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Sustainability in the News
IU Campus Garden Initiative continues to grow


 The first growing season will soon come to an end at the Bryan House Garden, Indiana University Bloomington's pilot campus garden, but work associated with the IU Campus Garden Initiative is anything but over. Beginning in November, garden volunteers will contribute their time and energy to the preparation of a new space for cultivation -- the initiative's first central campus garden at Hilltop Garden and Nature Center. This 8,500-square-foot garden will increase the edible gardening space overseen by the Campus Garden Initiative almost 10-fold. 



Second annual Fall Energy Challenge underway

Indiana University celebrates the second running of the Fall Energy Challenge from Wednesday (Oct. 5) through Nov. 2. The program, a campus competition to reduce energy and water consumption, was implemented in the spring of 2008. It has expanded each semester to include a growing number of residence halls, academic buildings and Greek houses. This semester, the IU Office of Sustainability is focusing its efforts on increasing participation and engagement within veteran buildings.


"Much of the effort and energy put into the program in its first few years was focused on expanding the scope of the challenge and increasing the breadth of buildings participating," said Will McHenry, Energy Challenge coordinator with the IU Office of Sustainability. "Thanks to the hard work of former interns, we're now able to put more emphasis on increasing the intensity of participation and enthusiasm within the buildings that have been in the challenge for some years."


In pursuit of these goals, McHenry and the Office of Sustainability are rolling out a new promotional campaign for the program. The new campaign will focus on securing written, public commitments from participants to engage in sustainable behaviors during the four weeks of the competition. 




Environmental Health and Safety Management Green Team first at IU to receive Tree Certification  


The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Green Team is the first on the Indiana University Bloomington campus to earn Tree Certification, the fourth and highest level of certification through the IU Office of Sustainability's Green Team Certification Program. The EHS Green Team formed in September 2010 and, with the department's professional focus on environmental health and safety, quickly became a campus leader in green team certification.


To earn Tree Certification, the team met 75 criteria in seven categories including education and outreach, resource use, recycling, sustainable computing, energy and built environment, transportation, and food. At the Tree level, a number of these requirements include collaborative efforts with other teams; implementing sustainable practices, materials, and products; and reaching out to both the IU and Bloomington community. 

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Sustainability focus of $8 million collaboration including IU Informatics, D2I Center researchers 



Indiana University's Data to Insight Center (D2I) will share in an anticipated $8 million in funding from the National Science Foundation to advance the science of sustainability through the integration of social science, natural science and environmental data. Awarded through NSF's DataNet program, the Sustainable Environment-Actionable Data (SEAD) project will develop tools and services for active curation and longterm preservation of scientific data, while also engaging researchers through social networking tools. SEAD will enable new modalities of sustainability science -- the study of dynamic interactions between nature and society by advancing the science of sustainability through the integration of social science, natural science, and environmental data.

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McRobbie, dignitaries dedicate IU's 'greenest' building, tech headquarters 


CIB dedication

Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie and a dais filled with university trustees, IU administrators, public officials and dignitaries dedicated the university's new $37 million Cyberinfrastructure Building today (Oct. 12) in a ceremony that recognized a 15-year journey to make IU a leader in the uses and applications of information technology. 

The 123,000-square-foot building is the latest and most inspiring building to be completed at the growing IU Technology Park East at 10th Street and the Indiana State Road 45/46 Bypass. It features a collaborative, open-space office design, numerous spaces for teleconferencing, three telepresence rooms, 36 "focus booths" for meetings and private discussions, and abundant soft- and bar-style seating to encourage work throughout the building. The CIB design also represents a significant investment in green infrastructure with its employee bicycle garage, locker rooms with showers and storage, solar panels and grounds landscaped for water capture. The design has achieved gold LEED certification with a possibility to reach platinum certification.

