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Greetings from Bainbridge Island! 

There are a lot of things to see and do...please view our community calendar for a comprehensive listing of events  
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Our Favorite Event Picks for August 2012  


Aug  3 

First Friday Art Walk

Kids' Night Out

Aug  4 

The EDGE Improv

Aug  5 

Bainbridge Island Farmers' Market

Paws & Pints Fun Ride

Book: Combs - Once Upon a Two by Four

Aug  6 

Once Upon A Time History Camp
Village Speak: Islanders Share 5 Generations of School Stories

Aug  8 

Island Film Group:
Fat City

Aug 9 

Books: Marzluff & Angell: Gifts of the Crow

Aug 10  

Fay Bainbridge Beach Bonfire

Free Friday Outdoor Movies at WF Park: Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid

    Summer Studio Tour

Aug 11 

Bainbridge Island Farmers' Market

Summer Studio Tour

  7 Winery Tasting Tour Weekend

Planetarium Show & Star-gazing Party

Aug 12 

Summer Studio Tour

 7 Winery Tasting Tour Weekend

Books: Mason Boring - Connecting to Our Ancestral Past

Aug 14 

Books: Heller - The Dog Stars

Aug 16 

Shakespeare in the Park

Books: Bloom - Washington Food Artisans

Aug 17 

Free Friday Outdoor Movies at WF Park: Tootsie

 Farm to Table Dinner

Island Theatre Ten-Minute Play Festival

Aug 18 

Bainbridge Island Farmers' Market

Kids' Night at the Museum

Aug 19 

Bike For Pie

Port Blakely Cemetary Walk

Books: Bass - The Black Rhinos of Namibia

Aug 21 

90 Second Newbery Challenge

 Field's End Writers' Roundtable
Aug 23

Books: Semple - Where Did You Go, Bernadette? & Frankel - Goodbye For Now

Aug 24 

Free Friday Outdoor Movies at WF Park:
The Princess Bride

Aug 25 

Bainbridge Island Farmers' Market

The Salon

Aug 26 

Kiwanis Summer Challenge Charity Bike Ride

Books: Mate - A Real Life

Aug 29 

Books: Evison - The Revised Fundementals of Caregiving

Aug 30 

Books: Doig - The Bartender's Tale





View details in the community calendar 


Live Music


Grace Episcopal Church Kirtan Chanting, First Thursdays  


Island Music Center 


Seabold Second Saturdays




Coffee House

Treehouse Cafe

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This issue of What's Happening - Bainbridge Island features major events coming up in August.

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Don't Miss These Chamber Events:   



August Chamber After Hours 

Thurs., Aug. 23, 5:30 - 7 PM

Hosted by Treehouse Cafe, 4569 Lynwood Center Rd.  Wine, beer and appetizers. Chamber Members Free, non members $10. Public Welcome. No reservations necessary. More...

Bainbridge Business Connection 

Fridays,  7:30 - 9 AM 

The Bainbridge Business Connection (BBC) is a Creative Strategy Roundtable offering storefront and home-based Bainbridge business owners and managers a focus group for strategy testing, honest detailed critique, and community support. At Office XPats in the Pavilion. More...

This Month's Featured Events:

Three Bike Rides in August!  

Paws & Pints Fun Ride
Aug. 5, 10 AM

Featuring two five-mile bike rides (optional), free bike raffle courtesy of Classic Cycle, Picture Your Pet photo contest, and music and beer courtesy of Treehouse Café and Stone Brewing Company. Proceeds benefit community programs of PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap.  
Bike for Pie Bainbridge Island WA Bike For Pie
Aug. 19, 8:30 AM

Registration is now open for what might be the Northwest's most original cycling event - Bike for Pie. Squeaky Wheels' signature event combines four great elements - bicycling, Bainbridge Island scenery, summer weather and, of course, pies. There are again two routes available - a challenging 32-mile ride that loops around the island and features a rest stop with savory pies hosted by Friends of the Farm, and the family-friendly 12-mile ride. You are welcome to choose whichever you think will pan out best for you and your family.  Both include a mouth-watering selection of fruit pies served at Fort Ward, which is now under the management of Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park District. To sweeten the event for 2012, we have even reduced the price; now it's the best bargain as well as the most delicious ride, no matter how you slice it. 

Kiwanis Summer Challenge Charity Bike Ride
Aug. 26, 7 AM - 4 PM 

Test yourself on the ups and downs of the full 35 miles of the full Summer Challenge or enjoy the 15 mile Family Challenge route with family and friends and join us for the Festival after the ride. There are two free food and rest stops along the route. Whichever ride you pick, you will enjoy the scenic beauty of Bainbridge Island while knowing that 100% of your registration fees are recycled through our community to aid children and needy families.

