Issue 10 02/28/11
Sustainability in the News
Mayor's State of the City Address to recognize IU's Steve Akers with civic engagement award

State of the City

Join the campus and city sustainability community in celebrating Steve Akers at the City of Bloomington's State of the City Address this Wednesday, March 2 at 5:30pm in City Hall Council Chambers.  Mayor Mark Kruzan will present Steve with the award for civic engagement.  For more information, email

Jeff White appointed to serve as new academic co-chair for CSAB

Jeff White

The IU Office of Sustainability and the Office of the Provost are proud to announce the appointment of Professor Jeffery R. White as the academic co-chair for the Campus Sustainability Advisory Board, joining Deputy Vice President for Capital Projects and Facilities Paul Sullivan, who serves as the operations co-chair. White is replacing Professor of Geological Sciences Michael Hamburger.  White is a professor of environmental science in SPEA, as well as an adjunct professor of geological sciences.   

IU seniors make a sustainable mark for the future

Coal Free IU

The Indiana University Student Foundation (IUSF) launched its 2010-11 Senior Challenge with a $12,000 grant for the Sierra Club's Coal Free IU project. The funds were awarded from the "Hoosier Legacy Fund," established with contributions from last year's Senior Challenge, and will be used to install a 2-kilowatt solar photovoltaic array panel on the Indiana Memorial Union. Read more >>

Registration now open for IUOS's Academic Year Sustainability Internship Symposium 


IUOS is pleased to invite you to our semi-annual Sustainability Internship Symposium on Friday, April 22, 2011 (Earth Day!) in the Grand Hall at Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center.  THe symposium will feature the academic year research projects of IU Bloomington's sustainability interns, including presentations, a poster session, and lunch featuring local food.  Register Now >>

Expert panel: Obama's goal for electric vehicles requires 'bold action'

Chevy Volt

While President Barack Obama's State of the Union address displayed a big vision for electric cars in America, a new blue-ribbon study sponsored by Indiana University concludes that the president's vision needs bold action from the auto industry, federal government and the scientific community to ensure those goals are realized. Read More >> 

Sustainability in the News
Steve Akers will receive civic engagement award
Jeff White appointed to serve as CSAB co-chair
IU seniors make sustainable mark for the future
Registration now open for AY symposium
Expert panel: Obama's goal for electric vehicles requires 'bold action'
Brown To Green
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IUOS turns two years old on March 2nd! 
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Brown to Green   
by Bill Brown
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This week, on March 2, the IU Office of Sustainability will be two years old. In a presentation at the national convention of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) in Denver, I compared the IUB campus sustainability transformation to the Starship Enterprise's warp drive system, which uses antimatter to achieve speeds exceeding the speed of light. The theoretical limit to the Star Trek propulsion system is Warp 10, where infinite speed is achieved. Unfortunately, at infinite speed, you find yourself everywhere in the universe at once.


As we strive to involve as many people as possible in the pursuit of campus sustainability, our networks have grown exponentially and our little office often seems to be moving at Warp 10, where we find ourselves everywhere on campus at once. Seven working groups help us make progress on 20 key measureable goals for 2020 that evolved from our 2020 Vision, the hundreds of measures in AASHE's Sustainable Tracking Assessment and Rating System (STARS), the goals embodied in our Campus Master Plan, and the goals stated in the 2008 Campus Sustainability Plan. Sustainability is an issue everywhere on campus all of the time as we aim for our vision of becoming an international campus sustainability leader by 2020.


It is easy to veer off course at times or get distracted by the sheer volume of moving parts. Fortunately, we get course corrections at regular intervals from students, faculty and staff who call or write to ask seemingly simple questions. Why are we still burning coal on campus? Why don't we have any outdoor recycling containers? Why are we behind in RecycleMania? What are we doing about all the trees being cut down along the bypass expansion? Where does the stuff go when a building is demolished on campus? Why are the buses so crowded? Why don't we have safe bike paths on campus? Today, I got a question from a staff member who asked for scientific proof that recycling was better than sending materials to the landfill, where they could be mined in the future.


As we begin the third year of our journey where no Hoosier has gone before, we really appreciate all your comments, suggestions and questions. Beam yourselves aboard and keep us on course as we journey through the decade of sustainability together, at warp speed. 