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Click here for pictures from the new building  

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IU Campus Garden Initiative continues to grow
Fall Energy Challenge underway
EHS Management Green Team first at IU to receive Tree Certification
Sustainability focus of $8 million collaboration including IU Informatics, D2I Center researchers
McRobbie, dignitaries dedicate IU's 'greenest' building, tech headquarters
From the Director- May the Biggest Loser Win!
Academic Year Interns Announced
Green Teams Update
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Energy Challenge: May the Biggest Loser Win!
by Bill Brown

As another Fall Energy Challenge winds down it may be time to consider why we do this experiment in behavior change and what value it provides for Indiana University.

For four weeks, 18,000 occupants of six million square feet of academic, residential and Greek buildings compete to see who can save the most water and energy compared to their own utility consumption history. IU Physical Plant's Utility Information Group, reads all the meters for water and electricity every week during the challenge and the results are updated on the  Energy Challenge web site for residence halls, academic buildings and Greek houses. The DeVault Alumni Center currently leads this effort by saving 38% of their typical electricity and water use for this period averaged over the last three years.


The early Energy Challenges occurred in Spring only, which meant it was almost impossible to see if any new conservation behaviors learned persisted and became permanent, especially in the residence halls, where most residents did not return the following year. Last year Energy Challenge was held in Fall for the first time and the persistence of conservation behavior was metered and charted.


This summer, Nolan Hendon, a utility conservation intern mentored by the Utility Information Group's Lee Walters and Glenn Moulton, undertook an analysis of savings in water and electricity attributed to conservation behaviors learned during the Energy Challenge outside of the four-week competition window. During 20 weeks of challenge competitions, academic buildings and residence halls have saved 3,813,600 gallons of water and 2,578,028 kWh of electricity. Hendon worked with the Utility Information Group to separate the effects of building energy system improvements from conservation behavior.


When the savings from persistence of conservation behaviors are added to the savings during Energy Challenges, total savings jump to 24,465,642 gallons of water and 9,438,986 kWh of electricity. In other words, the new habits of the thousands of Energy Challenge participants have resulted in the avoidance of more than $1 million in utility costs, after all costs of running the Energy Challenge have been deducted and building energy retrofits have been factored out. This is money that would have gone up in smoke or down the drain, which was used instead to move the university toward its academic and research missions.  In addition to that return on investment, thousands of students, faculty and staff have learned new habits that will serve them well off campus.


This Spring IUB will participate in the Campus Conservation Nationals along with some 200 other institutions. CCN will allow us to compare ourselves with other similar-sized institutions in our region using a common energy and water dashboard format. May the biggest loser win! 
Academic Year Sustainability Interns Announced 
by Emilie Rex
Bridget and Amy
Returning interns Amy Allen and Bridget Flynn at the first academic year  seminar

We're delighted to announce the internship class for the 2011-12 Academic Year Internship Program in Sustainability. Twelve new interns were selected to join six returning summer interns.  While some students' projects focus on general sustainability education and outreach, such coordinating the Green Teams Program or integrating sustainability into first year experience, others work directly with the Campus Sustainability Advisory Board's seven working groups on topically focused projects such as campus waste audits or stewardship of the new Bicycle Steering Committee.  


The 18 interns for the academic year include: 


Interns mentored through the Office of Sustainability

  • Amy Allen, Green Teams Program 
  • Shannon Beatty, Keep IU Beautiful Task Force 
  • Bridget Flynn, Sustainability and the First Year Experience 
  • John Hageman, Greening the Athletics Department 
  • Benjamin Inskeep, Sustainability Reporting and Metrics 
  • Rachel Irvine, Living Sustainability Off-Campus 

