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"We thrive and survive on planet earth as a single human family. And one of our main responsibilities is to leave to successor generations a sustainable future."  

- General Kofi A. Annan

Sustainability Office News:  


The Sustainability Office's Program Recognizing Offices Practicing Sustainability  (PROPS) is almost finished with its pilot certification of the Physical Planning and Construction offices and will begin working with new offices next quarter.  To get involved, e-mail



Students from the Sustainabiltiy Office will be facilitating a unique learning opportunity through the Education in Sustainable Living Program (ESLP). The class is entitled PROPS For Slugs, and it teaches students how to become change agents through energy and waste assessments and behavioral change strategies.  To enroll, sign up for CLEI 161.


FoSOFoSO/SSITE Trainings  

Friends of the Sustainability Office (FoSO) and  Students for Sustainability through Institutional Transformation and Engagement (SSITE) will be holding weekly group meetings and sustainability trainings next quarter.  To learn more, e-mail  



The Sustainability Tracking and Rating System (STARS) was approved by the UCSC's Chancellor.  The Sustainability Office will soon begin conducting assessments of campus operations and facilities. To learn more, e-mail 

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Further Reading & Resources
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Rewewable Energy for International Development Internship in Costa Rica 

UCSC Greening the Campus

Volume 3, Issue 6 April 2011

Spring Quarter    

Hey slugs, lets go see whats out there now that the sun is shining. Eventhough this is the last quarter, its not too late to get involved, or make new friends. We hope to inform you of some exciting events and other valuable information. The "green" movement is happening, lets keep it going!  


Upcoming Events 


EarthEarth Week: April 15th-22nd, 2011earth

Earth Week is a campus wide collaborative week dedicated to dialogue, education and action celebrating sustainable culture, community and the place we live. This week will be an opportunity to build a stronger movement for environmental and social justice. For more information please visit  


cartsStudent Garden Market Carts

April 22nd

Student Garden Market Carts are part of the UCSC Earth Week 2011.We seek to distribute the student-grown produce to not only fill stomachs, but as inspiration for guests to engage with the growing identity and capacity of opportunities in the student-run gardens.  

April 22nd at the College 9/10 Multipurpose Room2:30-4:00.  


Student Climate Action Teams, April 19th 

 Student Climate Action Teams is recruiting students who live off campus who want to learn easy implementable behavior changes, receive complementary energy saving home retrofits and make connections with new friends while reducing our carbon footprints!

First meeting will be held on April 19th at the Louden Nelson Center (301 Center St., Santa Cruz). Food and drinks will be provided at 6 pm. Bring your own cup, plate, and utensils to enjoy a meal with us. Please RSVP to by April 18th, space is limited


 tastingLocal and Organic Tasting Fair, April 21

In celebration of Earth Week, taste organichow delicious sustainability is! Come meet and greet the partners who provide our community with local and organic foods! Thursday April 21st 11am- 2pm College 9/10 Multipurpose Room


plantsaleFarm and Garden Spring Plant Sale 

April 30th, 10am-1pm

ttThe biggest and best collection of organically grown flower, herb and vegetable starts, perennials, grasses, and other landscape plants available in the region. Friends of the Farm & Garden receive 10% discount on plant and merchandise purchases. (Note: pre-entry priority for members, 9- 10 am) Date: April 30th, 2011, 10am - 1pm.   

UCSC Barn Theatre Parking Lot, corner of Bay & High


gamechangersIntellectual Forum- April 30th

"Game Changers: Green Chemistry and Social Change Philanthropy"

Oakes Provost Kimberly Lau will moderate a discussion between UCSC alumni who are creating major paradigm shifts in our collective approach to meeting social, environmental, and economic challenges. Drummond Pike (Stevenson '70) founder of Tides and cofounder of Working Assets; Michael Wilson (Stevenson '84) research scientist and pioneer in the emerging field of "green" chemistryPlease register for this free event on the Day by the Bay web siteApril 30th, 11am- 12:30pm,  Humanities Lecture Hall  

baypicnicDay by the Bay Picnic - April 30th  bay

Delicious local food, microbrews, and wine. Fun activities for kids (i.e. bounce house and climbing wall), robotics displays, displays from colleges, student entertainment, and much more.We have also planned for a "Faculty & Staff Lounge" at the site of the picnic. In the largest tent, theres another opportunity for alumni to reconnect with favorite professors and staff. Please register for this free event on the Day by the Bay web siteApril 30th, 12pm - 3pm., East Field 


wineAll Alumni Wine Reception, April 30th

Join us for a toast to celebrate our Reconnect with old classmates and faculty, meet new friends and share your story about how UCSC has impacted your life. Please register for this free event on the Day by the Bay web site. Cowell Provost House Lawn, 3- 4:30 p.m.


reunionUCSC Class of 1971 40-Year Reunion Dinner, April 30th

Reconnect with fellow alumni and your favorite faculty and staff for a night of mingling and memories to celebrate the last 40 years. Tickets to this event cost $45. Please register for this event by Friday, April 15, on the Day by the Bay web site.

