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Canadian Expat Network NewsDecember 14th, 2010
Natalie MacMaster
On the Road with Cape Breton fiddler Natalie MacMaster

Natalie MacMaster is currently touring the US to share her fiddling talents. Traveling between Bowling Green, Kentucky and St. Louis, Mo., the Cape Breton fiddler had time to speak with the Canadian Expat Network about her career, recent book and life on the road.

MacMaster, a mother of three, with another one on the way, never envisioned the way her career has turned out. The passionate Cape Bretoner explained the she never thought playing the the fiddle would be her livelihood. The opportunity came gradually,"there wasn't one big turning point," MacMaster states. There are so many choices these days in both artists and mediums. It's not like years ago when the family would get together and watch Anne Murray perform at 8:00 on TV.


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