Interns mentored through the Campus Sustainability Advisory Board

  • Erica Bramlet, Resource Use and Recycling Working Group: Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale
  • Sara Dille, Environmental Quality and Land Use Working Group: Fume Hood and Labs 21 Pilot
  • Nolan Hendon, Energy and Built Environment Working Group: Utilities Conservation Project 
  • Stephanie Hopkins, Food Working Group: Campus Garden Initiative 
  • Hannah Hunt, Transportation Working Group: Bicycle Friendly Campus Initiatives 
  • Joowon Kim, Sustainable Computing Working Group: Document Management 
  • Alexi Lamm, Academic Initiatives Working Group: Sustainability Academic Programs and Research Clearinghouse
  • Mary Liang: Energy and Built Environment Working Group: LEED Documentation and Evaluation 
  • Will McHenry, Energy and Built Environment Working Group: Energy Challenge Program 
  • Mark Milby, Resource Use and Recycling Working Group: Campus Waste Audit Program 
  • Dave Roedl, Sustainable Computing: Measurement Analysis and Campus Sustainability Dashboard Development 
  • Sara Swan, Academic Initiatives Working Group: New Review of Interdisciplinary Studies Program in Sustainability 
Seminar 1
The 2011-12 internship class discussing their projects

At the start of the academic year program, each intern is tasked with creating a work plan which maps out their research and programming goals over the fall and spring semesters.  At our first seminar last Friday, October 21st, veteran interns had an opportunity to share with new interns their strategies for setting measurable goals and presenting this in a digestible and usable format for themselves and their mentors.  We'll draw on returning intern experience again during our next seminar when we talk about best practices for effective time management, running group and mentor meetings and more.  


For more information on the Internship Program in Sustainability, visit our website at or contact us via email at  

Green Teams Update
by Amy Allen 

Green Teams Logo

Start a Green Team Today!


Starting a Green Team on the IU campus is a great way to get involved in the campus-wide efforts to make IU a more sustainable institution. Please use the following outline as a general guide to forming a Green Team in your department, organization, office, or building.



1. Contact the Green Teams Coordinator

The Green Teams coordinator will be able to provide you with the necessary information and resources in creating your new team. The coordinator can also connect you with a well-established team that exists in a unit similar to the one in which you work- i.e. administrative, academic, or lab/research-providing you with the opportunity to learn from their experiences. Email the Green Teams coordinator at


2. Generate Interest

Generating interest is essential in the recruitment of new team members. Communicating personally through email, listservs, and/or office meetings is a great place to start. When promoting the Green Teams program to potential members, be sure to make it clear that a person's level of participation is voluntary.


3. Identify Your Organizational Structure

Becoming conscious of your unit's organizational structure makes you aware of how information and procedures are shared between staff, faculty, and students. To achieve the greatest results as a Green Team, it is recommended that you discuss your goals with members of the building management and maintenance division, as well as provide information to all employees and staff regarding the future goals of your team.


4. Schedule a Green Team kick-off meeting

A kick-off meeting is a way to inform interested parties about your new Green Team and how they can get involved.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can be a member of a Green Team?

Staff, faculty, students in all positions from all levels of management and operations can be a part of the Green Team.  Green Team members assist in the coordination and execution of green actions outlined by the Green Team.   

  • What are the expectations of a Green Team?

The goal of the Green Teams is to foster sustainable initiatives based individual team needs.  The Green Team activities should identify current actions and target areas for improvement, sharing successes and challenges within the Green Team network and to the broader campus community.  

  • What is the role of the Green Team Organizer?

The Green Team Organizer serves as a liaison between employees, staff, management, students, other campus Green Teams, and the IU Office of Sustainability.  Main responsibilities include scheduling Green Team meetings, encouraging participation and facilitating communication regarding Green Team efforts.


For more information, visit the Green Teams website, or email Green Teams coordinator Amy Allen at

Events, Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities
If you are interested in having an event sent out over the listserv, please send an email with the title, time, date, location and description to by the Saturday evening before your event occurs. 


