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Canadian Expat Network NewsJanuary 11th, 2011
You Are Getting Very Sleepy...and now it's time for the audience to laugh...a lot!
Mikey Angel

Mikey Angel


For most of us, when we hear or see the word "Hypnotist" it conjures up all kinds of different feelings, thoughts and images as to who and what a hypnotist is.  Several books, movies or plays have probably helped form that image.  But what about when we say the word "Comedy Stage Hypnotist", what comes to mind?  For most of you, you probably haven't even heard of a Comedy Stage Hypnotist before, let alone see one in action.


Feature Articles:

Life after the games series: Shawn Burr former NHL'er, now financial planner.

My #themeword for 2011 'REAP': Article from Tara Hunt. What's your word?

The Power of Momentum: Helena Nyman shares motivational thoughts.

Grammy nod for Laurier alumnus, faculty: Find out what category they are in.

Immigration news, H1-B Cap's 19,100: A look at the past year's cap.

Financial News, Bond investors Receive Coal in their Stockings: News from Pacifica Partners.

Canada has the friendliest skies: News from Blogger Shani R. Friedman.

The University of Regina to celebrate Centennial in 2011: Exciting year ahead.

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Sarah McLachlan performs in NYC Jan. 12th.

Expats in Arizona watch Leafs vs Coyote Jan. 13th.

CanSouth Charlotte 'Learn to Curl" Jan. 14th.

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Pacifica Partners: Cross Border Wealth Management services.

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Topic: Doing business in the US.

Upcoming Stories:

Launch of "Making a Difference" Department.
Hockey Hall of Fame Archives video tour with Phil Pritchard, "Keeper of the Cup".
Article on expat Regan Mizuno on anthem singing and transition to US.
Coverage at the NHL All Star Game and Fanfest.

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