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Canadian Expat Network NewsMarch 20th, 2012

Life After the Game: Serge Payer
 Serge Payer
Growing up in Rockland, Ontario, a small town close to Ottawa, Serge Payer had a dream to play in the NHL one day. Like many hockey players, Payer's journey included time in the Ontario Hockey League. During that 5 year stint with the Kitchener Rangers, Payer was diagnosed with Guillian-Barre Syndrome. Today, he works as an agent and hockey advisor for elite hockey talent through his company, Unlimited Sports Management. He also created the Serge Payer Foundation.

Feature Articles:

Searson Sisters Entertain Crowds Both Home and Abroad - The Searson sisters from the Ottawa Valley feel fortunate to make a living doing what they love, performing. Erin, Heather and Colleen Searson, three multi-talented sisters, play a variety of instruments and are all expert step dancers.

Anthony Calvillo Celebration - The Redondo Beach Cafe recently held a celebration in honor of Anthony Calvillo's accomplishments. Anthony, family, friends local fans were present for the celebration.
'72 Project: The Sidney Crosby Golden Goal in 2050 - Imagine it's 2050. People are talking about the 40th Anniversary of Sidney Crosby's Golden Goal at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. It was a great hockey moment and a great Canadian moment. We'll all remember where we were and the celebrations that ensued. No doubt, some will remember more than others. It's estimated that 80% of the country watched a portion of that game.

The Great Atlanta Hockey Shootout - A one day street hockey (SHOES not roller!) tourney to be held on April 14th in the parking lots of Meehan's Public House in Sandy Springs. Games will be 3 on 3 with a goalie and one sub for a maximum of 5 players per team. Ages 16+, coed, all levels welcome!

NECBC - 13th Annual U.S./Canada Technology Business Forum - Recap - The 13th Annual New England-Canada Business Council (NECBC) Technology Business Forum was held March 8th at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston. This year's theme was Encouraging Innovation/Growing Partnerships.

Why Is It Important For Canadian Expats To Disclose Foreign Based Accounts to the IRS?
Many US residents are beneficial owners of foreign accounts that generate investment income. The IRS (US Internal Revenue Service) has a policy that taxes the worldwide income of US residents. In order to collect on this mandate, the IRS has instituted various policies and procedures to ensure that it's residents are in compliance.

Canadian Housing- Bubble Chart Book - Canadian real estate bulls have continued to cite the fact that real estate valuations have appeared "expensive" for years, yet, the momentum has continued to take prices higher. Real estate bears, on the other hand, claim that home prices have been so stretched from fundamental valuations that past price momentum is irrelevant

Startup Canada Tour Kick-Off in Halifax - Startup Canada is kicking off its six-month National Tour on Monday, March 19 with an opening community-led kick-off and inaugural Town Hall event in Halifax, NS.

Pond Hockey Heats up - Would Wayne Gretzky have blossomed into the Great One had he not honed his skills on a backyard rink as a kid? It's a good thing he grew up before global warming began to wreak havoc with our weather, because the days of a game of shinny on that frozen pond are numbered.

Pipe Band to play 30th year concerts in Vancouver, New York The Simon Fraser University Pipe Band has big plans for celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2012 -- including a special concert for hometown fans in Vancouver on April 15 (at 2 p.m.) and another in New York City on May 4.


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