Jenny Andersen
First Friday Art Walk
Fri., Aug. 3, 6-8 PM  

Bainbridge Library: Alan Rudolph is featured; Island Gallery: Fire & Imagination - Sculptures of the Earth by Jenny Andersen & Steve Sauer plus live music by by Peter Spencer & Jonathan Green; Roby King Galleries: Pam Ingalls - Paintings in the Russian Impressionist Tradition; Bainbridge Arts & Crafts: Streaming: Textile Artists Think About Water & furniture by Seth Rolland; Danger: Dan Linz, mixed media. Other galleries include Millstream and The Directors Gallery. Live music also at The Traveler - photos of Ireland by Timmie Chandler plus Celtic Magic with music of Ireland & Scotland on bagpipes and other instruments. Refreshments served at most venues! A number of local restaurants join the monthly event, offering small plates and weekend specials. Easy walk from the ferry. Complete list of venues here...

Kids Discovery Museum - Bainbridge Island, WA
Kids' Night at the Museum  
Fri., Aug. 3, 5:30 PM
Sat., Aug. 18, 5:30 PM

AKA Parents' Night Out! Twice each month, children 3.5-10 years old are invited to KiDiMu for a fun-filled evening of museum playtime, games, movies and a pizza dinner, while their parents get to enjoy a night out! This a drop-off program - registration is required by noon on Friday before the event. More...

July Readings at Eagle Harbor Books

St. Paul de Vence, music with Benjamin Doerr and Justin Froese    
Fri., Aug. 3, 6 PM

Sweet song will echo from our rafters and old wood floors this evening! In conjunction with the Bainbridge Island First Friday Arts Walk, Island musicians Benjamin Doerr and Justin Froese, along with fellow band mates, will play music from the eponymous full-length debut album of their group, St. Paul de Vence. Performed with rich harmonies and dynamic arrangements, the songs tell the story of Doerr's grandfather's odyssey through Europe before and during World War II, and of his eventual immigration to America. Doerr will also talk about the books he read as he worked on the music for this album. Please note the special day and time of this event! There will be food and drink for our guests.

Ann Combs - Once Upon a Two by Four 
Sun., Aug. 5, 3 PM

Come meet our legendary Ann Combs and hear about her warm, laugh-out-loud story of life on Bainbridge when it was still a small town. This reissue of her classic tale will delight readers old and new. Told with humor and heartwarming candor, this charming account of the pitfalls and pratfalls of do-it-yourself home remodeling makes high comedy of island idiosyncrasies and domestic travail. Readers are in for a treat!

John Marzluff and Tony Angell - Gifts of the Crow  
Thurs., Aug. 9, 7:30 PM

With his extraordinary research on the intelligence and startling abilities of corvids-crows, ravens, and jays-scientist John Marzluff teams up with artist-naturalist Tony Angell to tell amazing stories of these brilliant birds in Gifts of the Crow. With narrative, diagrams, and gorgeous line drawings, they offer an in-depth look at these complex creatures and our shared behaviors. The ongoing connection between humans and crows-a cultural coevolution-has shaped both species for millions of years. And the characteristics of crows that allow this symbiotic relationship are language, delinquency, frolic, passion, wrath, risk-taking, and awareness-seven traits that humans find strangely familiar.

Francesca Mason Boring: Connecting to Our Ancestral Past   
Sun., Aug. 12, 3 PM

Mason Boring provides a transformational walk through the universal indigenous field- that place of healing and knowledge used by Native healers and teachers for centuries-by describing stories and rituals designed to help people with their particular struggles. She re-opens doors that have been closed due to the exclusion of indigenous technology in the development of many Western healing traditions and introduces new concepts to the lexicon of Western psychology.

Leora Y. Bloom - Washington Food Artisans    
Thurs., Aug. 16, 7:30 PM

Two of the biggest draws of farmers' markets are the chance to buy local products and the opportunity to meet the producer--to skip the middleman and shake the hand of the farmer, the forager, the artisan. For so many of us living in the city, the vendors are heroic. They are passionate about their products and have chosen to do what they do on a small scale for any number of reasons, including better quality, tradition, respect for the earth, or to continue a family business. Writer Bloom profiles 17 such Washington food artisans, including producers of fruit, wine, cheese, tomatoes, lavender, and honey, as well as meat, fish, and grains. She also provides recipes for each farmer's products, procured from Washington's most renowned chefs and restaurants.

