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Jaggar Foundation Awards Grant
Equity: An Economic Development Driver
H20 Conserve Water Footprint Calculator
New Cassel Revitalization Study
High School Fellowship Update
AICP CM Credits Available
Best of Long Island 2012
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Angela and Scott Jaggar Foundation Award $10,000 Food Equity Grant

Sustainable Long Island has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Angela and Scott Jaggar Foundation in support of the organization's food equity program. The funding will support continued research and the development of a Food System Report Card; assessing the state of Long Island's food system.


"The Foundation's goal is to support projects that improve quality of life through education and social services," said Angela Jaggar, President and Director of the Angela and Scott Jaggar Foundation. "Sustainable Long Island's food projects have the potential to inform community leaders and policy makers about the need to improve equitable access to healthy, affordable food for all Long Islanders."


Developed in partnership with Adelphi University, Sustainable Long Island will develop a Food System Report Card; an ambitious indicator project to assess the state of Long Island's food system, focusing on agricultural production, food distribution and retailing, environmental protection, food access, and community health. The project will draw on "Cultivating Resilience: A Food System Blueprint" from the Iowa Food Systems Council as a model for the report.


A cross-section of food system stakeholders, including Sustainable Long Island's Food Equity Advisory Committee, will help select indicators and provide input on strategies for their assessment. The Report Card will inform recommendations for a safe, fair, and sustainable food system and serve as the platform for subsequent community discussions about policy and program development.


"Thanks to the generous funding from the Angela and Scott Jaggar Foundation and our partnership with Adelphi University, The Food System Report Card will provide a snapshot of the Long Island food system as it exists today with recommendations that will result in improved decision making," said Ruth Negron-Gaines, Board President of Sustainable Long Island. "This report card will advance projects that will improve the overall health of the Long Island food system."


Long Island is challenged by disparities in the regional food system and has historically left communities with inadequate access to healthy, affordable food options. As the regional leader in food equity issues, Sustainable Long Island has convened stakeholders from throughout the food system, conducted research and launched projects to address pressing issues, such as youth-staffed farmers' markets and a food access mapping project. Sustainable Long Island recognizes that equitable access to food is a human right and is best addressed by broad-based community driven strategies.


Equity: An Economic Development Driver

LIREDCThe Long Island Regional Economic Development Council recently approved the first draft of its strategic plan it will be submitting to the state. It will be revised based on public comments made at two hearings this past week.


Sustainable Long Island has urged the Long Island Regional Economic Development Council to consider the adoption of equity as an economic development driver. With a focus on equity, Long Island can hold a strategic advantage in terms of priority for the Governor's consideration. Our status as the nation's first suburb should be advantageous as well since solutions to our problems can be applied to those places that came later and will face the same dilemmas soon.

To read the key points in our recommendations to the LIREDC, visit Sustainable Long Island's Blog.


H20 Conserve Water Footprint Calculator  
Sustainable Long Island asks that you check out the H2O Conserve Water Footprint Calculator (WFC); a brief set of questions that will get you thinking about how much water you and your household use and how water connects to almost every aspect of your life.

The WFC will help you explore how you use water, estimate your household's water footprint, and help you learn ways to conserve.

Your household's water footprint is the amount of water you use in and around your home throughout the day including the water you use directly (i.e., from a tap). It also includes the water used indirectly to produce the food you eat, the products you buy, the energy you consume and even the water you save when you recycle. You may not drink, feel or see this virtual water, but it makes up the majority of your water footprint.

Enter the calculator here and let us know your results!


New Cassel Revitalization Study

Earlier this month, at the site of the New Cassel Farmer's Market, The National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University announced the second major study of the community of New Cassel's revitalization and many successes.

New Cassel

From the more than a mile of Prospect Avenue that has undergone pedestrian-friendly traffic improvements to next summer's planned $26 million community center to this past summer's launch of the youth-staffed farmer's market... there are many emerging projects taking place in New Cassel!


Sustainable Long Island commissioned the first study within the community, along with Hofstra University, and encourages you to take a look at both the first and second reports.


High School Fellowship
to be Represented on "The Challenge"  

Three of Sustainable Long Island's High School Fellows will be partaking in News 12's "The Challenge," which features the best and brightest high school students from the Tri-State are competing via questions based on their knowledge of history, arts and literature, current events, math, and science. 

The Challenge beg
News12an as a Long Island effort 13 years ago and now includes the entire tri-state area - Long Island (with Nassau and Suffolk as two distinct regions), the Bronx, Brooklyn, Westchester/Lower Hudson Valley, New Jersey and Connecticut. This season, 184 high schools will be participating with the goal of becoming the Tri-State Challenge Champion and winning $10,000 for their school and $500 for each team member competing in that final round.

To watch Holly Josephs of Bethpage, and Makese Powe and Stephanie Mejia of Roosevelt, tune in November 4th, at 6:30pm on MSG Varsity.

Also be on the lookout for an upcoming environmental engagement Facebook Page run by our High School Fellows where they will share experiences and tools, such as the H20 Water Footprint Calculator, to engage others in participating and becoming more aware in sustainability projects and issues.  


AICP CM Credits Available from 3/4/2011 

AICP CM Credits for Sustainable Long Island's March 4th 2011 conference have been approved (each of the four workshops for 1.25 CM credits).


To claim credit for attending the workshops, AICP members should log on to the APA website,, and go to the AICP Certification Maintenance page. Once there, search by date (3/4/11) or browse activities by provider for APA New York Metro Chapter. Scroll down to event number e17285 then click on the attended workshop title to continue.


Members can also claim credit through the APA LI Section website,, by scrolling down to the event title: Sustainability Conference "The Rally for Resources"


Vote for the Best of Long Island 2012 
Sustainable Lo
ng Island has once again been nominated for the Long Island Press Best of LI 2012 award.  
Best of LI
We are thrilled to be recognized as one of the top nonprofit organizations on Long Island and ask that you take a minute to vote for us and other nominees in a range of categories featuring your favorite local food, businesses, and services! 


Together we can build a more sustainable LI



These rough economic times have magnified the problems we Long Islanders face each and every day. With our leaders warning us of tougher times to come, thinking regionally and acting locally is urgent. It is in all of our best interest to stay engaged and do what we can together to build a more sustainable Long Island.


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