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  Heritage Greece 2010 Launches!

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Greek American & Greek Heritage Greece Participants

There is nothing more satisfying, and in this case heartwarming, than seeing theory turn into reality.  Fifteen young Greek Americans gathered in New York as strangers and within a matter of minutes bonded creating lifelong friendships--connecting with one another through a common bond they share--their Greek heritage!
The Heritage Greece Program is a collaboration between NHS and the American College of Greece (ACG)--Europe's oldest and largest American-styled university.  NHS had a daunting task of choosing 15 student participants from a slate of over 40 qualified ndidates and a pool of over 70 students expressing interest in the Heritage Greece Program. 
Heritage Greece is a gift from the NHS to these 15 students that travel to Greece to participate in a two-week intensive and fun cultural Odyssey.  The Greek American students will share their experiences with a peer group of 7 Greek students that live, learn, have fun and celebrate their Greek heritage together.  All students receive three college credits applicable towards fulfilling their degree requirements. 
The young Greek Americans are from as far as Alaska and California, Michigan, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, Texas to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.  They attend top universities and have an average GPA of 3.7--moreover, the 15 recognize the importance of their Greek identity.
Heritage Greece Participants Meet in NY
NHS Executive Director, Tim Maniatis and Program Coordinator, Art Dimopoulos met the Heritage Greece participants in NY where they registered, where given an NHS gift bag and useful gifts then enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a Greek restaurant in Bayside, NY with several parents that were literally besides themselves in watching how quickly the students bonded.


The following morning the students attended orientation with ACG President, David Horner, who arrived from Boston to welcome the Heritage Greece participants.  Eve Geroulis, ACG's U.S.-based representative and NHS' Art Dimopoulos also participated in the orientation.  Art provided background NHS, our vision, programs and the role that these 15 pioneers play in the Heritage Greece Program.
ACG President, David Horner at Heritage Greece Orientation
ACG Horner
That afternoon, the Heritage Greece participants flew on to Greece arrived at the ACG campus where they are warmly welcomed, and accomodated in modern apartments that housed the U.S. Olympic Team in 2004.  They met their Greek peers and in the morning left together for a fun-filled excursion to Mykonos and an educational jaunt to the isle of Delos, home of the 5th Century BC Delian League where they were given a personal tour.

The Bonds of Heritage
kids at myk

Heritage Greece Day Trip to Delos
Ancient Past--Relevant Today


Heritage Greece Girls Enjoying the Cyclades

Modern Greek Gods

Living Statues

One ACG staffer commented that she was so moved by how well Heritage Greece is unfolding that she will set-aside money from her own salary to help sponsor a student next year! 
NHS has made a big difference in the lives of these 15 students as well as in the lives of the Greek peers thanks to the generous support and work of NHS dedicated members.  The vision has become reality and next year Heritage Greece will grow and touch the lives of even more young Greek Americans.  They are well worth the investment!
For more information on the Heritage Greece trip, please check the Heritage Greece Blog at:  Heritage Greece Blog or the Heritage Greece Group Facebook Page at:  Heritage Greece Group Facebook Page.
Heritage Greece Participants in Chora, Mykonos
HG Participants in Mykonos
Journey to Greece
Sending young Greek Americans to Greece is perhaps the best way to instill a strong sense of identity, forge long-lasting relationships and preserve Greek heritage in a meaningful and relevant way.  In addition to NHS ' Heritage Greece Program underway, bginning this summer NHS is co-sponsoring a joint session special trip for 80 students attending the AHEPA/University of Indianapolis "Journey to Greece" Program on a special educational and cultural cruise to several sites of antiquity. 
NHS is also sponsoring a special field trip to Athens and the Acropolis for all 350 campers attending both summer sessions of Archdiocese's Ionian Village Summer Camp in Greece.
The Heritage Greece Program is made possible through the support of NHS members committed to preserving Greek heritage.  Become a member of NHS and make a difference.
NHS Programs--MyParea
MyParea Screenshot
Today's young Greek American professionals will be tomorrow's leaders.  By staying connected the bonds to heritage are sustained. NHS has created a social networking website tailored to meet the needs of young Greek American professionals through out the nation.  The website will provide resources, tools and communications capability. 
The website will launch in early Summer and will feature regional links that provide content, news, events and information from the regional and local level.  NHS will supplement the "online" experience with regional networking events bringing young Greek American professionals together for social, cultural and business networking events.  Visitors to the NHS Virtual Village can "plug-in" and instantly belong to a virtual community shared by their peers.  NHS is leveraging modern day technology to meet the next generation's needs in a fun way at the pace and depth left up to the individual to determine.
NHMuseumNHS Programs--
HOMER Program
NHS and the National Hellenic Museum are collaborating on an exciting program that preserves the life stories of the Greek experience permanently.  Recently, NHS coordinated 27 interviews in the metropolitan Washington, DC area that included a "Who's Who" of the Greek American community including most of the Greek American congressional delegation.  Participants recount their family's experiences in the U.S. from the time they immigrated to the present day.  These life experiences will be archived, arranged by region and stored in a permanent collection.  The archives will be accessible online in the Fall. 
Please take a few minutes of your time and enjoy the compilation of the Greek American congressional delegation reminiscing about their "Greek experience".  Many thanks to the fine staff at the National Hellenic Museum and to all NHM supporters--NHS is proud of our collaboration with the National Hellenic Museum.
Stay tuned for the updated version of the NHS website in June--the new website will be easier to navigate and have a password protected interface for NHS members' use. 
NHS is growing and fulfilling our mission of preserving our Greek heritage for the next generation.  NHS Programs are making a difference--thanks to you. 
Let's keep the momentum going: 
If you know of a prospective member that meets the following criteria please contact me and let's make that prospect a member of this dynamic mission-oriented organization:  
  • Greek extraction
  • Distinguished themselves professionally or in the community
  • Exemplifies values, ideals and spirit of our heritage
  • Affable, compatible with others & desire to serve
Thank you for your support! 
Tim Maniatis 
Executive Director

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The National Hellenic Society celebrates Hellenic heritage by sponsoring and organizing programs and activities that promote and preserve the values and ideals of our Hellenic culture thereby enriching our community and nation.

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