of Events
Dragon Pride Commendations
Thanksgiving Luncheon Friday
Welsh Valley School Musical - Suessical the Musical-
Poetry Cafe at Welsh Valley:...Team 8C
Book Fair A Great Success-Thank You
Thanks for Making the Staff Appreciation Breakfast a Success
Welsh Valley's 7B Team Plants Trees
News from the ISC Guidance Committee
Apparel Now Available Online
After School & Before School Activities Calendar
Try Outs Beginning For Winter Sports
Cyberworld for WV Parents:...LMSD, eboards
Wellness Center Information at WV - Vaccinations
Head Lice: Information from the School Nurse.
Around the District
CSE Presents LMSD Gifted Identification Process & Organizing Your Disorganized Gifted Child
Community Links Activities and Events-NEW INFORMATION
Deadline for Submission
Information and Numbers
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WV Calendar - November & December
Friday, November 19
  • Report Cards Issued
  • Thanksgiving Day Family Luncheon - Parents/Guardians enjoy lunch with your student
Monday, November 22
  • Athletic Winter Sports Fair Grades 7 & 8 (10th period)
Wednesday, November 24
  • Staff Development/Early Dismissal (Dismissal 11:55 a.m.)
Thursday, November 25 & 26th        
  • Thanksgiving Holiday (Schools and ADM. Closed)
Monday, November 29 
  • Winter Sports Begin - All PIPs Due
  • Girls Basketball Try outs - 3:15-5:15
Tuesday, November 30
  • Girls Basketball Try outs - 3:15-5:15
Wednesday, December 1
  • Girls Basketball Try outs - 3:15-5:15


Tuesday,  December 7
  • Winter Choral Concert (Grade 7/8) (7:00 p.m.)
Wednesday,  December 8
  • 8C Poetry Cafe - 6:00 pm student drop off 6:30 pm begins
Wednesday, December 15   
  • Instrumental Concert (Grade 7/8) (7:00 p.m.)
Thursday, December 16   
  • Instrumental & Choral Concert (Grade 6) (7:00 p.m.)
December 24-31           
  • Winter Break - All Schools Closed

Dragon Pride
Random Acts of Kindness

Weekly Dragon Pride Student Commendations

We are pleased to recognize our Dragon Pride Commendations. The following students were nominated by their teachers for being generous, helpful, and kind to others. The Character and Citizenship Committee and WVMS faculty would like to thank these students for helping make Welsh Valley a better place.

Our student award winners for the Week of November 8th
who are receiving Dragon Pride Commendations are:

6th grade- Ian Blank, Tiera Jackson, Chris Kontsonis
7th grade- Lindsey Taylor, Louisa Ebby, Noah Balistra
8th grade- Maddie Feldman, Tyler Brusilow, Jeff DiJacklin

Our student award winners for the Week of November 15th
who are receiving Dragon Pride Commendations are:

6th grade- Jordan Robinson, Ibby Maruca, Max Koerner
7th grade- Madison Farrel, Julian Bernhardt, Chris Fulton
8th grade- China Griffin, Mel Sukonik, Michael Zelno-Nash

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Lunch with Your Child: Turkey With All the Fixin's: Schedule of Lunches

Come Join Your Child For Lunch
Date: Friday, November 19th
10:48-11:28    Grade 6
11:34 - 12:14    Grade 7
12:20 - 1:00    Grade 8

Lunch Menu
Roast Turkey with Gravy
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans
Cole Slaw
(A La Carte items will not be available.)

Lunch Prices:
Adults:    $5.00
Students:    $3.50
Location:  Cafeteria

Contact Wendy Rasnick at wdrasnick@aol.com with any questions or if you are interested in volunteering.
Welsh Valley School Musical - Suessical the Musical- Welcome to Abigail Getty, Director

Welsh Valley Musical
We are fortunate to have a local trained actress Abigail Getty join Welsh Valley this year as the director of our school musical. Kevin Ginsberg will assist Abigail during the 2010-2011 school year.  We will be presenting Seussical the Musical and look forward to mid-January auditions.  Stay tuned for more information following the winter break.

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Poetry Cafe at Welsh Valley:
Team 8C Students Invite Their Families to Join Them on December 8th

Please save the date for the Team 8-C poetry Café!
All students are required to attend, and all families are encouraged to come - grandparents & siblings, too!  You are sure to feel so proud of your child and his/her hard work!

