"The future is not a result of choices among alternative paths offered by the present, but a place that is created--created first in the mind and will, created next in activity. The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made, and the activity of making them, changes both the maker and the destination." 
-- John Schaar, UCSC professor emeritus
Sustainability Office Planning
Inter-Org Retreat 2012
Orange Farm Flower
Retreat 2012

Trees on Campus
June Celebration
Amaranth at Kresge Garden
Chancellor on Bicycle
Stevenson Garden

Vision Tree 2011-2012 

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Campus Sustainability Council (CSC)   


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College Eight: Nurturing Green Entrepreneurs 


UCSC Demeter Seed Library


UCSC Dining


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Path to a Greener Stevenson (PTAGS)  


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UCSC Sustainability Office


UC Sustainability Policy


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Further Reading
News & readings from beyond the campus

Greening UCSC Newsletter Archives


Could Mushrooms Uproot Plastic Packaging? 


Green building boom: Straw bales, insulating concrete forms, rainwater catchments. You name it, it's being done here, as green building goes mainstream


How to reduce food waste to zero! 


Fair Trade Universities 


Save the waves: Santa Cruz honored as one of four surfing reserves worldwide 


Sierra Institute - This Spring or Summer let nature be the classroom. Find out more here.


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Student Environmental Center (Follow the link on the right-hand-side for their latest newsletter.)




Know a campus news source not listed here? Send us an email with a link.
New Student Perspective Pieces on our Blog
Our blog has really taken off since we started it earlier this year. Each week, students are posting about their experiences and work related to sustainability. To check out these interesting insights and updates, check out our blog.
To read the newest blog post, written by Climate Action CUIP intern Tan Ha, titled "Fight Climate Change with a Thought," please click here.
UCSC Sustainability Office, Kerr Hall 118

Greening UCSC  

Volume 4, Issue 8  June 2012 

In this Issue

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 IDEASS Program Now Accepting Applications: Deadline Extended to June 20 - Apply Today!        


Are you interested in...
* Learning how to build and install a rainwater catchment system? 
* Sequestering energy for the grid from algae? 
* Creating a digital media platform to change Boardwalk consumer habits? 
* Installing an electric vehicle charging station on the Wharf?  
* Filming and editing a documentary about local sustainability initiatives? 
* Working with local businesses to reduce their carbon footprint?
Or maybe you have your own idea for a sustainable design project with potential to make a real community impact, but you aren't sure how to make it a reality? If you answered yes to any of these questions and want to learn what it takes to work as a sustainability change agent, then you should apply to IDEASS! 
Impact Designs: Engineering and Sustainability through Student Service is a new team-based internship program on campus designed to create opportunities for students to work on local (primarily off-campus) sustainability challenges with community partners or industry sponsors.  
Apply Now by Clicking Here! Applications to be considered for enrollment in Fall 2012 are due Monday, June 4! 
IDEASS offers a unique college experience. Students spend minimal time in the classroom, putting the majority of their effort into realizing project deliverables in the field. This is an opportunity for undergraduates approaching graduation to transition into the emerging green-technology workforce. Multiple IDEASS students graduating in 2012 are entertaining or have already accepted job offers resulting from their achievements working on an IDEASS project. 
Visit the Project Clearinghouse and search for IDEASS to view examples of completed and active IDEASS projects. Click here to read a student testimonial about an IDEASS project taking place in Porter College!  
To find out more about IDEASS, please visit the website or contact IDEASS with any questions or concerns. IDEASS needs your talent, so apply today!
newsachievementsNews & Achievements 


 Sustainability Profile: Stevenson RA Class & Sustainability in the Dorms

 Each month, our newsletter features a person or group on campus that is working toward a more sustainable world. This month's profile features Sarah Cohen, a Stevenson residential adviser (RA), who shared with us how sustainability is being integrated into dorm living and RA training in Stevenson College. She has been teaching the RA class this quarter and reached out to our office for resources to share with next year's RA team regarding sustainable practices. Check out the full article here


RA Class
Current and future Stevenson RAs talk during the RA training class. The class discusses a variety of topics, including how to implement sustainability into dorm living and make students more aware of their environmental impacts.