Rick Bass - The Black Rhinos of Namibia
Sun., Aug 19, 3 PM

From one of our most gifted writers on the natural world comes a stunning exploration of a unique landscape and the improbable and endangered animal that makes its home there. Rick Bass first made a name for himself as a writer and seeker of rare, iconic animals, including the grizzlies and wolves of the American West. Now he's off on a new, far-flung adventure in the Namib of southwest Africa on the trail of another fascinating, vulnerable species. The black rhino is a 3,000 pound, squinty-eyed giant that sports three-foot-long dagger horns, lives off poisonous plants, and goes for days without water.

Maria Semple: Where'd You Go Bernadette Laurie Frankel: Goodbye for Now     
Thurs., Aug 23, 7:30 PM

Hilariously funny, delightfully brilliant and nuanced, Where'd You Go, Bernadette? tells the story of a complicated, revolutionary, outspoken mom and best-friend to her teen daughter who one day simply disappears. Fifteen-year-old Bee's efforts to find her mother through documents, emails, secret correspondence unfold in a screw-ball comedy manner with both laughter and tears.

Sam Elling works for an internet dating company, but he still can't get a date. So he creates an algorithm to match people with their soul mates. The technology fixes Sam up with Meredith, the love of his life, but it also gets him fired when the company starts losing all their customers to Mr. and Ms. Right. When Meredith's grandmother Livvie dies suddenly, Sam  reconfigures the algorithm so that Meredith can keep in touch with her. Mining from all her correspondence--email, Facebook, video chat, texts--Sam constructs a computer simulation of Livvie, who responds to email or video chat just as if she were still alive. It's not magic or the supernatural; it's computer science.

Ference Mate: A Real Life
Sun., Aug. 26, 3:00 PM

Best-selling travel and adventure writer, vinter, and thoughtful and provocative commentator on our times, Ference Máté will join us in a community conversation about everything from boats to electronic devices! He visits us from his home in a restored 13th century friary in Tuscany. Don't miss this special opportunity!

Ferenc Máté is the author of 15 books translated into 12 languages, including New York Times Notable Book A Vineyard in Tuscany and the Dugger/Nello historical sea adventure fiction series.  

Jonathan Evison: The Revised Fundementals of Caregiving
Wed., Aug. 29, 7:00 PM

Join us in celebrating the release of Bainbridge Island author Jonathan Evison's latest brilliant novel, The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving! We'll have a grand party!

Benjamin Benjamin has lost virtually everything-his wife, his family, his home, his livelihood. With few options, Ben enrolls in a night class called The Fundamentals of Caregiving, where he is instructed in the art of inserting catheters and avoiding liability, about professionalism, and on how to keep physical and emotional distance between client and provider.

But when Ben is assigned to tyrannical nineteen-year-old Trevor, who is in the advanced stages of Duchenne muscular dystrophy, he soon discovers that the endless mnemonics and service plan checklists have done little to prepare him for the reality of caring for a fiercely stubborn, sexually frustrated adolescent with an ax to grind with the world at large.

Ivan Doig: The Bartender's Tale
Thurs., Aug. 30, 7:30 PM

 The Bartender's Tale is the story of a father and son left on their own in a shifting world _- a tale in itself as old as kinship, but ever new in the way "the bachelor saloonkeeper with a streak of frost in his black pompadour and the inquisitive 11-year-old boy who had been an accident between the sheets" go about life in the small Montana town of Gros Ventre in 1960.


Nautilus by Deborah Babin
Bainbridge Arts & Crafts

Free Demo: Textile Art with Deborah Babin
Sat., Aug., 4, 12:30 PM

Come by the gallery to meet textile artist Deborah Babin and watch her turn fabric into collage. More...

The EDGE Improv
Sat., Aug. 4, 7:30 PM

Join The EDGE for an ingeniously improvised evening of on-the-spot comedy, all from audience suggestions. For more than sixteen years, the troupe's riotous antics have inspired rave reviews from audience members.  Season Presenting Sponsor: Coates Design Architects. At BPA. More...

Once Upon a Time History Camp
Mon., Aug. 6, 9 AM - 12:30 PM

Travel back in time to experience the daily life of children on Bainbridge Island in Native, farm, and mill town communities through household and outdoor activities. Sit for a photograph at Miss Penelope's Portrait Parlor. Learn crafts, games, and foods specific to the late 1800's. Visit the past on local excursions. For ages 8 to 10. Camp will be one week with activities at the Bainbridge Island Historical Museumwith additional local excursions. Registration through BI Parks  Call the Museum at 842-2773 for more information. More... 

