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"We thrive and survive on planet earth as a single human family. And one of our main responsibilities is to leave to successor generations a sustainable future." General Kofi A. Annan
Sustainability Office News:  

We've recently launched Sustainability Trainings with two new student organizations, Friends of the Sustainability Office(FoSO) and Students for Sustainability through Institutional Transformation and Engagement (SSITE). In these trainings, we teach skills such as behavioral change, grant writing, social marketing, effective communication, and outreach strategies.

The trainings are open to all and held at the Cantu Center as follows: 

Monday, February 7th,  

12-2 PM  

Tuesday, February 15th  

12-1:30 PM  

Tuesday, February 22nd  

12-1:30 PM  

Monday, February 28th  

12-2 PM  

Tuesday, March 8th  

12-1:30 PM

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Rewewable Energy for International Development Internship in Costa Rica
UCSC Greening the Campus
Volume 3, Issue 5 February 2011
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Upcoming Events

Internships and Opportunities

News and Achievements

Winter Quarter    



Hard to believe that it's truly winter, especially when we are enjoying such fabulous sunshine and warmth. Perfect time to rejoice in the beauty that is our little Santa Cruz community and do your part to keep it healthy and sustainable.  And this winter quarter brings a great deal of opportunities to do just that. 


Upcoming Events   


IntercambioEl Intercambio Events   

1. Presentation and Coffee Cupping   

Saturday Feb 5, 11-1pm   

Westside New Leaf Community Room 

2. Social Justice and International Internships: Monday, February 7, 12-2PM   

Cervantez and Valasquez Room, Bay Tree 

3. Talk One-to-One With Internships Coordinators Tuesday, February 8, 4-6 PM   

Sustainable Living Center   

4. La Despedida: Dinner with FoCAN   

Tuesday, February 8, 6-8 PM   

Sustainable Living Center 

The Community Agroecology Network (CAN) is excited to announce the fourth annual visit of internship coordinators from the CAN partner communities in MesoAmerica to participate in El Intercambio: Engage, Experience, Educate! For more information, click here.




February 6th

Recyclemania begins on February 6th and runs for 8 weeks. This is a friendly national competition between colleges and universities, intended to increase awareness and participation in recycling programs. To learn more, click here.


UNIVCafeUniversity Cafe 

February 10th, 5:00 to 7:30pm

Kresge Town Hall

Enjoy wholesome snacks and meaningful conversation as we come together for this year's second University Cafe. The theme of the cafe will revolve around the question: "What might a healthy campus-wide culture of activism and advocacy look like?" All students, faculty and administrators welcome! To learn more, click here.  

NPFairNon-Profit, Sustainability, and Government Job Fair

Tuesday, February 15th, 11-3PM

College Nine/Ten Multipurpose Room

Students can meet recruiters from non profit organizations, government and sustainability businesses to discuss opportunities for full-time or part-time jobs and internships. As with any job fair, dress to impress and bring multiple copies of your resume. To see a list of companies recruiting at this event, please click here.


DesalDesalination and the Alternatives with Conner Everts  

Wednesday, February 16th,7-8:30

Unity Temple, 407 Broadway  

Conner Everts is the executive director of the Southern California Watershed Alliance. Mr. Everts was convener of the California Urban Water Conservation Council and served on the State Task Force on Desalination. He is an advisor to the Environmental Justice Coalition for Water and Southern California Steelhead Alliance, helping remove dams on the streams where he fished as a youth.

RootsStrengthening the Roots Convergence

February 18th-20th

FSWG & CASFS will be hosting the annual student food and justice convergence at UCSC! This exciting weekend will include over 24 workshops and trainings, key youth and justice leadership panels, a rhythm & community building drum circle, incredible food, and interconnections between regional high school and college leaders! To get more involved in the planning process email FSWG! To register and find out more about the event you can check out this link!

SECStudent Environmental Center Sustainability Breakout

Wednesday, February 23rd, 5-7:30 PM

College Eight Red Room

Topics to be featured will be Waste Prevention, Energy, and Social & Environmental Justice, and ideas emerging from these discussions will act as the basis for projects in upcoming years. Don't miss this chance

to have a say in the future of the UCSC campus! Learn more here.



SiteSite Stewardship Volunteer Day

Saturday, February 26th, 10-2PM

Coolidge Drive Look-Over

Pogonip Open Space Invasive Weed Removal, a collaborative effort with the city of Santa Cruz Parks Department, will work to remove invasive French broom from this beautiful grassland. To learn more, click here or RSVP here.


CAHighThe 10th Annual CA Higher Education Sustainability Conference  

July 10th-13th, 2011

CSU Long Beach

The conference will highlight cutting edge research, as well as case studies with proven successes in curriculum development, operational programs, and community partnerships. To learn more, click here.


WorldForum2011 World Student Forum on Environment and Sustainability

June 5-8, 2011


The initiative of the Student Forum aims at providing an open platform for young students to discuss the recent hot topics, the latest technologies and creative ideas on environment and sustainable development. The 4-day forum will combine keynote speeches, field visits, parallel group workshops and poster exhibition. To learn more, click here

Internships & Opportunities

CUIPChancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program Sustainability Positions 

The Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program is a unique opportunity to work with a mentor as you gain personal and professional skills and execute tangible change at UCSC. It also provides you with a scholarship of $8,200 towards your tuition fees. There are twelve amazing sustainability positions for the upcoming academic year for: dining, climate action, food systems, PICA., working groups, campus sustainability plan, student environmental center, ESLP, education and outreach, student on farm, and college eight.  To learn more, click here.      


