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Spring 2011 Newsletter
March 2011


Afraid of losing all your data? Back it up!

USB Flash DriveWith over 2000 systems in the field, we sometimes get emergency calls from stations who had avoidable catastrophes when lightning strikes or when drives or other equipment fails. Many of our customers have fail safe features like WireReady provided RAID, hot swappable workstations and servers or backup computers which protect them, but some folks still don't.  In any case ALL customers should still back up critical data and it's as easy as ever. 99% of our WireReady systems in the field will fit on a 1 GB USB flash drive that you can buy at any store - even the Walgreens.  Because our Windows software will run on any computer, these catastrophes can be easily avoided if your backup is handy. In event of a failure, you could quickly copy the programs and data onto a laptop or another computer, or even run it right off the USB drive. Don't wait.

Peace of Mind for as little as $50
If you don't know how to back up your critical files yourself, WireReady can provide the hardware and help to do it. If you have a Platinum service contract, we'll do this for free. If you don't have a Platinum service contract, we will back up your system for as little as $50 plus the cost of hardware. Click here for rates
WireReady integrates Wheatstone, Axia, Logitek, PRE/Vistamax, Abacast and Ibiquity HD Radio

WireReady has signed an agreement with Wheatstone that will provide our on-air automation customers the ability to control their network consoles from their ControlReady workstations. WireReady also is now compatible with Axia, PRE/VistaMax and Logitek studio console equipment.

Late last year, WireReady also signed an agreement with Ibiquity corporation and now offers customers the ability to send PSD
artist, and title information through HD Radio importer/exporter equipment directly from their ControlReady on-air computer without requiring any extra hardware. Stations wishing to add HD Radio support should contact WireReady for more information and to obtain an HD Radio data licensing agreement.
 WireReady works with NPR Labs on PAIS

WireReady recently completed work with NPR Labs that will provide radio reading services who broadcast HD Radio the ability to send special metadata that will enable NPR's PAIS HD radio receivers to selectively record and capture listener programs based on category and description tags embedded in the program stream. These PAIS tags can be sent automatically by the automation system using metadata associated with the audio files, or triggered manually by operators airing live programs using a push button interface. 
Television News Playout now supports MOS

WireReady has recently added MOS support for its News Player Pro multi-channel television news clip playout solution and can now support several popular newsroom system MOS workflows including ENPS, iNews, Octopus and others.   Workflow integration includes media awareness, automatic placemarker creation, placeholder and channel assignment, running order control, and a plug-in for the newsroom system providing search, browse and preview of video proxy assets on the media server.   News Player Pro is an integrated all on one box solution that provides playout, mass storage and archiving, and direct LAN file transfer integration with 3rd party NLE and mpeg based editing platforms.
Our playout solution costs a fraction of what leading news
playout vendor solutions charge for similar capabilities and our news server provides both HD and SD output.  Real-time mpeg2 SD/HD capture and ingest is offered an option with an add-in card.  The non-proprietary design integrates well with popular news NLE including NewsEdit, Edius, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Vegas and any other 3rd party product that can save and render MPEG video out over a LAN or via FTP.

Recent News Player Pro purchasers include Time Warner.
Thank you for your loyalty and continued interest in our products.  

David Gerstmann 
President and Founder
WireReady NSI
(800) 833 4459

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Back up your Data
Integration with Wheatstone
WireReady supports MOS
Daylight Savings Reminder
Version 9 Available!

Our latest version is Win 7 compatible and now available from the tech support section of our website. If you have a current support plan, you may download and apply this upgrade or call us for assistance with the upgrade. Click here for a list of recent improvements

Version 9 Improvements:
  • Starts up instantly
  • Apps open faster
  • Includes Clip-It Recorder
  • Windows 7 Compatible
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Tired of answering the phones every time it snows?

Don't you love dealing with hundreds of phone calls from schools and businesses every night and morning it snows?  Before you forget that pain and misery, this is a great time to invest for next year with a CallTaker storm closing system.   We're offering a FREE 4 line telephony card with the purchase of our Calltaker StormReady automated closing system.    If you have a Windows XP or Windows 7 computer, pay us $299/month between now and December 2011, and you won't have to pay the staff to take phone calls all night and morning long every time it snows in 2012.  Best of all- you'll own the system outright on Jan 1st and have no more monthly payments.

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Since 1989, our mission has been to design innovative and easy to use products and support them 24/7/365 with one of the best help desk teams in the business.


In addition to serving more than 2000 radio broadcasters worldwide, our product line has expanded to include television automation and master control playout,  video encoding and automatic recording, MOS integrated playout, and asset management with non-proprietary high-end ultra-fast multi-terabyte rackmount windows based servers.    

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