Upcoming Events:


Monday, October 31


Workshop in Political Theory and Analysis Colloquium Series presents: Ecological Macroeconomics, a Tropic Conundrum, and Steady Statesmanship in Global Affairs

When: 12:00 - 1:30 PM

Where: Georgian Rm, IMU

Description: Presented by Dr. Brian Czech, President, Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy, Arlington, VA, and Visiting Assistant Professor, College of Natural Resources, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Abstract: Ecological macroeconomics focuses on the size of the economy relative to its containing, sustaining ecosystem; sometimes called the "scale issue." One of the clearest manifestations of the scale issue is the conflict or trade-off between economic growth and biodiversity conservation. This conflict is ultimately based on laws of thermodynamics and is, in that sense, a "fundamental" conflict that cannot be reconciled with technological progress. Attempts to handle this conflict with microeconomics - such as the valuation and marketing of ecosystem services - are at odds with the trophic origins of money. The conflict between economic growth and biodiversity conservation helps illuminate limits to growth, the concept of uneconomic growth, and numerous perils of economic growth including environmental protection in general, economic sustainability, national security, and international stability. Given this conceptual framework, GDP (gross domestic product; the primary indicator of economic activity) becomes an index of environmental impact or ecological footprint. Therefore, ecological macroeconomics calls for international diplomacy in which a nation's ecological footprint or GDP/hectare may be used as criteria of appropriateness and justice.


The Department of Statistics presents: Spatio-temporal Statistical Modeling of Land-Cover Processes

When: 3:00 - 4:00 PM

Where: Maple Rm, IMU

Description: Lecture from Desheng Liu, Ohio State University Department of Geography and Department of Statistics.

Abstract: Land-cover and land-cover change determine surface conditions critical to many environmental and ecological processes. Satellite remote sensing provides a modern approach to monitoring land-cover dynamics. The increasing availability of long time series of satellite images, especially the recent free release of multi-decadal Landsat satellite data by USGS, presents an unprecedented opportunity to improve our ability to monitor land-cover change more frequently and advance land change science. This talk presents a new land-cover classification/change detection method that can take advantage of the increasing temporal depth of satellite images. I will first review the major challenges in land-cover mapping from remote sensing and then examine the effects of different classification models on land-cover results. Following this, a novel spatial-temporal statistical modeling approach will be introduced to estimate land-cover processes from multi-temporal satellite imagery. Finally, results from land-cover mapping using multi-temporal Landsat and MODIS images will be used to demonstrate the methodology.


October 5 - November 2

IU Fall Energy Challenge

Where: Your academic building, residence hall, and/or Greek house

Indiana University will celebrate the second running of the Fall Energy Challenge from Wednesday, October 5 through Wednesday, November 2. This semester, the IU Office of Sustainability will focus its efforts on increasing participation and engagement within veteran buildings. While past effort was focused on expanding the scope of the challenge and increasing the breadth of buildings participating, emphasis this year will be on increasing the intensity of participation and enthusiasm within the buildings that have been in the challenge for some years.

In pursuit of these goals, IUOS is rolling out a new promotional campaign for the program.  The new campaign will focus on securing written, public commitments from participants to engage in sustainable behaviors during the four weeks of the competition.  Participants will receive pins declaring "I'm taking the Energy Challenge!" upon signing the electronic pledge form.  Participants will also be invited to have their photos taken in a traveling photo pledge booth, all of which will be uploaded to the program's website and Facebook page. 

For more information about the 2011 Fall Energy Challenge and water and energy saving tips, please visit  If you would like to request pledge pins or to reserve the traveling photo pledge booth for a group or meeting, contact Energy Challenge Coordinator Will McHenry at


Tuesday, November 8

Brown Bag Seminar: Wind-wave interaction

When: 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Where: Gill Center Conf. Rm, Multidisciplinary Science Building II

Description: Lecture by Chris Letchford, Professor and Department Head Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. RSVP needed to by noon on Friday 4 November if you would like a boxed lunch. You are also welcome to bring your own lunch.

