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Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children.
Sustainability Office News:

As the Campus Sustainability Plan comment period came to a close, we drew from the comments and awarded prizes to two winners.
Congratulations to Kathleen Manza and Teresa Buika!

The CSP plan can still be viewed at

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Rewewable Energy for International Development Internship in Costa Rica
UCSC Greening the Campus
Volume 3, Issue 2 November 2010
Welcome to Fall at UCSC!

             Sunflowers at the UCSC Farm         
Sunflowers at the UCSC Farm

The year is in full swing! As we watch the season change and the leaves fall, the sustainability movement remains flourishing.  Now is the time to take advantage of upcoming events, internships, contests, and opportunities!

Check out the live feed of electricity and water use for the Kresge, Porter, Stevenson, and Cowell apartments for the COOL Campus Competition:
Upcoming Events

CCCCOOL Campus Competition (CCC) 
 November 1st-November 19th
A student focused competition to reduce and conserve electricity and water! Compete with national universities for recognition and prizes. In addition, there will be an inter-campus competition between Stevenson/Cowell and Kresge/Porter apartments. For more information, contact Cameron Fields or click here.

Waste Characterization Volunteer Day
Wednesday, November 10th
Resource Recovery Facility and Recycling Center

Learn about the waste stream at UCSC and the effort to meet a zero waste target by 2020. Enjoy an adventure at the landfill and get a free lunch! For more information, e-mail Ecology Action and Zero Waste coordinator Hannah Hodgson.

Rocket Stove Workshop
November 5th, 6th, and 7th
Bonny Doon 
Come to a workshop that teaches natural building, fire science, and fuel efficient heating design all at once! Create a rocket stove and cob bench.  Click here to register.
LifSCMB Logoe Lab Science Program:
Thank You Thursday
Thursday, November 11th
Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
  12 PM-10 PM
The Life Lab Science Program, a non-profit organization that provides school programs and community education, will be featured in the Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing Thank You Thursday Program. The brewery will donate a dollar towards Life Lab for every beer you purchase.  To learn more and get directions, click here

Bag It Cover         Bag It! Movie Showing
        Thursday, November 18th

          Physical Sciences 114
                    4-6 PM
The Student Environmental Center, in collaboration with Ecology Action, are showing the documentary, "Bag It," which follows the worldwide use and impact of plastic. Learn more about the film here.
Internships & Opportunities

ESLPBecome an ESLP Facilitator
Are you interested in teaching your own class on sustainability?  The Education for Sustainable Living Program is currently looking for Action Research Team (ART) facilitators for the Spring 2011 class. Come to an information meeting on November, 2nd from 5-6PM at Oakes 220 and visit to learn more and apply.

The Site Stewardship ProgramStudents working at Site Stewardship
Work on the ecological restoration of our beautiful campus. Learn valuable skills from experienced mentors in a 2-unit internship or check out their next Volunteer Day on Saturday, November 13th from 10AM-2PM,  where they will be planting  native grasses in Porter Meadow. E-mail for more information and to RSVP.  
Sustainable Living Roadshow (SLR)
SLR is a caravan of educators, activists, and entertainers who tour the country in a fleet of renewable fuel vehicles and set up eco-carnivals while they empower communities to live sustainably. They are currently looking for volunteers and interns to join them! For more information, click here.

YPF Fellowship Young People For (YPF) Fellowship Class
YPF, an empowering leadership program,  is now recruiting for the 2010-2011 fellowship class. The one-year fellowship equips college students with the skills and resources necessary to create lasting change. For more information, visit their website.
The Student Market-Cart
The Student Market-Cart is a space for students to directly engage with the garden culture and for student garden networks to share their surplus of crops. They will occur regularly throughout the month. Want to know more or help out? Contact Ryan Abelson at  for more information.
UCSC Greenhouses Restoration Program
The greenhouse offers plenty of opportunities for student involvement in campus restoration.  For more information, please visit

Sustainable Student Organizations

Student Environmental Center (SEC)
Every Wednesday, 6:30 - 8:30 PM, College 8 Red Room
The SEC invites you to their weekly General Gatherings. As always, there will be a free, local, organic, vegetarian dinner and fun activities!  Visit the website!

SSITEStudents for Sustainability Through Institutional Transformation and Engagement (SSITE)
SSITE is a group of motivated student leaders dedicated to the advocacy of sound environmental policy. SSITE will be meeting weekly during the regular school year to discuss current events, put on educational and empowering workshops, and work on advocacy and outreach campaigns. For more information, please email one of the SSITE Program Coordinators.

The Green Campus Program

The Green Campus program is a student-led outreach program designed to educate the campus community about the importance of energy efficiency and water conservation. Interested?  E-mail them at
UCSC News & Achievements

RealFoodUCSC Dining's Real Food ChallengeDining Logo
UCSC Dining has been working with the Food Systems Working Group to assess whether our food is "Real Food."  Real food respects human health, animal welfare, social justice, and environmental sustainability.  Currently, 17% of our food purchases meet this criteria and we hope to meet a 25% goal by 2012.  For more information, contact

The College Eight Sustainability Project
The College Eight Sustainability Project is a collaborative service-learning program designed for freshman to connect the concept of sustainability with the real-world efforts of both on and off campus organizations. For the next few months, freshmen will be participating in habitat restorations, organic farming, and beach clean-ups all over Santa Cruz.  To learn more about College Eight, click here.
 Meatless MondaysMeatless Mondays
UCSC Dining has recently implemented Meatless Mondays at the campus and added meat-free alternatives to the menu, such as a "mazing" burgers and chicken-less strips.  Check the dining website, for the next Meatless Monday location. Thanks to Banana Slugs for Animals and the Student Environmental Center's Students for Organic Solutions for putting in the hard work to make this campaign a success!

Zipcar Expansion
Four additional Zipcars are now available for use by eligible UCSC students, staff, and faculty. Car sharing has been expanded in the community, as three new off-campus locations have been established.  To view them and hear more, click here.

Harvest Festival
Harvest Festival StageThis year's Harvest Festival was a huge success, drawing a crowd of over 200 people. The Sustainability Office was there giving out "simply committed" wrist bands to encourage sustainable behavior.  Read more about it in an interview of Ellen Bartow, the Education and Outreach Coordinator Chancellor's Undergraduate Intern. 

Green Office Certification
The Sustainability Office is implementing a pilot program for green office certification. You can make your office environmentally sound while saving money.  If you would like to participate, please contact Olivia Kirkland. 
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