Wednesday, 12/8/10
Welsh Valley Cafeteria
Student drop off - 6pm
Families arrive - 6:30pm

Poetry reading 6:30pm - approximately 8pm

Please join us for a reading of our original poetry, jazzy music, coffee, hot chocolate and desserts galore!

Students should wear all black and kindly bring one dessert (to feed 20 people)
We look forward to seeing you there!

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Book Fair A Great Success
Thank You to Everyone Who Helped

The book fair chairs want to send out a great big thank you to everyone who helped out last week. We had a very successful fair and could not have done it without everyone's help! Thanks to Mrs. Markey, Mrs. DiGiuseppe, Mr. McAllister and his crew, Mrs. Wolfe and her Artifacts crew, and all of the parent volunteers.

Mr. Van Mater challenged the kids to buy more books this year than at last year's book fair - and the kids did! On Friday morning during the live announcements, Mr. Van Mater will get a whipped cream pie thrown at him. Ask your kids about it!

Congratulations to Lacey Berk, Jesse Siebert, Josh Bostic and Jackson Gray who each won $10 of Scholastic merchandise, and Lauren Clark who won an iTunes gift card in the book donation raffle.

We also want to thank all of the parents and guardians who came out to our first shopping event! For those who missed it, make sure to come next year to shop for holiday gifts and get free gift wrapping!

Finally, thank you to the parents who bought books for the teacher wish lists. We hope to expand this program next year for all the teachers, to encourage reading in all of the classrooms!

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Thanks for Making the Staff and Teacher Appreciation Breakfast a Huge Success

The parents enjoyed preparing it, and the teachers & staff enjoyed eating it!

You all were right on it-baking fabulous sweet pastries, cooking a variety of egg dishes, bringing fruit, juice, drinks, veggies, cheeses, butter, bagels, meats, cereals, bars and making a beautiful sign! This was quite a gourmet breakfast!   It all went smoothly and your help setting up, plating, warming, serving, and cleaning up was very much appreciated!
Thanks to the wonderful custodial staff & Mrs. Eichman and Mrs. Keaney who brought ease to the production of the breakfast!
You all are a fabulous team of people to work with and chat with!

Thanks to all the fabulous volunteers who helped make the breakfast so terrific:
Angie Marks, Julie Rome, Diane Werder, Corey Shdaimah, Gwen Bianchi, Stacie Harden, Jennifer Milani, Laurie Gocial, Katie Eaddy, Victoria Rosini, Maureen Murray, Tammy Blankfield, Carmen Conrad, Laurel O'Connor, Alicia Farley, Katie Binnion, Susie Bleiman-Soll, Diana Aspesi, Subha Robinson, Beth Triester, Cindy Rothman, Latrisse Pommells, Holly Pening, Robyn Carp, Kerry Ann Leddy, Laura Berney, Karen Pearlstein, Sergio Moreno, Jean Brody, Meredith Schnoll, Donna Witonsky, Catherine Montagne, Jill Brisken, Aeryn Fenton, Maureen O'Leary, Patrice Kirby, Davina Hagan, Lori Lewis, Amy Silverman, Karen Considine, Laura Cohn, Allison Thomas, Nan Meyers, Diane Sweeney, Bonnie Barnett, Nadine Kolowrat, Kassie Abrams,

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Welsh Valley's 7B Team Plants Trees
The Penn Valley Civic Association (PVCA) in partnership with the statewide Tree Vitalize Program donated trees for planting at Welsh Valley.   Students from Welsh Valley's 7th grade B team helped continue a tradition of planting trees last Tuesday. Shovels were manned by 7th grade students and water was transported by hoses and wheel barrels.  Science teachers and operations foreman, Bob Schultz, had discussions about proper planting techniques.  Stories were shared of past tree plantings, including current 6th grade Spanish Teacher, Ms. Huggins' contribution to the Welsh Valley arboretum (when she was a student).  Pictures and more information can be found on the Lower Merion School District Website:


News from the ISC Guidance Committee:   The Practical Side of Naviance

On Tuesday evening, 11/16, the six counselors from BC and Welsh Valley talked to parents about Naviance and its use in middle schools.  Here are some points we found especially helpful:
  • The PA Department of Education standards list nine "competencies" for 6th/7th grade and eleven for 8th grade that deal with career exploration and resume-building.  Naviance is an online tool that helps kids explore these issues in middle and high school.  It is also the tool to complete and submit college applications.
  • Counselors present Naviance to middle-schoolers and put it in context.  In 6th grade, kids explore how they learn best - for example, do they like to study with music, or in complete quiet? - and that knowledge can help them find the best environment at home or in school.  In 7th grade, they begin to think about the idea of describing their accomplishments, and to make the concept of a resume less intimidating.  In 8th grade, they contemplate how their interests, personalities and skills match with various careers.
  •  LMSD kids spend brief classroom time on Naviance:  one day in 6th grade, about learning styles; one day in 7th grade, about resumes; two days in 8th grade about career exploration.  If interested, kids can go into their accounts at any time on their own to explore further.
  •  The surveys, notes, and research kids complete is kept in their personal account for use in high school.  The resume started in 7th grade, for example, is something they will continue to work on and refine through 12th grade.
  • Naviance is a tool that is part of the guidance curriculum for grades 6 through 12.  Kids go at their own pace.  Some will use it a lot, while others may not use it until senior year when filling out college applications.
  • What do you do with your parent access?  You can view information about your child's learning style report, or what careers they have shown an interest in.  Viewing the account might start a helpful conversation at home.
  • All parents should have received their login information.  If you don't have it, contact your child's counselor.

Welsh Valley Apparel -
Now Available Online!

If you missed the apparel sale at the Open House (Back-to-School Night?), don't worry! You can order apparel 24/7 now.

WV apparel, directories, and assignment books are available Online!!!!!

All sizes listed are adult sizes.
Not all colors and sizes are available.

Questions - please contact wvhsa1@gmail.com

Click here to go to the WV Store Now:

WV Store Online

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After School & Before School
Activities Calendar

All Activities and times may be subject to change, please call the Welsh Valley Hotline for up to date information, and check appropriate eboards.

Welsh Valley Activities Hotline Number: 610-658-3901

Science Olympiad - Meetings are held with teachers sponsoring each event. Check with your event sponsor for meeting times/dates.

Reading Olympics- Meetings are held with teachers sponsoring each event. Check with your event sponsor for meeting times/dates

Thursday, November 18
After School until 4:15
HAM Club
Basketball Club
R+B Dance Club
Before School
Open Gym
Lab Jazz Band
Reading Champions

Friday, November 19
After School until 4:15
Before School
Open Gym
Competition Jazz Band

Monday, November 22
After School until 4:15
Wii Club (E101)
Reading Champions
Before School
Open Gym
Competition Jazz Band

Tuesday, November 23

After School until 4:15
HAM Club
Basketball Club
Girl/Boy Club (Café)
Games/ Chess (B206)
Before School
Open Gym
Lab Jazz Band
Reading Champions

Wednesday, November 24

Early Dismissal
No Afterschool Activities
Before School
Open Gym
Competition Jazz Band

Thursday, November 25

Schools Closed
Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 26

Schools Closed
Thanksgiving Holiday

Monday, November 29
After School until 4:15
Wii Club (E101)
Reading Champions
Before School
Open Gym
Competition Jazz Band

Tuesday, November 30
After School until 4:15
HAM Club
Basketball Club
Girl/Boy Club (Café)
Games/ Chess (B206)
Before School
Open Gym
Lab Jazz Band
Reading Champions

Students should check the late bus schedule to find their bus stop BEFORE coming to a game/activity.  All students must board the bus at 4:30 if they have not been picked up.  Students can only be picked up at the office circle - no gym circle pickups.

Link for
WV Late Bus Runs

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Try Outs Beginning for Winter Sports
Welsh Valley Athletics
7th & 8th Grade

Please check the website for the most current information.

Welsh Valley Activities Hotline Number: 610-658-3901

Girls 7th and 8th Grade Basketball Tryouts: 11/29-12/1
Any girl in 7th and 8th grade who is interested in trying out for the team must first make sure they have signed up with Mr. Gari ( 7th grade) or Mr. Scali ( 8th grade)

Boys 7th and 8th Grade Basketball Tryouts: 11/29-12/1
A pre-tryout meeting will be held next week.  Please listen to the morning announcements.  If you have any questions please contact 8th Grade coach Mr. Wyatt or 7th grade coach Mr. Scott.