Village-Making: Islanders Share 5 Generations of School Stories
Mon., Aug. 6, 6:30 PM

1960s, '70s, '80s, '90s, 2000s...what are your fondest, funniest, most touching high school memories? Five generations of Bainbridge Islanders storytell their most extraordinary high school yarns. You, the audience, will be invited to share your own as well. Five generations of music, icons, and period dance will be revisited. Come dressed in your favorite high school outfits. Uhmm...or not. Benefits Bainbridge Youth Services. At BPA. More...

Island Film Group: Fat City
Wed., Aug. 8, 7 PM

Burnt out boxing has-been Tully (Stacy Keach) takes Eddie Minger (Jeff Bridges), a kid who doesn't know what a talented boxer he could be, under wing in this taut drama. Stacy Keach, Jeff Bridges, Susan Tyrrell Columbia Pictures; Directed by John Huston, Rated PG; 1972. Free at the Library. More... 

Fay Bainbridge Beach Bonfire
Fri., Aug. 10, 7:30 PM

Experience summer on the Island shore by experienceing a beach fire with stories, music, and roasting marshmallows. Kick off your weekend, re-connect with your kids or bring your out-of-town guests! Donations welcome. More... 

Free Friday Outdoor Movies in Waterfront Park  
8:30 PM

This is the 13th annual Free Friday Summer Movies in the Park sponsored by BI Metro Park & Rec District with support by the B.I. Downtown Assoc.. Movie Maven TJ Faddis will emcee with trivia, prizes & concessions!  


Aug. 10   Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid 

Aug. 17   Tootsie  

Aug. 24   The Princess Bride  


Summer Studio Tour 
Fri.-Sun., Aug. 10-12, 10 AM - 5 PM

The Bainbridge Island Summer Studio Tour features 64 studios in 8 local artists' studios around the island. This free, self-guided tour includes live music and a wide variety of original, quality, hand-crafted artwork. Paintings, jewelry, photography, garden art, glass, wood, fiber and more. More...      

Bainbridge Wineries Winery Tour Weekend
Sat.-Sun., Aug. 11-12, 12-5 PM

Only on select weekends throughout the year do the 7 artisan wineries of Bainbridge Island open their doors and reveal their secrets. Learn from the winemakers themselves. Taste classic wines from Eastern Washington grapes as well as new favorites from island vines. Visit Washington's newest wine destination, Bainbridge Island! Map & More...  

Ritchie Observatory, Bainbridge Island
Planetarium Show & Star-Gazing 
Sat., Aug. 11, 8 PM

"Mars: A Tale of Three and a Half Rovers." Dave Fong presents the story of how two-and-a-half rovers have changed our understanding of Mars, and describes the challenges that the brand new rover Curiosity will face when it lands on Aug 5 and embarks on a mission to probe the red planet's habitability.  Free at Ritchie Observatory, Battle Point Park. More...

Shakespeare in the Park  
Thurs., Aug. 16,  7 PM

The Taming of the Shrew, performed by GreenStage. Enjoy a stellar night of free, quality theater at our own Battle Point Park, near the observatory. More...

Farm to Table Dinner
Fri., Aug 17, 6 PM

A benefit for Friends of the Farms. Food from over 10 local restaurants and caterers, award-winning Pearl Django gypsy jazz music, beer/wine garden (no host). Madrone Lane, downtown Winslow, Bainbridge Island,WA. More... 

Island Theatre Ten Minute Play Festival    

Sat. & Sun, Aug. 17 & 18
7:30 PM  


Island Theatre was honored to receive a total of 56 plays from throughout Kitsap County for our inaugural Ten Minute Play Festival. All of the entries were rated by our panel of judges using a blind judging procedure. We are pleased to announce that fourteen plays have been selected for performance at our Festival at BPA.  More...  

Historic Port Blakely Cemetery Walk 
Sun., Aug. 19, 1 PM

Andy Price, author or "Port Blakely: The Community Captain Renton Built", will be your guide. Information and registration available by calling the museum at 842-2773. More...

90 Second Newbery Challenge 
Tues., Aug. 21, 1 PM

This is a quick-paced challenge in speed movie making. Calling amateur filmmakers, editors, writers, actors, creative types and book lovers. The challenge is to put together, from start to finish, a short film that retells a Newbery winner in 90 seconds. The goal is to have our film shown at the 90 Second Newbery film festival earning us fame and accolades. Participants need to attend all three sessions. We will select the book we will film this year by August 1st to give everyone a chance to read it by August 21st. Nominate your choice of books when you sign up. We will write, shoot and edit on the three consecutive days. Call 206-842-4162 ext. 3 to sign up. For Grades 5 to 8. More...