 If you know of a person or group on campus that you think we should profile, or if you would like to be profiled, please send us an email.  


Exciting Jobs and Internships - Apply NOW for 2012-13 Academic Year Positions!


Are you interested in gaining professional experience in a fun and engaging environment where you can build connections with fellow students interested in sustainability? The Sustainability Office is currently hiring for the 2012-13 academic year, and we are looking for talented individuals with a passion for sustainability to join our team. You do not need to be an Environmental Studies or sciences major to work here! Check out our current list of opportunities, including both internships and paid positions! If you have any questions, please contact Lacey Raak.


UC Office of the President Now Hiring for Sustainability Specialist


The Sustainability Specialist provides support, facilitation, and coordination of research and analysis for UC's systemwide sustainability, climate protection, and green building goals by helping to identify and develop innovative solutions to achieve these goals in cooperation with other UC Office of the President staff and campus stakeholders. The Sustainability Specialist helps facilitate and coordinate systemwide working groups that focus on implementing green building and climate protection goals, helps to identify best practices, and works to aid adoption and implementation of those best practices University-wide. Click here to find out more and apply.


Family Student Housing Composting Project

After a recent survey with the Family Student Housing community, it is apparent that there is widespread interest and support for the implementation of a new composting system for the residents. Campus Sustainability Internship (CSI) student intern Lorlene Ragat and CSI staff mentor Alan VanderPaas are currently looking into Chadwick Garden and the College Eight Garden as possible places that will best fit the needs of FSH composting. They hope to launch the FSH composting program as early as this summer. For more information, please contact Alan. To learn more about the CSI Program, please visit the website.  


Dining 100% Certified by Monterey Bay Green Business Program

Dining is pleased to announce that their final two operations have now been inspected and certified by the Monterey Bay Green Business Program. With these two final locations, the Dining Administrative Office and Oakes Cafe, the total certifications for the department are now 12, which gives Dining 100% certification at all 12 locations on campus! This rigorous protocol recognizes eco-friendly practices in water conservation, waste reduction, energy reduction, pollution prevention, and shrinking our carbon footprint. Congratulations team!  


Procurement and Business Contracts Office Certified Green as a  "Tree" by PROPS

 PROPS (Program Recognizing Offices Practicing Sustainability) has just awarded the Green Office Certification level of "Tree" to the Procurement and Business Contracts office. This is the highest award level currently available and it is the first time it has been awarded. The first certification for the Procurement Office was "Sapling," awarded in August of 2011. Read more about PROPS and this office's certification here.  


Shakespeare Santa Cruz Partnerning with Dining for Zero Waste

Beginning with the 2012 Summer season,  Shakespeare Santa Cruz in partnership with Dining will begin promoting Zero Waste efforts and embarking on a full composting program to help the campus divert even more waste from our landfill! Collecting food scraps and using compostable service ware are the first steps that will be undertaken.  


UC wins prestigious climate leadership award

The University of California system's achievements in cutting the carbon footprint of its campuses are being recognized with a Climate Leadership Award from Second Nature and the American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment (ACUPCC). UC is among the 10 academic institutions chosen to receive prestigious Climate Leadership Awards. The 3rd annual awards are being presented to ACUPCC signatory schools that demonstrate unparalleled campus innovation and climate leadership that helps transition society to a clean, just and sustainable future. 


 Practically green: UCSC students are creating real change when it comes to sustainability and the environment


Inter-Org 2012
Students who attended the 2012 Sustainability Inter-Org Retreat, pictured above, are some of the students making real change for a more sustainable world, as this article highlights.


Check out this article about UCSC sustainability in the latest issue of the UCSC Review. It highlights many of the fantastic projects taking place on this campus. You can view the article online here.  


Pick Up Your Copy of Gaia Magazine and Contribute for Next Year!


The Spring 2012 issue of Gaia Magazine, a publication of the Environmental Media Project, can be found in coffee shops and libraries all over campus! It is full of beautiful photos, articles about campus projects, recipes, poems, and more! Be sure to pick one up, and when you've finished reading, keep Gaia sustainable by passing your copy on to someone else. If you like what you see, and will be a student at UCSC next year, consider joining the Gaia Team, submitting to next year's issue, or just helping the team spread the word about Gaia to the campus community. Email the team for more information, and visit their Facebook page or website!    


