February 2010

National Hellenic Society
Preserving our Heritage for the Next Generation


Dear NHS Friends,
We hope you will join us at the upcoming NHS Hellenic Classic and Symposium weekend at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, AZ on April 29 - May 2, 2010.  It is shaping up to be a memorable fun weekend. 

The mission of the NHS is to preserve Greek heritage, especially for the next generation and NHS' Programs will make an impact.  We are pleased to report on our Progress on two Programs: the Heritage Greece Program, and the development of an exceptional social networking website for young Greek American Professionals called: "My Parea."
The Heritage Greece Program consists of supporting and expanding existing programs and developing a NHS exclusive program for young Greek American participants visiting Greece.

NHS is sponsoring the AHEPA Journey to Greece Program with a grant for a special NHS' branded "NHS Educational Cruise" to several sites of antiquity, culture and faith.  The anticipated 85 student participants will share a memorable experience that deepens their appreciation, and highlights the relevance and importance of their heritage in their respective lives.  

NHS is a sponsor of the Ionian Village camp with a grant for an NHS' branded field trip to Athens, the Acropolis, the new Acropolis museum, and nearby antiquities for the anticipated 350-400 student participants attending this summer's two sessions.  NHS is pleased to work with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese and the Ionian Village staff in making this an unforgettable experience the students will share together and treasure.

NHS is pleased to announce the launch of the Heritage Greece Program in collaboration with the DEREE - The American College of Greece.  Below is an official Press Release for your review announcing the Program.  The Program is a grant for up to 20 student participants that will explore, learn and experience Greece with a peer group of top students from Greece. 

We encourage you to let young Greek American prospective candidates, ages 18-26, good students, that have never been to Greece to find out more about this exciting Program by contacting Art Dimopoulos at (703) 442-1443; (571) 723-3621 (cell); or,
[email protected].   Please contact Art as soon as possible to learn more about the Heritage Greece Program, the application process and for assistance with any questions. 
ACG Press Release

My Parea

The NHS Program Committee, and a special Advisory Council comprised of young Greek American professionals from throughout the country have been working together with a leading non-profit social networking consultant to develop an exceptional social networking website for young Greek American professionals.  The website is called: "My Parea".

My Parea is currently in the final design stages and in content development.  A beta launch of the website is scheduled for this spring. 

With your support NHS and the assistance of dedicated NHS members, we are actively helping shape the future of the next generation of young Greek Americans.  NHS is about exceptional people doing good things and having fun together. 

Many thanks to the dedicated NHS Board, Advisory Council, NHS members and NHS volunteers for their time, input, effort, dedication and infectious enthusiasm in making these exciting Programs a reality!    
Tim Maniatis 
Executive Director
National Hellenic Society 
The National Hellenic Society celebrates Hellenic heritage by sponsoring and organizing programs and activities that promote and preserve the values and ideals of our Hellenic culture thereby enriching our community and nation.

We cherish each others parea, have fun & do good things--join us!
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