Green Teams Update   

During the spring semester, IUOS will be working with individual green teams to improve our programming.  Our Green Teams Intern Aaron Harmon began conducting informal interviews with Green Team leaders in early January to gather feedback about the program website, certification system, and monthly green bags.  From 1:00pm to 2:00 pm on Wednesday, March 2 in the IMU Bryan Room, we are inviting green team members as well as other interested parties to participate in a discussion focused on these program improvements.  If you are interested in joining this discussion, please contact Aaron at 


Outside of the office, new green teams have formed, and several existing teams are moving up through the office certification system.  Here are some campus updates:

Green Teams Logo
1.  IU Foundation achieves Sapling Certification.  The IU Foundation Green Team, which predated the office by over six years, is the first group to ever reach the third of four levels of certification.  The group achieved certification by fulfilling office-based actions such as placing desk-side recycling bins in every office, posting energy conservation prompts on every light switch located in common spaces, and making sure reusable cups are available in break rooms and kitchens. 


2. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) achieves Sprout Certification.  Just after having finished their Seed Certification, the four month old EHS Green Team achieved Sprout Certification through improvements such as minimizing paper use by posting information on how a person can create and send an electronic version of a document and decreasing the environmental impact of the office's computers by providing their co-workers with helpful tips from UITS.


3. IU Libraries achieves Seed Certification. The Libraries team is another which was established well before IUOS.  Representing all aspects of library business and administration, this group quickly achieved the Seed Certification by pursuing initiatives including, but not limited to:  establishing a central location for the collection and re-distribution of surplus office supplies;  designating a location near printers for saving one-sided prints; programming print defaults for double-sided printing; maintaining office plants in common areas to improve air quality; unplugging electronic appliances when they are not in use to avoid phantom energy loss.


4. School of Public and Environmental Affairs forms new green team.  Brought about by increased enthusiasm from students, faculty, and staff, the SPEA team held its kickoff meeting at the beginning of the spring semester.  There was a large and diverse turnout at the meeting, and based on the energy that was evident amongst the attendees, it is likely that the team will soon be Seed Certified.  For more information about this team, contact Katie Sewell at 


5. School of Education forms new green team.  In having been interested in issues of campus sustainability for sometime, Professor Cary A. Buzzelli and Lynn Greenfield organized a kickoff meeting.  Attendees registered the newly-formed team and discussed how to best structure the team, for it is housed in one of the largest Indiana University units.  Currently comprised of faculty and staff members, the team plans to work with student organizations to help make everyday operations at the School of Education more environmentally sound.  For more information about this team, contact Prof. Cary A. Buzzelli at  


For more information about IUOS's Green Team Program, visit  Questions or comments can be directed to  

Events, Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities

For a complete listing of sustainability events, visit: 


Join Mayor Mark Kruzan in celebrating Steve Akers' civic engagement award    

Steve Akers 

Please join us in City Hall Council Chambers this Wednesday, March 2 at 5:30pm to celebrate Steve Akers' civic engagement award.  Mayor Mark Kruzan will recognize Steve during his State of the City address.  


Energy Challenge Informational Breakfast    

IU Energy Challenge Poster 

The Energy Challenge informational breakfast will take place Wednesday, March 2 from 9-10am in the Dogwood Room at the IMU.  Come learn about new developments regarding the Energy Challenge, hear about best practices for energy conservation, and meet Will-the new Energy Challenge Coordinator!   

Free breakfast will be served!


Green Teams Focus Group 

Arbor DayIUOS will host our first Green Teams focus group in the Bryan Room on the 8th floor of the IMU from 1-2 p.m on Wednesday, March 2.  We will discuss the status of the Green Teams Program with the goal of learning how the Office of Sustainability can better assist teams. The agenda for the meeting will be as follows:

1:00-1:05 Introductions

1:05-1:10 Overview of Purpose

1:10-1:30 Questions Specific to IUOS Proposed Initiatives

1:30-2:00 Questions to Solicit Feedback on the Green Teams Program.

Trashion Refashion Show    

Trashion Refashion Logo 2011 

The runway fashion show will take place on March 26, 2011 at the Bloomington Convention Center. The Trashion Refashion Show is a fundraiser for the Center for Sustainable Living, a non-profit community organization that promotes sustainable ways of living in the Bloomington community.

For more information about the CSL visit


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