Early Educational Services: Teaching Eco-Responsibility to the Next Generation


"From 11-month-old infants to pre-teens, the children in the Early Educational Services program at UC Santa Cruz are instilled with environmentally-conscious behaviors from day one. 'We are caretakers, but we are also preparing them to be responsible adults, and that includes behaviors such as recycling and composting,' says Sohyla Fathi, Director of Early Educational Services." Read the full article by CSI Intern Grace Sorenson here.  


Beyond the Gallery Environmental Art Project  

UCSC Students and the Sesnon Gallery are partnering with the City of Santa Cruz for pop-up art projects, including projects with environmental and social justice messages. For instance, "Nature BeWILDered," by Sam Moll (the College 8 CUIP intern who helped facilitate UCSC Earth Day 2012) and Gabi Kirk (FoSO Events Coordinator for the Sustainability Office), encourages patrons to blur the lines between civilization and wilderness through a constructed redwood forest and interactive writing pieces, installed at the Museum of Art and History. Find out more here. 


Greening a wharf as a step toward greening the world

"A recent presentation to the Santa Cruz City Council by UC Santa Cruz students Ian Hunter and Cara Samuelsen laid out how the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf can become an environmental icon. They detailed how the university, the city and local groups are working to help the wharf's small community of stores, restaurants and attractions reduce their impacts on the environment and the climate. Listening to the presentation describing how the Green Wharf program has grown, it was obvious that their strategy could be one we all embrace." Read the full article here.   


 Sustainability Project Clearinghouse

 Are you interested in getting involved in a campus sustainability project, but don't know how? Are you looking for partners for your current project? Have you completed a project that you would like others to learn from? Visit the Sustainability Project Clearinghouse todayThe Sustainability Project Clearinghouse is a database of sustainability projects designed to help students, staff and faculty get involved in the campus sustainability movement. The database provides a centralized place to learn about campus needs; identify ways to get involved; and serves as a reference for understanding the successes and challenges previous projects have faced. Visit our website to view published projects or create a user account and  upload your own projects and sustainability ideas. 


Carbon Fund's Winter Projects


In its first full year of operation, the UCSC Carbon Fund granted $130,000 to eight staff and student run greenhouse gas-reduction projects. These projects have transformed the way we consume energy in the Santa Cruz area amounting to an estimated decrease of 1,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

Do you have a creative greenhouse gas-reduction idea? Let the Carbon Fund help them grow! The Carbon Fund will be accepting new applications next school year. For a complete list of projects and information on how to get involved, visit our website!  


Test Your Storm Water Knowledge!

The Storm Water Management Program works to protect and improve storm water quality at UCSC by implementing The Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP). The SWMP identifies what UCSC is doing to ensure that the quality of campus storm water is maintained. For more information, visit their website and like their page on Facebook. Take the Storm Water Survey Quiz to test your knowledge and provide valuable information to the Storm Water Management Program. It takes less than 5 minutes--click here to start!

UpcomingEventsUpcoming Events     

 For details, click here.



greeningyourlifestyle Greening Your Lifestyle 


Green Tip #4: Help Make Move-Out Zero Waste

  Has your room or apartment been filling up with things accumulated during the year? Look for opportunities to swap unwanted items with friends, either informally or at a college sponsored event, such as the Stevenson College Swap Meet at Rock and Roll on the Knoll on June 3. There will also be donation bins around the dorms to collect unwanted items for donation to folks who can use your old stuff.

Going home before finals? Take some of your stuff with you. Start clearing out what you don't need now and avoid the stress and last minute rush.

Source: UCSC aims for Zero-Waste move-out in June 2012


Remember to recycle cans, bottles, and all that collected paper early, because recycling bins fill up within hours during finals week. Lastly, take the rest with you when you move out. Make life a little easier and safer for the workers that have to clean the rooms after move out.

