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Fall 2010 Broadcast Bulletins & Specials
November 2010
New Free App in Version 9: CLIP-IT Recorder

Screenshot of Clip-It Recorder

Ever wish you could capture highlights from a phone interview or sports broadcast while it was still recording on your PC? The Clip-It Recorder is a pop-up application you can put anywhere on your desktop. During games and interviews, clip and air cuts without interrupting the recording. Configurable buttons. Instant playback buttons can auto-load the last clips you created. NewsReady newsroom and ControlReady onair automation customers get this free with the latest V9 upgrade.  Also available for stand-alone purchase for $99 for a limited time. Call to purchase or click to upgrade today!

Automated School Closing System

Streamline your station's ability to broadcast emergency weather related closings and delays. Qualify for special 0% financing on CallTaker through 1/15/2011. Only $250/month for 12 months for software and telephone card. For as little as $99 more, we'll include a ready to use Win XP or Win 7 computer with software and card pre-installed. Own outright after 12 months and use free forever - no more payments required.

Your organizational contacts receive a pin code from you so they can call up the computer using a telephone and choose their closing/delay status themselves with an interactive voice response system. No more flooded phone lines at 4 a.m. Software also automatically generates a cancellation and delay lists for your studio that can be posted to your websites. Includes 4-line POTS telephone PCI or PCI-E card. Major market? Expand with more cards if you need more lines. 

Looking to re-vamp your website inexpensively?

Finding it too hard to push news or other announcements to your website in a timely fashion? Having trouble doing podcasts? Need a way to automatically push broadcasts to your websites? Does your website lack a professional look and feel?

Contract with us today for a turnkey revamp of your website. Turnkey setup packages start at $995 and $99/month for continued updates and web design services. Unlike other services, we can design to your exact specs and we don't make you carry any ads. We can spruce up your existing web site or create a new one from scratch. Once setup is complete, our software lets you maintain lists of stories, announcements, audio files, and banner ads. Anything you want to do is possible with our service without having to know FTP or HTML. All you have to do is ask. Book your re-vamp before 1/15/2011 and receive 50% off the setup cost.

Holiday Specials - Expand your system

Wish you could run WireReady on more computers in more studios? Expand your site to unlimited users. Eliminate the need for hardware security keys. One-time fee for expanded licensing (use forever). Special ends 1/15/2011. Purchase by check or credit card. Financing available.

NewsReady for newsrooms: $995 or finance $99 for 12 months.
ControlReady for onair automation: $1,995 or $189 for 12 months.

You must have a current support plan and already be using one of these products to qualify for special expansion pricing.

AP may make changes for Satellite Delivery in 2011

Associated Press (AP) may be transitioning AP radio broadcast customers from satellite/modem delivery to Internet ingest beginning in 2011. There will likely be multiple methods for connecting to AP online content. WireReady customers will be able to capture feeds via internet ingest with a simple upgrade.
Beginning early next year, WireReady customers using the Windows version of NewsReady (and with a current support plan) will be able to download WinCap version 10 and configure it to capture the Internet feed (rather than capturing from the serial port) using the AP WebFeeds driver. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. 
Thank you for your loyalty and continued interest in our products.  

David Gerstmann 
President and Founder
WireReady NSI
(800) 833 4459

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Daylight Savings Reminder
Version 9 Available!

Our latest version is now available from the tech support section of our website. If you have a current support plan, you may download and apply this upgrade or call us for assistance with the upgrade. Click here for a list of recent improvements

Verson 9 Improvements:
  • Starts up instantly
  • Apps open faster
  • Includes Clip-It Recorder
  • Windows 7 Compatible
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Daylight Savings Ends Sunday
Nov 7
Remember, daylight savings time ends this Sunday November 7 at 2am. If you are automating your radio station and playing music, be sure to have an extra hour of music scheduled. Satellite customers generally do not have to make changes, but look at all your Sunday morning playlists to make sure you are using the appropriate time logic for all situations.

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