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sustainable (adj.):
Capable of being continued with minimal long-term effect on the environment.

Sustainability Office News:
Welcome New Staff and Interns!
The Sustainability Office is proud to welcome new members to our team.

Christopher Kuntzsch, Sustainability Working Group Coordinator

Chelsea McDaniel, Chancellor's Undergraduate Sustainability Office Intern

Gabi Kirk, UCSC Sustainability Outreach Coordinator

Jenny Helfrich, Chancellor's Undergraduate Intern for the Chancellor's Climate Action Plan
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Editorial: "Higher education: the quest for the sustainable campus"

Sustainability and College Football
Greening the Campus Newsletter
Volume 2, Issue 1 October 2009
Welcome back from a great summer! This September issue of the UCSC Sustainability Newsletter is filled with information to update you on progress made at UCSC and elsewhere over the summer months.

The Sustainability Office will be sending these out 1-3 times per quarter. These updates will:
  • Provide information to campus sustainability advocates about efforts, successes, and opportunities at UCSC.
  • Inform readers about initiatives at other UC's, California campuses, or the wider world of campus sustainability that relate to activities at UCSC.
Monthly Surfrider Beach Cleanup
Saturday, October 3, 11 AM - 1 PM, Cowell and Main Beach
The Clean Beaches Coalition is made up of four Santa Cruz non-profits dedicated to preserving the beauty of our beaches for generations to come. Come out to the beaches next to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and the Santa Cruz Wharf to pick up some trash and have some fun! Register for the cleanup here.

Student Environmental Center Meetings
every Wednesday, 6:30-8:30 PM, College 8 Red Room

The Student Environmental Center (SEC) meets weekly to organize student environmental activism on campus and in the community. To learn more, click here.

CSSC 7th Annual Fall Convergence
November 6-8, UCSC
The California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC), in partnership with UCSC's Student Environmental Center (SEC), come together to bring this annual conference about sustainability in higher education to the UCSC campus! Join students and young leaders from across California as we come together to build community and organizing capacity amongst individuals, campuses, and campaigns in the student sustainability movement. Registration opens in early October for a minimal fee. Find out more information at the CSSC Convergence website here.
Internships & Opportunities

Zipcar Campus Marketing Liaison Job

Zipcar is an alternative transportation company seeking a student to represent their business on the UCSC campus. Zipcar is looking for street team marketing representatives that can thrive in a fast-paced, high performance culture and serve as the public face of the Zipcar brand. Experience within the university, groups/clubs, and/or sustainability involvement is a plus! You can find the application at the ZipCar website here.

Green Campus Program Student Intern
Interested in energy conservation on campus? This for-credit internship with the UCSC Green Campus program focuses on energy conservation projects in campus housing and dining facilities.  The Program intern is responsible for the successful implementation of the Alliance to Save energy's Green Campus Program, an education and outreach program that seeks energy savings on the UCSC campus. Email a resume and cover letter by tomorrow, October 2, to For more information on the Green Campus program, please visit the website here.

Greenpeace Organizing Term in San Francisco and Washington, D.C.
The Greenpeace Organizing Term is a semester of advanced training for student activists. It's action-filled and the best hands-on training for students to become environmental leaders. Apply now for the Spring 2010 term (runs from February-April)! Applications can be found here.

Student Groups

secStudent Environmental Center (SEC)
Come to the Student Environmental Center every Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 PM in the College 8 Red Room. It is a great place to get involved and meet new people. Currently, we have activism campaigns focused on transportation, organic solutions, green building, wind turbines, and waste prevention. We have internships and paid positions available! If you are interested in the environment, please come join us and get involved!

Students for Organic Solutions (S.O.S.)
Students for Organic Solutions is excited and revved up for a year of "growing" the sustainable foods movement. During Fall Quarter we'll be coordinating CLEI 90, the College Eight Garden Internship course. Using this peer-to-peer education model, the course offers students an opportunity to become involved in experiential learning focusing on the application of practices in sustainable agriculture. We're also building relationships with local farmers, restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores that share our values, and exploring the many ways that we can help each other spread the news about local, organic, and socially just foods. In addition, we'll be hosting a few organic taste-tests at dining halls around campus and promoting the new beefless and meatless days, which help UCSC reduce our carbon footprint. For more information, contact Tyler Pitts at
Campus Achievements

First Ever UCSC Sustainability Plan Created
In 2007, UCSC released its Sustainability Assessment, a summary of UCSC's current status in various environmental fields, from energy conservation to recycling and waste management to transportation. The Campus Sustainability Plan (CSP) is the follow-up to this assessment, with detailed next steps for continued commitment to sustainability in the present and future. After collaboration from students, staff, faculty, and administrators, the CSP is due to be released this school year as an interactive web-based document. For more information, check out the 2007 Assessment and 2008 Update here.