For details about the campus's efforts for a zero waste move out, read this article

Be part of the Zero Waste solution by planning ahead, utilizing resources around you, and remembering the three Rs of sustainability!


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 here to see past Green Tips! 
Get Involved 


  • Volunteer in the Arboretum Eucalyptus Grove: Mondays 9 AM
  • Natives First Gardeners at the Arboretum: Tuesdays 9 AM
  • Friends of Community Agroecology Network Celebration Dinner
    • Tuesday, June 5, 6-8 PM, Sustainable Living Center in the Village, Building A
  • Natural History Club: Wednesdays at 4 PM
  • Student Environmental Center
    • Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 PM, College 8 Red Room
  • Path to a Greener Stevenson
    • Thursdays 8-9 PM, House 2 Lounge
  • Gardeners' Alliance Gatherings
  • Stevenson Garden Work Days: Fridays 12 - 5 PM
  • Farm Fridays in the Dining Hall
  • Final PICA Garden Work Day: Sat., June 2, 10 AM - 2 PM
  • Kresge Garden Work Days: Sundays 10 AM - 2 PM   
  • Social Media Think Tank

InternshipsEmploymentVolunteeringInternships, Employment & Volunteering 

For details, click here. 

  • Carbon Fund Paid Position Available Immediately--Apply Now!
  • Stevenson Garden Internships for Fall
  • WAGES Paid Summer Internships - Apply Now!
  • Take Back the Tap's New Water Spigots and More Businesses on Board
  • Call for Volunteers: Greenbuild International Conference and Expo
  • Environmental Education for the Next Generation Seeking Teachers
  • Opportunities with Pick Up America
  • Green Corps Now Accepting Applications
  • Student Conservation Association Internships
  • Volunteer at the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History
  • Sustainability Office Simply Committed Photo Challenge
  • Gaia Magazine Seeking New Team Members
  • Stevenson Garden Art Display Seeking Artists
  • Fulbright NEXUS Regional Scholar Program - Deadline June 15
  • Smart Growth Network Call for Papers: Community Design - Deadline June 30
  • Accepting Applications: AASHE 2012 Awards Program - Deadline July 2 
  • Call for Papers: Mathematics of Planet Earth Special Issue - Deadline December 20   

 classestrainingClasses, Trainings & Community

 For details, click here.


  • IDEASS Now Accepting Applications: Deadline June 20
  • Opportunities with ESLP Next Year
  • Summer Writing Workshops
  • Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy: Apply by June 1
  • Webinar: Creating a Bike-Friendly Campus Culture - June 6  

Innovative Approaches to Sustainability at Other Campuses 


Here are a couple selections of the innovative approaches to sustainability taking place on other college campuses (click here for a longer list!). Each of these examples was chosen because it's something that UCSC could potentially implement in some form. If you see something here that you want to make a reality at UCSC, contact the Sustainability Office and we will help you direct your ideas toward fruition!


 Unity College Steps Up Access to Clean Drinking Water

In answer to a campus student survey, Unity College has installed new water coolers in residence halls that use water from existing plumbing, and new fixtures on water fountains in public spaces that make filling water bottles easier, similar to the water spigots Take Back the Tap has installed around campus. To see more photos of the ones TBTT has installed at UCSC, click here.   


U Kansas, Utah Research Reveals that Nature Boosts Creativity

New research conducted by faculty from the University of Kansas and the University of Utah concludes that people from all walks of life show "startling" cognitive improvement - for instance, a 50 percent boost in creativity - after living for a few days steeped in nature. Without distractions of 21st century life including social media, electronics and cell phones, people have resources left over to be creative, imaginative and to problem solve. No wonder UCSC has such creative students, staff, and faculty--we are surrounded by forest everyday! Now, just turn off that cell phone, sign off of your computer, and get out there and enjoy the creative benefits of nature.  


Please click here to see the full list.
Know about an innovative approach to sustainability on another campus? Email us


Updated information from last month's news 
Last month's newsletter talked a little about the Waste to Waves program, and we want to clarify that the collected styrofoam is turned into new EPS foam products, like the recycled surfboard blank made by Marko Foam pictured in the photo from last month's newsletter. 
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