Abstract: Wind-wave interaction is important for a number of reasons: storm surge is driven by wind shear, while the wind-roughened sea state characterizes the turbulence for offshore structure design. While a fair amount of research has tackled wind-wave interaction in the deep ocean, the more complicated near-shore environment remains an area of fruitful study. In this seminar wind-wave interaction will be discussed and results presented from novel wind tunnel studies on the boundary layer development over simulated waves, both stationary and moving, as well as results from a field campaign during Hurricane Ike in 2008.


Thursday, November 10

2012 Hoosier to Hoosier Kick-Off Meeting

When: 5:30 PM

Where: Nick's English Hut (423 E Kirkwood Ave.)

Description: Planning for the 2012 Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale has begun! Learn what it's all about at the H2H Kickoff Meeting at Nicks on Thursday, November 10, 2011 at 5:30pm. We need volunteers, steering committee members, and anyone who wants to know more.

H2H is a reuse program that aims 1) to divert reusable items from the landfill during student move-out, 2) to prevent additional resource consumption by selling collected items to students and community members in order 3) to raise funds for local charities and other organizations. H2H raised over $17,000 in 2011 to support local organizations, and is a joint effort of the IU Office of Sustainability, City of Bloomington, United Way, and Habitat for Humanity.


Friday, November 11

Meeting Trees - An Evening with Scott Russell Sanders

When: 7:00 pm

Where: The Meeting Room of the Unitarian Universalist Church (2120 N. Fee Ln.)

Description: As a child, Scott Sanders was introduced to trees by his father, and he has loved them ever since. Because he writes about this love unabashedly, readers sometimes ask him if he actually hugs trees. "Sure," he answers. "Don't you? How can you meet these resourceful and dignified beings without wishing to embrace them, or at least to lay your hands on their resilient skin? Haven't you ever climbed trees or swung from their branches? Haven't you ever turned to them for comfort? Haven't you ever been stopped in your tracks by their beauty?" In this reading Sanders will explore his thoughts and feelings for trees and forests. In this reading of selections from his books accompanied by photographs, award winning author and lover of trees, Scott Sanders will trace his encounters with trees and his fascination with forests.  Donations are welcome. Proceeds from this event will benefit the church's Green Sanctuary Task Force which promotes mindful, Earth centered living, working to educate and motivate individuals and institutions to take positive steps toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions with the understanding that it is our moral imperative to care for the Earth. For more information contact or call (812) 988-4956.


Tuesday, November 15

The Carbon Cycle: Indiana and the World Breathe Together

When: 7:00 p.m.

Where: Monroe County Public Library, Meeting Room 1B

Description: In a highly visual presentation, IU professor Faiz Rahman will share an overview of what we know and still don't know about the carbon cycle and its impact on our lives.  He'll discuss his use of data collected from small planes, a cherry picker, and a tower, as well as NASA satellite data to study changes in Morgan Monroe State Forest and other forested areas in the country, as well as the disappearing mangrove swamps of southeast Asia. You can register here:  Drop-ins are also welcome.


November 16-17

GreenTown 2011

Where: Indiana State University, Terre Haute


Creating a Sustainable Wabash Valley at GreenTown: The Future of Community - How do we create healthy, sustainable communities? Communities with green jobs. Healthy food. A culture of biking and walking. A built and natural environment that fosters healthy, thriving communities. Whether you are part of the public or private sector, join us for GreenTown in downtown Terre Haute, Indiana on November 16 (half-day pre-conference) and November 17 (full day experience) on the campus of Indiana State University to work toward a brighter future. This event will feature keynote presentations from Dr. Richard Jackson, Author and Chair of the School of Public Health at UCLA, and Mayor Bob Dixson of Greensburg, Kansas.

This is the tenth GreenTown event co-produced by a5 and Seven Generations Ahead, and we welcome those from all over Indiana, Illinois and the Midwest to GreenTown Terre Haute.

