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Canadian Expat Network NewsOctober 19th, 2011

Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival      

2011 Banff Film Festival    


The Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival will run from Oct.29th-Nov. 6th.

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Feature Articles:

Radical Reels Tour: Check out a location near you.
Spice up Your Bread: Recipe from Rita DeMontis.
Kooky Canuck, Kookamonga Challenge: Who's the first successful Canadian?

Mark DeMontis Homecoming for Courage Canada Skate: From Halifax to Toronto.
Masters of the Fiddle with Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy: Now playing in Texas.
Part 2: Preparing to Exit the US for Canada: Insights from Cardinal Point Wealth Management.
Coach Nyman, Be Courageous: Helena shares a personal experience.
Employer Callbacks favor Matthew over Samir: Study from SFU on job hunting.
List of International Terry Fox Runs: Spread the word.

Let Canadians Vote: Petition to Restore Voting Rights.

CEN Hockey Pool Standings: "Bake49" takes the lead.

CEN Survey:

Which Canadian hockey team will earn the most regular season points?

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Quarterly Pub Night in SF on Oct. 20th.

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Black Sharp & Company: Specializes in cross border marketing solutions.

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2nd US Curling e-Resource Book.
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