UCSC named 7th "Greenest" Campus
Sierra Magazine, the official magazine of the Sierra Club, has named UCSC the 7th most "green" campus in the nation. This recognition from one of the oldest and most prestigious environmental non-profits in the nation highlights UCSC's continued commitment to being a leader in sustainability among campuses across the country. Read more here

Capital Planners become LEED Certified
Diane Behling and Linda Flaherty have passed the LEED Professional Accreditation exam, making them among the first capital planners in the UC system to become accredited. The LEED system is a worldwide green building rating process to ensure new buildings meet strict conservation requirements. Read more here

Improving Conservation in UCSC Housing Facilities
UCSC recently received 750 new recycling bins for Family Student Housing (FSH) and the University Inn. Green Campus and UHS-Facilities continue to cooperate in implementing energy audits for Family Student Housing. Green Campus also received CSC funds for simple but effective conservation devices for FSH apartments. Around campus, UHS-Facilities has been replacing old high-flush toilets, aerators and light fixtures in housing areas with newer, more efficient devices.

New Campus Food Guide Available
The Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) has released their 4th annual Campus Food Guide, a handbook to all things sustainable and edible on campus and in the Santa Cruz community. Pick one up to learn ways to get involved with food systems activism on campus, a guide to farmer's markets in Santa Cruz County, and important information about organic farming. The guides were handed out to incoming UCSC freshmen at orientation and are available for free on campus at various locations. You can also find the entire PDF here.

Campus Orientation Becomes Zero-Waste
For the past two years the Office of Orientations and the Student Environmental Center have worked closely to ensure that campus orientation programs become zero waste. Read more here

News from UCSC Dining
UCSC Dining Services continues to lead the way with innovative methods to provide great service while committing strongly to sustainability. Read all about their recent work here. Includes great facts about the impact of the "Trayless Dining" program!
UC System-Wide

UCs Receive Grant for Solar Energy Research
Researchers at UC Merced, UC Berkeley, and UC Santa Barbara received a five year, $2.25 million grant to further research into solar energy, a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. The California Advanced Solar Technologies Institute (CAST) is one of 37 multicampus research programs and initiatives that received funding from the UC Office of the President. Read more here

UCSC News (cont.)

orientationCampus Orientation Becomes Zero Waste
Over 6,000 new frosh and transfer students plus their family members attended the July 2009 Summer Orientation sessions. For the past two years the Office of Orientations and the Student Environmental Center have worked closely to ensure that campus orientation programs become zero waste. A significant component of the effort to become zero waste includes working closely with dining and catering services, and with Food System Working Group.  

From a grant by the Campus Sustainability Council, sturdy, reusable canvas bags were provided to all students and family members. Orientation participants also enjoyed a delicious, locally grown organic lunch-many of the vegetables grown at the UCSC Farm. At six different stations, orientation staff assisted participants with proper disposal of items; the food, as well as the utensils, cups, napkins, and plates were all compostable to prevent waste and to divert waste from landfills. 

Collaboration between the Campus Orientations Office, the Student Environmental Center and other campus units will assure that orientations continue to serve as a source of information and an excellent introduction for new students concerning our campus commitment to greening UC Santa Cruz.

dining2News from UCSC Dining
During the recent renovation of Cowell/Stevenson Dining Hall there was a strong focus placed on sustainability. Although not LEED certified, much of the same design criteria was incorporated in this remodel. Energy and water conserving features were part of the design, and finish surfaces include bamboo and recycled glass. Lighting is computer generated and calls on ambient outdoor lighting for much of the dining room space, automatically self adjusting on darker, cloudy days. Another interesting design aspect was to retain the original dining tables and have the CUHS facilities crew plane, sand, and resurface them. Thanks Luigi Detone!. These oak tables have been in use at the Cowell Dining Hall for over 43 years and now will be around to serve many more student meals! 
In another sustainable action, dining recently replaced all of their anti-fatigue kitchen mats in an effort to reduce injuries lifting the older, heavier mats. Rachel Clawson, working at UCSC EH&S, located several local horse farms that gladly have given the old mats a new life by using them in the stables.These mats are used in walkways and for wash areas. The horses love the cushy new flooring!
Dining is still looking for a home for some 3000 old dining "trays". With the recent success of the trayless dining program introduced in September 2008, it's not likely these will be put back in service. Over 1 million gallons of water have been saved, energy usage has been measured at 32,359 kwh (4.2% savings) and there has been a 19% reduction in natural gas use. Dining is looking to donate the bulk of them to organizations or clubs that can take the majority of the trays.(contact if interested)

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And, if you'd like us to add any of your announcements, events, achievements, or other sustainability related news, please contact us ASAP so we can get it in the next edition.

The Campus Sustainability Office Team

Aurora Winslade
UCSC Sustainability Coodinator

Gabi Kirk
UCSC Sustainability Outreach Coordinator

Gretchen Engbring
Sustainability Office Program Coordinator

Chelsea McDaniel
Chancellor's Undergraduate Intern for the Sustainability Office

Christopher Kuntzsc
Sustainability Working Group Coordinator

Jenny Helfrich, Chancellor's Undergraduate Intern for the Chancellor's Climate Action Plan

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