Field's End - A Writers' Community
Field's End Writers' Roundtable   
Tues., Aug. 21, 7:30 PM

Jeannie Ream presents "Online Research for Writers: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies". This free roundtable is a program of Field's End: A Writers' Community. More...

Salon - Bainbridge Island Library
The Salon: A Forum for Conversation
Sat., Aug. 25, 9:30 AM 

The Salon is for men and women who enjoy stimulating conversation and wish to learn from others in civil dialogue.Topics will vary, but the mode will be general interest subjects that impact the public. The Salon meets June - October 2012 in the large meeting room at the Bainbridge Library. More...

Live Music at Pegasus Coffee House - Bainbridge Island Live Music on Bainbridge

BI Metro Parks & Recreation
Summer Concerts at Battle Point Park
Aug  8    The Julie Duke Band 
Aug 15    Malo Combo 
Aug 22    Mutha Knows Best

Bloedel Reserve Summer Concerts
Aug   4    Northwest Puppet Theater 
Aug   4    Seattle Women's Jazz Orchestra 
Aug   5    Recess Monkey 
Aug   5    Touche 
Aug 11    The Dusty 45s
Aug 12    Ladies Play the Blues Mini-Fest
Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort
Performances at the Passage
Aug 16    100.7FM The Wolf's Acoustic Doghouse 
                 featuring Dustin Lynch! 
Aug 23    Landslide and the South Kitsap High  
                 School Marching Band 
Aug 30    Unified Culture 

Grace Episcopal Church

Kirtan Chanting 
Every first Thursday, 7:30 PM

Aug 11  Concert: Music of India 


Island Music Center 
Aug 25  Carolyn Caruso  

Pegasus Coffee House

Most Fridays & Saturdays 8 PM

Aug  3    Heather Kropf & Keith Hershberger
Aug  4    Ethan J. Perry
Aug  7    Open Microphone with Todd Houghton
Aug 10    Artist to be announced
Aug 11    Bootstraps & Mayhem
Aug 17    The Washover Fans
Aug 18    Artist to be announced


Seabold Second Saturdays
2nd Saturday of every month
Sign-up 6:30 PM, Show at 7:30 PM
All-acoustic open mic.

Aug 11   Molly Bauckham

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church
Aug 19   St. Barnabas Charity Jazz Concert

Treehouse Cafe

Saturdays, 8 PM
Featuring local artists ranging from acoustic sets to funk & soul dance music.

Aug  4    The Maldives
Aug  9    Joy Kills Sorrow
Aug 25    The Paperboys
Aug 26    The Paperboys
Aug 26    Madison Avenue Jazz Band    

Bainbridge Arts & Crafts, Bainbridge Island, WA Art
Wine Tasting  



Art Galleries  


Bainbridge Island Arts & Crafts


Director's Gallery 

Island Gallery 

Roby King Gallery



Art Exhibits

Bainbridge Island Arts & Crafts  

Bainbridge Island Public Library 

Bainbridge Performing Arts Gallery  

Bloedel Reserve Visitor Center   

The Gallery at Grace Episcopal Church




Bainbridge Island Historical Museum 

Exhibit Continues - Ansel Adams: Portrait of Manzanar

Classic Cycle Museum of Bicycle Racing 

Kids Discovery Museum  

McKenna Ryan Art Quilt & Fabric Showroom 


Wine Tasting

Eagle Harbor Wine Company

Eleven Winery Tasting Room  

Island Vintners Tasting Room 

Upcoming Events...
Bainbridge Island ferry in the fog - Betsy LegerCheck out our new downtown sidewalks and landscaping! There is plenty to do and see on Bainbridge Island. Hop on a ferry and get away to it all!

Watch the video "Bainbridge Island in Winter"  


Sep   1    7 Winery Tasting Tour
Sep   2    7 Winery Tasting Tour
Sep   5    Books on Tap
Sep   7    First Friday Art Walk
              Kids' Night Out
Sep 12    Island Film Group: The Trouble with Harry
Sep 15    Taste of Lynwood
              When Book Meets Art
Sep 18    Field's End Writers' Roundtable
Sep 27    Oktoberfest Chamber After Hours
Sep 28    Old Mill Days/ Forest Festival
Sep 29    Seattle Opera Preview: Fidelio
Sep 30    Harvest Fair
For the most up-to-date info on community events, please see our Community Calendar  
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