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Sustainability: Start Somewhere
$10M Awarded through Cleaner, Greener Communities
Farmers Market Season
Team Reflection
New Cassel's Success Story
Brownfield Opportunity Area Updates
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Sustainability: Start Somewhere
Moving toward a sustainable future 

Sustainability is vitally important, yet sometimes can feel a bit overwhelming to the everyday Long Islander. This brings about the question: how can the average person get involved and truly make a difference?


The answer goes hand-in-hand with the "Think Globally, Act Locally" trend; the belief that creating big ideas on a grand-scheme can be translated to success on a smaller local level.


That's why Sustainable Long Island has launched our brand-new "Start Somewhere" campaign, where Long Islanders can view and add-to a list of projects, methods, techniques, and processes we can all partake in to start moving toward a sustainable future.


Check out some of the examples on Sustainable Long Island's website and email to include your ideas today!


Governor Cuomo's Awards $10 Million in Cleaner, Greener Community Program
 First Phase of $100 Million Program to Incentivize Smart Growth will Create Green Jobs, Improve Energy Efficiency, and Reduce Pollution  

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced last week that all ten New York State Regional Economic Development Council regions have been awarded funding through the Cleaner, Greener Communities (CGC) program to develop and implement smart growth plans for regional sustainability. Long Island will receive $800,000 for its Regional Sustainability Planning program (Town of North Hempstead).


The $100 million CGC program was a major environmental initiative announced by the Governor in his 2011 State of the State address. By providing competitive grants, the program will reward communities across the State that develop comprehensive regional smart growth plans. The program will increase green jobs, improve energy efficiency and reduce pollution. The Regional Sustainability Planning program, which is the first phase of the CGC program, provides nearly $10 million in funding awarded through a competitive process. 


"These regional awards for the Cleaner, Greener Communities program are a major step forward in accelerating New York State towards a sustainable and energy efficient future," said Governor Cuomo. "This year, with the our NY Works program, New York made an unprecedented investment in our state's infrastructure so that we could create jobs and rebuild our essential infrastructure. These plans will result in green jobs, the development of renewable energy and significantly reduced pollution. This will allow us to build communities that are healthier and more prosperous all across New York."  


Read the full press release listing all the award winners here.   

It's Farmers Market Season
Fresh from the farm to your table 

It's farmers market season! Take a look at this listing for Nassau and Suffolk County Farmers' Markets across Long Island, including those following the Sustainable Long Island market model in Roosevelt, Bellport, New Cassel, Flanders and a new one launching this year in Wyandanch! Come early for best selection! Specified markets accept EBT cards; all markets accept WIC coupons.  


Also check out the article below from Newsday about a new farmers market coming to Freeport. Sustainable Long Island is quoted.


A new farmers market will bring jobs for local youths and fresh produce from eight Long Island farms to the Freeport Recreation Center starting in July.


The effort, organized by a community nonprofit, Cedarmore Corp., based at Zion Cathedral Church of God in Christ, on Grand Avenue, will collaborate with similar initiatives in Roosevelt and New Cassel that seek to provide fruits and vegetables to middle- and low-income communities.

Debra Wheat Williams, project director at Cedarmore, said training high school students to staff the market is part of the group's Young Entrepreneurs program. About 10 students will learn about the local farms and be employed at the market, which runs from July 14 to Oct. 27.


"We want to start them out young so they make better choices," she said.


Amy Engel, executive director of Sustainable Long Island, said farmers markets targeting communities that lack access to fresh food are becoming more popular.


According to the organization's website, the demand for food stamps and government food programs has increased by 108 percent in Suffolk County between 2007 and 2010.


"The main focus is not turning a profit -- it's balanced with fresh food and making it accessible," Engel said.


The Freeport market will be within walking distance of a senior center and local housing projects. It will accept government nutrition checks and food stamps.


Sustainable Long Island Team Reflection
Putting a voice to the faces of Sustainable Long Island 

In a new feature that gives you an inside look at some of the happenings here at Sustainable Long Island, we will be posting interviews from some of our staff, volunteers, interns, and High School Fellows on our Youtube channel. They will briefly discuss projects being undertaken at the organization, their experience working/volunteering/interning here, what they learned and liked, and what their plans are for the future.


Sustainable Long Island High School Fellowship Reflection: Class of 2011-2012
Sustainable Long Island High School Fellowship Reflection: Class of 2011-2012
Sustainable Long Island Intern Reflection: Charles Aponza
Sustainable Long Island Intern Reflection: Charles Aponza
Sustainable Long Island Intern Reflection: Sean Berry
Sustainable Long Island Intern Reflection: Sean Berry


New Cassel's Success Story
New Cassel's redevelopment puzzle finally coming together

Cablevision Editorials published two articles on the success and progress made in New Cassel. Having worked with the community for over a decade, Sustainable Long Island shared its congratulations and confidence in the many projects taking place (highlighted below). Read the full response and the original articles in their entirety on Sustainable Long Island's blog.   