University Center, 6 pm

writeWriters Life: A celebration of writing  

at UC Santa Cruz, May 1st.

Humanities is hosting a selection of alumni writers-novelists, journalists, and screenwriters-coming together for a community event to focus on the joys and challenges of writing as a living, the business of writing, and trends for the future. 

Humanities Lecture Hall and Plaza, 9am- 6pm


strawberryfestStrawberry Festival  May 5th, 2011

We are very excited to be collaborating with the UCSC University Cafe to create an open discussion between students, staff, faculty, and the greater community on food justice issues. Celebrate the delicious sweet berry, there will be food and refreshments, tastings, music, and discussions for all who come. 


eslpfestESLP Festival, May 14th

A time and place for students to joineslp together to promote sustainability at all levels: campus, local, national, and global. To celebrate the success of ESLP's courses, students will join together in a number of activities and fun to spread awareness. There will be live music, food, and an open mic session at ESLP FEST. May 14th 12- 3pm at the Women's Center

eslpspeakersESLP Speakers Series, Monday Nights

spESLP has put together an outstanding speaker series that is on Mondays 7-10pm at Classroom Unit 2. Speakers include Dr. Richard Oppenlander, Dr. Kevin Danaher, Sage Lavine, and Andy Coutier speaking on topics such as self-sustainability and simple living, social and environmental justice, and food systems. For more information, check out our website at


 Internships & Opportunities 


Save the CASFS Fund   

The Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) has made an impact on many of our lives. The farm apprenticeship program,Life Lab Garden Classroom, Farm Stand, CSA, and Agroecology undergraduate class, Kresge food system class, are part of the CASFS program. The university is proposing cutting $1.4 million out of the $2.3 funding total to CASFS. Write to Chancellor Blumenthal, about how CASFS and the Farm has  impacted your undergrad experience. Please sign the petition.

11th Conference on Communication & the Environment, May 1st

The theme for the 11th Conference on Communication and the Environment is Environmental Justice in International Contexts. For more information, click here. It's only $100 for a student registration by May 1! Gabi Kirk is gathering UCSC students to go, via Southwest, email her for more information. 

UCSC News & Achievements

shuttleUCSC Saturday Shopper Shuttle 

 A new shuttle began service on April 2, 2011 and operates each Saturday of spring quarter. The new service was developed by TAPS and the Good Neighbor Initiative Student Interns. The Shopper Shuttle makes stops at the Westside Farmer's Market, New Leaf Market (Fair Avenue), and Safeway (Almar/Mission). Only available to those possessing a valid UCSC student ID. Additional information, including a detailed schedule.


radishes Peak Pick for Radishes at  

Alan Chadwick Garden at UCSC

Radishes make a great to go snack and are also tasty additions to your lunch or dinner entrees. Their color makes them a popular vegetable to use for garnish, but their flavor is so unique and adds a kick of spice to any dish. Come check out the garden!


stainless Buy Stainless Steel Bottles botles

Dining supports the campus wide campaign to Take Back the Tap! For limited time, we are offering stainless steel refillable water bottles at our cost of $4.99 + tax. Purchase at any dining hall or cafe! The Dining has discontinued selling single use bottled water in all Cafes!


deadlyDeadly Strawberries!? 

The chemical pesticide, methyl iodide is likely to be used asberry 

California strawberries this Spring. It is linked to miscarriages, cancer, brain damage, thyroid damage, kidney failure, liver damage and it changes our groundwater to methanol, iodine ion, and methyl alcohol. It is deadly. Dr. Collins says it is so toxic when it touches another cell it either kills it outright or mutates it. youtube video. 


 recyThe UCSC Recycling program

To campus residents, start planning recycleon how to pack and move your possessions.  Avoid the last minute crunch. Take home your winter clothing or donate it! Identify things you no longer want or need. There will be donation stations soon in the housing areas for usable clothing and non-perishable food.  

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