Tryouts are scheduled as follows

Monday 11/29: 3:15-5:15

( bus leaves at 5:30 any player whose ride is not in the Welsh Valley parking lo @ 5:25t will be placed on the bus)

Tuesday 11/30 3:15-5:15

 ( bus leaves at 5:30 any player whose ride is not in the Welsh Valley parking lo @ 5:25t will be placed on the bus)

Wednesday 12/1 3:15-5:15

* prior to the end of practice the coaches will inform the players of who has made the team*

  ( bus leaves at 5:30 any player whose ride is not in the Welsh Valley parking lo @ 5:25t will be placed on the bus)

Boys Wrestling - Head Coach Robert Barone   (baroner@lmsd.org)   
                            Assistant Coach Steve Koser  (kosers@lmsd.org)   
Girls 7th Basketball: Head Coach Chris Gari (garic@lmsd.org)   
Girsl 8th Basketball: Head Coach Victor Scali (scaliv@lmsd.org) 

Boys 8th Basketball:Head Coach 8th: Mathew Wyatt (wyattm@lmsd.org)   
Boys 7th Basketball: Head coach 7th:  Sean Scott (scottsean@mac.com)   

Physical Forms (PIPS) are due by November 29th!!

Physical Forms

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Cyberworld for WV Parents:
LMSD, eboards

Mrs. Markey, Welsh Valley's Librarian, has a great eboard with loads of information about books and research websites that are being used by your student.

The Wellness eboard, sponsored by WV school nurses, has a great deal of information about district wide and statewide health issues and links.

The Athletics Website has information, pictures, game schedules and play by plays. You can find directions to schools and upcoming try-outs.

LMSD website for WV parents has picture of the day, events at Welsh Valley and around the district.  Link through Welsh Valley Middle School and check out the daily announcements and everyday information about what is happening at Welsh Valley.

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For Attendance In All Grades for 2010-2011 Vaccinations Must Be Up To Date

Get the scoop on everything Wellness Related from the WV School Nurse eboard: The Welsh Valley Wellness Center. Get forms for vaccinations (see link of Physical Form), when to keep your children home from school due to illness, as well as, LMSD medication policy.  Nutrition in the Lower Merion School District and information about the School Health Advisory Council can be found on this eboard.  Check out information about Dental requirements for 7th Grade and information about diseases. 

For attendance in ALL GRADES: Information regarding Vaccinations can be found using this link:
Physical Form Link

Answering your school related health questions:
Welsh Valley Wellness Center

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Head Lice: Information from the School Nurse

With the exception of the common cold, head lice (pediculosis) affect more school-aged children than all other communicable diseases combined.  Head lice most commonly affect children from the ages of three to eleven however they may occasionally affect older children.  . Head lice are human parasites and cannot live on animals or family pets.   Head lice can be spread wherever there is direct (head to head) contact with an infested person. Less commonly they can be spread through the sharing of personal articles like hats, towels, coats and jackets, brushes, helmets, hair ties, pillows etc or by lying on a couch, carpet or stuffed animal that has recently been in contact with a person infested with head lice. Head lice cannot  jump or fly.  While they are repulsive to most people and can cause intense itching and irritation in an infested person, they do not pose a health threat.  Excellent information about head lice including prevention, diagnoses and treatment methods can be obtained through the following link for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: http://www.cdc.gov

Answering your school related health questions:
Welsh Valley Wellness Center

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Around the District

Committee for Special Education CSE
November 30th Meeting

Ellen Just Braffman, Supervisor of Gifted Support Services, Presents:
LMSD Gifted Identification Process

Lisa Bair, Gifted Support Teacher, Penn Wynne and Rachel Nichols, Gifted Support Teacher, Bala Cynwyd Middle School Presents:
Organizing Your Disorganized Gifted Child

November 30th, at 7:30 pm Bala Cynwyd Middle School, Room 100

Link to Flyer: CSE Meeting November 30, 2010
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Community Links Activities and Events


For additional information and links for more information, go to:
Community Link

Academic Enrichment
Junior First LEGO League Expo for Ages 6-9 - November 20
Bethel Academy Free Tutoring


PVJSA Registration for the 2011 Basketball Season -
Deadline November 24

Next Level Basketball for Boys and Girls
in Grades
- Sign-up now for 2011 Season

Main Line Girls Basketball Association: MLGBA is now accepting online registration for the upcoming 2011 season. Please visit www.mlgba.com to sign up. Deadline is 11/30/2010. Please email mlgbahoops@gmail.com for more information.
Community Service
LMHS Student and Community Bloodmobile Drive - November 30

Joint Harriton and Lower Merion High School HSA Meeting - Jeff Wolfsberg - November 22
CSE Meeting Presents LMSD Gifted Identification Process - November 30
Narberth Boy Scouts - Boys 11 to 18 - Meetings on Wednesday's

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Welsh Valley Office Link
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