"New Cassel's redevelopment puzzle will finally come together this summer..." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.


From the more than a mile of Prospect Avenue that has undergone pedestrian-friendly traffic improvements to the summer's youth-staffed farmer's market that provides access to fresh, affordable food to residents, New Cassel's $20 million community center is just the latest example of numerous tremendous projects and accomplishments this once challenged area has achieved.


In 2002, along with community and political leaders of The Unified New Cassel Community Revitalization Corporation and the Town of North Hempstead, Sustainable Long Island facilitated the community planning process, "Seeking a Shared Vision for New Cassel." Nearly 1000 residents, property owners, businesses, and community activists participated and learned more about new processes for community revitalization. Over a decade later, New Cassel is reenergized and has experienced a rebirth.


Once the community's voice was heard, New Cassel broke ground on their first bank and pharmacy. Buildings were constructed, businesses opened their doors, and apartments became homes.


Congratulations are in order to all the major players involved in this success story and all those who will reap the benefits in the future. Although far from complete, New Cassel has become something it had not been in decades: united and successfully moving forward.


That's a "prospect" we can all get behind.


Brownfield Opportunity Area Updates
Huntington Station and Hicksville 

Huntington Station

The Town of Huntington continues to advance Huntington Station's Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) project; a New York State Department of State funded program.


During Step II of the Huntington Station BOA, the consultant team will develop planning and redevelopment programs that incorporate community input received during the process, conduct environmental site assessments and economic and financial analyses, and facilitate public participation.


The consultant team, along with Sustainable Long Island, is conducting small group meetings with community stakeholders. These meetings are vitally important to the BOA process to gather public input about redevelopment opportunities for the BOA designated area. These small group meeting will be followed up with a public meeting in the fall to facilitate public input.


Past meetings have been attended by representatives of:

  • The Huntington Chamber of Commerce
  • The Huntington Station Business Improvement District
  • Suffolk County Police Department Second Precinct
  • NAACP-Huntington Chapter
  • Greater Huntington Civic Group


Future meetings are in the process of being scheduled with:

  • Huntington Chamber of Commerce
  • Porter-Trejo Action Network
  • Huntington Station Latin Quarter
  • Hispanic Task Force
  • Huntington School Board
  • Visioning Group
  • Youth from Huntington Station

If you are interested in participating in the process, please contact Sustainable Long Island at    


Northwest Hicksville

The Northwest Hicksville BOA Step 1 Program is currently in the Step I Pre-Nomination Study, with the steering committee kickoff meting being held on June 20, 2012. The Pre-Nomination Study provides a basic and preliminary analysis of the area affected by potential brownfield sites. This Step I process consists of the following components:

  • Identifying and describe a manageable study area
  • Initiating community outreach and participation process
  • Completing a preliminary inventory and analysis of the study area that identifies compelling opportunities for revitalization
  • Creating a common vision that describes the area's potential for revitalization and realistic goals and objectives that will serve as a framework to guide the revitalization


Sustainable Long Island will work with the project team (Town of Oyster Bay, H2M, Nelson, Pope & Voorhis) to develop an in-depth community participation plan to work with area residents and business owners about the project and to provide opportunities for them to participate; helping shape the vision, goals, objectives, and ultimately the plan.


Southeast Hicksville

The steering committee kickoff meeting for the Southeast Hicksville BOA Step 2 Program was held June 26, 2012 and through the public participation process, the Southeast Hicksville BOA consultant team will provide professional insights and analyses about the project area and hear input from the Southeast Hicksville community to embrace the community vision for recommended planning and redevelopment scenarios.


During the Step II phase, the consultant team will:

  • Work with the community to refine the goals for redevelopment of underutilized properties
  • Conduct a market study to quantify the need for housing types and commercial uses
  • Conduct analysis of site conditions to understand degree of environmental constraints
  • Develop planning and redevelopment recommendations consistent with the community goals
  • Facilitate public participation (including maintaining a website page to share information)


Sustainable Long Island will conduct small group meetings with community stakeholders. The focus of these meetings will be to provide information about the BOA Program, the Southeast Hicksville BOA, and to gather community input regarding the potential redevelopment opportunities within the BOA. These meetings will help us to engage a wide range of community members who represent the many different perspectives found within Southeast Hicksville. 


Together we can build a more
sustainable Long Island


These challenging economic times have magnified the problems we Long Islanders face each and every day. With our leaders warning us of tougher times to come, thinking regionally and acting locally is urgent. It is in all of our best interests to stay engaged and do what we can together to build a more sustainable Long Island.


Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to Sustainable Long Island that will help support our ongoing, and future work within your Long Island communities; while helping advance economic development, environmental health, and social equity!

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