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Canadian Expat Network NewsJan 24th, 2012
Featured Event: Canadian Celebrity Golf Tournament in Los Angeles on Feb 11th
Golf Tournament

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Featured Event: The Great Canadian Picnic in Arizona on Feb.4thThis event will be once again FREE to all picnic-goers in 2012. There will be lots of games for the kids plus live music, auctions, food, door prizes and . . .    


Featured Event: Central Park Canadian Invitational Hockey Tournament Feb 18-19th hosted by CANY 

A great New York event! . . .


Featured Event: CanAm Week Myrtle Beach March 10th-18th 

Last year's 50th Anniversary featured hockey legends Yvan Cournoyer and Mike Bossy. . . .

Featured Event: 2012 SEUS-CP Event in Myrtle Beach, SC
The 5th Annual SEUS-CP conference will take place in Myrtle Beach on May 20-22, 2012 for over 300 Canadian and U.S. business and government leaders. These conferences are a great opportunity to build linkages with key international leaders. . . .

Paul Henderson on His recent Book "How Hockey Explains Canada"
Canadian hockey icon Paul Henderson. . . .

A New Year -- A New You -- 2012 New Year's Resolutions
Are New Year's Resolutions just WISHES you are hoping to keep? Is what you are really thinking is that it's all right if you don't keep them? Are you giving yourself permission to fail instead of inspiration to succeed? If that is so, what happens when you don't keep your New Year's Resolution? 


Thousands of U.S. Visas for Artists: Elisabeth Ames some interesting facts about the O-1 Visa.

Why Is It Important To Create A Cash Flow and Net Worth Statement?
An often over looked component of personal financial planning includes the creation of a cash flow and net worth statement. It is highly recommended that these two related documents become an integral part of the financial planning process. An insightful financial advisor can utilize details found in both to qualify and quantify their client's financial affairs. . .

Uncovering Dividend Growth Opportunities 

One of the most glaring benefits of weak global equity markets over the last year has been the fact that dividends yields are at their most attractive levels in nearly 30 years. This is especially so when we compare dividend yields to government bond yields. This has been a rare event over the last six decades.
Mount Allison Group Leads Inter-University Campus Climate Challenge
From January 23rd to February 6th, 2012, universities across the Atlantic Provinces will compete to reduce energy consumption within their residences through the Campus Climate Challenge, or C3...  


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