GardenGarden Cruz: Spring Intensive

Program in Organic Gardening

Get your hands dirty this spring as you learn to grow food and flowers the organic way! Through lectures and hand-on practice, this intensive course will immerse you in the basic skills you need to develop your own organic garden. It will be offered over UCSC's Spring Break week, from Saturday, March 19 through Saturday, March 26. To learn more and register, click here.


FSBWFostering Sustainable Behavior Workshops

Doug McKenzie-Mohr and Dr. Wes Schultz will be delivering two Fostering Sustainable Behavior workshops in southern California (San Diego and Los Angeles) in March. These two-day workshops provide a comprehensive introduction to community-based social marketing and how it is being applied throughout the world to foster sustainable behavior. To learn more and register, click here.

GCPGreen Campus Panels 

The UCSC Green Campus Program, in collaboration with the Sustainability Office,  is proud to report that this upcoming quarter they will be holding a series of panels covering exciting topics on today's environmental forefront from professionals in various fields. Stay tuned for upcoming dates and topics to be announced on our website in the near future!


FoodWhatYouth Empowerment and Food Justice Internship with

"Food, What?!"

"Food, What!?" partners with local teens to grow, cook, eat, and distribute healthy, sustainably raised produce. They use food, through sustainable agriculture and health, as a vehicle for encouraging leadership development and personal transformation. They are seeking an intern to work with their teen and farm programs. To apply, send and e-mail to Abby Bell.

WorldCafeThe World Cafe

Every Monday from 6:30-9:00 PM at the Kresge student lounge, The World Café is an innovative yet simple methodology for hosting conversations about questions that matter. Each week we will explore different themes that inspire deep questions and insights about our lives. Previous themes include: wellbeing, journy, education, and connection. Dinner is provided.


LIVeOakThe Live Oak Grange Weekly Workdays

The Live Oak grange, located at 1900 17th Ave on the east side of Santa Cruz, is now holding weekly workdays on Saturdays from 10 AM till 1 PM. This beautiful 1/2 acre garden has healthy garden beds already prepared for growing, 1/4 acre of diverse fruit trees, a beautiful chicken coop, and plenty of room for independent projects. A community meal is served. Feel free to

contact Celine Cohen for more information.  


CASFSAcadenic Coordinator for CASFS

The Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) is hiring an academic coordinator to work on food system education and engagement programming.To learn more, click here.


CARBONThe Carbon Fund

Do you have an idea for a sustainability project but you do not have the money to fund it? Well the UCSC Carbon Fund has nearly $180,000 available to you to help fund your idea! Requests for applications can be submitted to and there will an informative workshop held at the Bay Tree Conference Center, Cervantez and Valesquez: February 15th from 12:00-1:00pm and from 4:00-5:00pm. To learn more, click here.


LOANFUNDRevolving Loan Fund Internship

This student intern will work with staff to complete a feasibility study for a revolving loan fund at UCSC. If you are interested in this position, please send

a cover letter and resume to Chelsea McDaniel at


CCAInternCampus Climate Action Internship

This intern will assist in the implementation of the Climate Action Plan (CAP) at UCSC. If you are interested in this position please send a cover letter and resume to Chelsea McDaniel at


GraphicGraphic Art and Website Internship

Under the supervision of the Sustainability Internship Coordinator, this intern

will be responsible for updating and managing and will assist in generating promotional and educational materials related to sustainability, as needed. If you are interested in this position, please send a cover letter and resume to Chelsea McDaniel at


PIRGU.S. PIRG Job Opportunity 

Energy Serive Corps, a CALPIRG and Americorp campaign, promotes energy efficiency through free energy audits, building weatherizations, and K-12 conservation education. U.S. PIRG is in need of organizers, to learn more click here.


SecondNatueeSecond Nature Internship for Seniors/Graduates  

Second Nature is seeking student interns to work on multiple projects involving sustainability in higher education.  Interns will assist with the development of several national programs focused on accelerating the progress of under-resourced and minority-serving institutions in institutionalizing the goal of creating a sustainable society as a core part of their mission.  To learn more, e-mail.   



UCSC News & Achievements

GoldUCSC Wins Prestigious "Gold" Recognition

The U.S. Green Building Council has awarded a prestigious "Gold" sustainability and innovation prize to the campus in recognition of the newly retrofitted and expanded Cowell Student Health Center. The entire project was funded by students through several bond measures, including Measure 35. To learn more, click here


AnnualReportUC releases 2010 Annual Sustainability Report to UC Regents

University of California campuses increased their number of LEED green- certified building projects during 2010 from 33 to 49, which remain the most of any university in the country. These energy-efficiency milestones are high- lighted in the UC annual sustainability report which Brostrom presented to the Board of Regents. To learn more, click here.


BiocycleUCSC Mentioned in Biocycle

The sucessful compost program at the University of Santa Cruz was mentioned in a recent edition of "Biocylcle," a national publication that focuses on the composting and recycling industries. To learn more click here.


DIARYDiary of your Rubbish

This is a social experiment that brings together current research on University waste practices and observation of real individuals and their purchasing and waste routines. This project hopes to identify barriers to recycling, products that are difficult to recycle and language to help educate future residents on how best to reduce what flows to the landfill. For more information, please contact Housing Conservation Services.


GENEDSan Francisco State to Require General Ed Sustainability Classes

An environmental sustainability requirement has been added to the general education requirements at San Francisco State University. Passed by the Academic Senate and recently approved by the university president, the measure requires students to take three units of classes that examine an aspect of sustainability. Ninety-four faculty representing 40 different departments approved the change.  To learn more, click here.

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