For more information and to register click here:

Ongoing Events and Opportunities:

New location for Campus Garden Initiative Workdays

During the 2011 Fall semester, students, faculty, and staff are invited to come work in the dirt at the Bryan House every Wednesday from 4:00 to 5:00 pm. No experience or tools needed. Workdays are now taking place at the new central campus garden at Hilltop Garden and Nature Center (2367 East 10th Street). Contact garden coordinator Stephanie Hopkins at with questions.


Ball State University's Greening of the Campus Conference accepting abstract submissions

The Ball State University Greening of the Campus Conference returns to the BSU campus in Muncie, IN on March 18-21, 2012 with the staging of Greening of the Campus IX: Building Pedagogy. What must our institutions become if we are to equip our graduates with the necessary awareness, understanding and ability to achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability in their lifetime? We invite you, the faculty, students, and administrators, staff, and facilities professionals- working in sustainability on your campuses - to share your perspectives on, your experiences with, and your visions for Higher Education. Visit for submission information and conference details. 

Winter Thermostat Settings - a message from the IU Physical Plant

Cold weather is here, so please set down the thermostats to the winter set point of 68 degrees for classrooms, offices, hallways, lounges and general rooms (excluding labs with critical temperature requirements). Set points can be slightly higher for rooms that have window, ventilation or other comfort problems. Vestibules should be set at 60 degrees. The thermostats that control cooling only units should be left at 78 degrees.

Please contact the Operations Dispatchers to have Work Request initiated for each building involved with this work. These Work Requests will be part of Project No. 2012. If these set points cause problems for particular rooms please contact Doug Trueblood ( Thank you for the many ways you continue to help us keep our energy cost down as much as possible.

Call for Papers on Higher Education and Sustainable Food Systems
The Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development is calling for papers that focus on university or collegesustainability efforts related to food and agriculture. Papers could be based on case studies, surveys, focus groups, impact analysis, or other research based on your campus's or students' experiences. Contact Duncan Hilchey at if you have any questions or are interested in learning more about the call. Full text of the current calls is available here. To learn more about the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, go to

Green Acres Neighborhood Ecovillage

Want to grow sustainable community right here in Bloomington? Our "retrofit cohousing" ecovillage offers sustainability-related events, community potlucks, music jams, and much more. Come learn with us (even if you don't live in the neighborhood) and make new friends. We welcome folks of all ages who are attracted to our vision. Learn more at To get involved, join our email list by sending a blank email to:


U8 network seeks IU student involvement

The U8 is a global network that connects students and institutions from around the world to discuss international development issues ( We are a non-profit organisation that has been running since 2005 and has previously brought together students from around the world to discuss development issues with the desire to engage policy makers and the media. Our summits in Warwick and Cambridge brought the student voice to the attention of governments and the world's media.
In 2011 we are undertaking our most ambitious projects to date and would love for students Indiana University to be part of this. We already have universities from all over the world who are going to participate, including the prestigious universities of Oxford, Cambidge and Harvard.This November we will be hosting a global online summit that will connect students from all around the world for a weekend of truly inclusive discussion. Student groups from more developed countries will be twinned with those from less developed countries, giving members the chance to gain a exciting and honest first-hand perspective on life in developing countries, donor countries and the public opinion in each towards the other. Of course, as we are a non-profit organisation, all our services are cost free. All we ask for are interested students.
This is a really exciting time for students to link with the U8 and join our network of universities.  Students or student societies/organizations that may be interested in joining the U8 global network or starting a U8 group, or those would simply like more information about what the U8 is, how a U8 group works or what the Summit will involve please contact Daniel Waldron ( 
Bloomington Community Orchard Workdays and Events
The Orchard has many September opportunities for all interest levels. Workdays, team meetings, limestone benchmaking workshop, tabling at community events, tours at the Orchard..the list goes on! Check out our calendar ( for details or email Stacey at for more information. 
Middleway House Seeks Urban Agriculture Intern
Middle Way House, a national model domestic violence program located in Bloomington, is in the process of creating a demonstration production roof garden. There is still time to have an impact on its design and content, but the position requires maintenance of effort as well.
 The Intern will develop and implement late season planting and season extension mechanisms and the vermiculture and mushroom-growing components of the system.
 The Intern will coordinate distribution of the harvest among Middle Way House programs, packaging and marketing some of the produce
 The Intern will maintain records relative to planting, harvesting, and ordering and using supplies;
 The Intern will develop the framework for the roof garden to serve as a demonstration site and play a role in designing the education component.
 The Intern will recruit volunteers as necessary.
The intern will coordinate as much of the roof garden work as possible with the Youth Programs Coordinator. The Intern will report to the Director.
Although not a requirement of the position, grant-writing, if it interests the candidate, would be welcome (and assistance/instruction available).
Intern should attend the next available pre-service training program (a requirement of the State of Indiana) and be willing to sign a release for a background check. References appreciated.
Hours: variable according to season and weather conditions; a minimum of 10 hours/week
Site: 338 South Washington Street; shared office space; on street parking and on-site bike racks, close to bus - and very nice.
Compensation: There will be praise and satisfaction, chocolate and baked goods, and lots of autonomy. We're dead broke.
Contact Toby Strout ( for application information.


