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Canadian Expat Network NewsFeb. 7th, 2012
 Study Canada: A Professional Development Program at Risk
Study Canada Program

Like many of you, I am a Canadian-born American citizen who still feels strong connections to Canada. In fact, I only live 20 miles south of the border because I like the ability to cross-border shop even though I travel in the opposite direction. It's reassuring to know that I can go to Tim Horton's for an "Iced Capp" if the urge hits me.  More interesting though is that I am professionally connected to Canada in a unique way...I work nationally in the United States to promote the inclusion of Canada in American K-12 classrooms and, most importantly, coordinate the premier professional development program in the US for training American teachers about Canada called the STUDY CANADA Summer Institute for K-12 Educators.

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Feature articles:
By John McCord, Cardinal Point Wealth Management - Hiring the right personnel and firm is one of the most important financial decisions that one can make. The difference between a broker-dealer and a registered investment advisor (RIA) is often discussed but frequently misunderstood. What services are provided and how is compensation structured?


Courtesy of the '72 Project - There were almost 50 stories collected recently in Lakeland, Florida.


A Valentines Gift from Canadian Musician David Myles
The song can be loaded from Myle's website during Valentine's week. 


Canadian Band Youtube Sensation "Walk off the Earth"
They were recently featured on Ellen and have had over 48 million views. 


The Great Canadian Bear Polar Bear Blues Photos
Courtesy of Shawn Danko, Kooky Canuck - Held in Memphis, Tennessee.


Photos from the Great Canadian Picnic in Arizona
Courtesy of Penny Rogers - Great weather in Arizona for the event!


Curling Photos from the 2012 Continental Cup
Thanks to ticket winner Hazel Anderson - This was Team World's year!



Photos from Labatt's Hockey Night in the US events
Good times had by all watching Winnipeg play Carolina. 


Upcoming Featured Event: 2012 RBC Golf Classic - Boca Raton, Florida
On February 27, golf teams representing the U.S. and Canada square off at the beautiful Boca Lago Golf & Country Club in a Vegas shot-gun tournament.
Courtesy of Memorial University - With increased tourism and research in our oceans, what are the chances people can survive an accident like the recent Costa Concordia disaster? What if the air temperature is only 5C? According to Dr. Fabien Basset of Memorial's School of Human Kinetics and Recreation (HKR), there are more and more cruise ships visiting the Arctic where cold air temperatures compound the risks for survival even after passengers reach a lifeboat. . . . 



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