Summer 2009

National Hellenic Society
Preserving our Heritage for the Next Generation

Dear NHS Member,
The NHS is excited about our collaboration with the AHEPA Journey to Greece Program which has meant so much to the 35 student participants that visited Sounion, Meteora, Thessaloniki and the Ecumenical Patriarchate where they met with His All Holiness Bartholomew and learned about Byzantium and their faith.   In just one year, NHS has demonstrated our mission to work with others to bring about common goals that preserve our heritage and postiviely shape the lives of the next generation.  The following photographs of the Journey to Greece Program speak miles about how proud we are of our accomplishments--thanks to you. 
More news to come about next years plans--NHS is making a difference!
Tim Maniatis 
Executive Director

 His All Holiness Bartholomew
NHS Sponsored Visit with His All Holiness Bartholomew at the Ecumenical Patriarchate
Meeting ParticipantsHis All Holiness with StudentHis All Holiness and Student Reading

His All Holiness Met with Every Participant
BosporusBlue Martini 3St Sophia Gals

The NHS Sponsored Trip to the Bospurus, Istanbul & inside Byzantium's gem:  Aghia Sophia
LeonidasMeteoraMeteora Green Grass
NHS Sponsored-Trip to Meteora, Thessaloniki & ancient cultural sites
NHS Sponsored-trip to the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion 

JTG Parthenon
Unforgetable Parea
Journey to Greece Blog

JTG Group ShotJTG CruiseJTG Parliament
The National Hellenic Society celebrates Hellenic heritage by sponsoring and organizing programs and activities that promote and preserve the values and ideals of our Hellenic culture thereby enriching our community and nation.

We cherish each others parea, have fun & do good things--join us!
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