New time for weekly workdays at the Bryan House Garden  During the 2011 Fall semester, students, faculty, and staff are invited to come work in the dirt at the Bryan House every Wednesday from 4:00 to 5:00 pm. Tools and gloves are provided. Please share this opportunity with your peers. If you would like to volunteer, or if you are enrolled in a course or work with an organization that you think might be interested in this garden initiative, please email garden intern Stephanie Hopkins at
The Bryan House Garden is located on the eastern lawn of the Bryan House, just to the west of the Musical Arts Center.
Monroe County Pharmaceutical Disposal Program The Monroe County Prosecutor's Office this week announced a new effort to collect and properly dispose of unused, unwanted or expired pharmaceutical drugs and controlled substances in order to reduce the risk of illegal diversion, drug abuse, overdose, and environmental risks resulting from improper disposal.   For more information visit and follow the link to the Monroe County Pharmaceutical Safe Disposal Program, or call 349-DRUG.  
Take the Pledge - Go Phosphorus Free! Clear Choices for Clean Water is a campaign to increase awareness about lawn care and its impact on our streams and lakes. Water quality friendly lawn care includes practices such as using phosphorus-free fertilizer, landscaping with native plants, managing yard and pet wastes, and overall lawn reform. Click here to take the pledge: 


 Show tornadoes that they aren't welcome here!!  Donate to the City of Bloomington Tree Fund During the storms last May, the campus and community lost an estimated 500-700 trees, some of which were 150 years old or more.  Help replace these monuments in our green city!  Contact (or 349.3498) to make a donation. Anything you contribute will help send a signal to tornadoes to dissipate into refreshing spring breezes.   
Student Conservation Association Internships The SCA is one of the biggest partners for national parks and forests. Each year, they send thousands of youth across the country to get conservation experience in awesome places. Living expenses, housing, and round trip travel provided. Internships run from 3-12 months and are available in all 50 states. See for more information and to apply.

Pick Up America Internships Pick Up America seeks interns year-round. It's a great opportunity for young people to get nonprofit experience while getting the chance to travel slowly. Students work closelywith the core PUA team. Travel with us, pick up trash, and focus your skills on a specific project thisyear. Our goal is to make it to Denver by November. If you're interested in this great opportunity to see the USA one step at a time, email Johnna Jackson [] with a brief letter to the Pick Up Artists, a resume, and references. At this time, we must ask interns to pay for room/board. $60/week. Or $45/week if you have a car. We'll pay for fuel while you're on the road with us. Visit for more information.


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