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Canadian Expat Network NewsApril 4th, 2011

2011 Canadian Election 

Canadian Election 

Read more about election coverage and submission of votes from abroad.


Feature Articles:

Canadian Expat Network Playoff Hockey Pool: Even if you're team isn't in, you still could win!

Canadian Technology Leader Dinner: Igloo Online Community CEO Dan Latendre recently spoke in Raleigh, NC.

Oklahoma Curlers Take Chairman's Event in Ottawa Bonspiel: US Curlers have a good weekend.

Invitation to a webinar for the 4th Annual SEUS-CP Conference: This year's event will take place in Fredericton, NB this June.

East Coast Event in Boston, Mass: In collaboration with the New England-Canada Business council.

Understanding Key Differences between the Canadian Pension Plan and Social Security: Paul Bains of Pacifica Partners explains.

Happy Birthday to the Shat! Blogger Shani R. Friedman writes about a William Shattner milestone.

How to Soar during Difficult Times: Motivational Coach Helena Nyman shares thoughts.

The Canadian Expat Network covers the NHL All Star Weekend: Check out videos, images and sounds of a great hockey weekend.

Job Posting: VP of Marketing Shopify: Located in Ottawa.

CEN Survey:

 Which party would you vote for in the upcoming Canadian Election?

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The Rural Alberta Advantage on Tour around the US

April 8th Atlanta Canadian event 'Cocktails & Canadians'

April 30th 35th Annual All Canada Alumni Dinner in Washington, DC

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Gary Gauvin LLC International Tax

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Upcoming Stories:
Interview with Concordia Alumni Leader in Boston.
Launch of "Making a Difference" Department.
Hockey Hall of Fame Archives video tour with Phil Pritchard, "Keeper of the Cup".

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